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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

   .... *twitch* .....
Alright... Hope ya'll are having a good week.
Oh yea did I tell you whats going to happen tomorrow that I'm dreading? Nope guess not. Well lucky me has to present this really stupid thing called the Museum of Me. In front of a buncha people, most of which I hate because they pick on me or my friends or they just don't like me in general. I'm just jumping for joy. YEA RIGHT!
Earlier I was crying because I can't freakin do this! I hate presenting and I hate this stupid project.
Ok... feeling a bit better....
If I'm still alive tomorrow I'll tell ya all about it. Maybe. Depends how miserably I fall on my arse. heh.
Hopefully my friend Nate doesn't have a game or practice (baseball) tomorrow cause I haven't seen him for more than 5 minutes since that weekend he stayed over. *sniff* Which sux! Ok.. I'm alright now.
OMG One of my not really guy friends, (meaning he doesn't really know I exist but I hang out with his group sometimes.) was playin basketball and he like broke his ankle. It's really sad. But I must say, he's aweful cute gimping around on crutches, so pathetic and defenseless. *licks lips* Best time to attack for BLOOD!! HAHAHAHA!
Sorry. I'm hyper. Hehehehe. I wouldn't really attack him.
Well... I gotta go now. Prepare my Museum of Me... TTYL!

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   Have a good weekend?
Now.. did everyone have a good weekend?

My weekend was the normal go to my dads and hang out with him and his girlfriend. We went Disc Golfing again.. which by the way is really awesome. So if any of you who are bored on the weekend, like to try new sports, and have on in your area you should go try it. It's really fun and trust me you get a fairly good workout just walking around the course. The rules are similar to golf, and instead of hitting a little ball on a stick your throwing a disc (frisbee). Its just so awesome.
Anyways my weekend was layed back other than that. Umm.. oh and on friday I was lectured about online predetors by my mom who saw that I was talking to a friend from Otaku. She kinda freaks out like that. But one does have to wonder I guess. Well.. I'm kinda bored. So I'm gonna jet. Later!
Ps ... so alone... *sigh* I'm really bored right now. Hopefully Nate gets back from Vermont soon. That way he can make it to his game and then he can come here and hang! Hehehehe.

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Well... I think I'm going to change my font color and stuff... but the backkground stays black!

I'm so bored. I go on Otaku alomst everyday and I still dont get many posts.... I have had this one post up for a week and nobody has said anyhting.. I mean I know that I aint that important but 1 or 2 posts every once in a while aint that much to ask for is it?

The main reason I even post on Otaku is because I dont really have anyone else to dump my boring day on. Heck, I have friends but that doesn't mean they listen. No offense to any of my friends that read this but seriously, I wanna talk about something and sometimes ya'll just dont listen. Yea know just forget that I said anything.

Hope everyone has a good day I guess.


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Monday, May 1, 2006

   ..... *sigh* ......
Hello everyone... I hope you have had a great weekend.... like I did. Heh. Well on Friday my ex was supposed to come over and didn't so I was kinda happy and kinda sad at the same time. (I hope he isn't mad at me or anything) But his little brother came over and hung out and played video games. Til 11 when his mum said they had to leave. Then Sat. morning I woke up 'round 9 and scrapped with my mum (scrapbooking) and her friends at her Memoranza (a special Creative Memories scrapping day) 'til about 1. I got bored and made my mom call her friend Dee so I could have her son Nate come over so I can hang out with him. Well she said yea and he came over at like 3 or 4 or something like that. Went fourwheelin and messed around in the fort and such. Came in for dinner around 8 and he had to call his mom so he could stay. (And yea, my mom trusts me enough to have guy friends over for the night, so HA in all ya'lls faces who can't... jk jk jk.. I'm not that mean) We played VGs (for dumb ppl that dont know what that means it means video games)until 12 ish and then my mom had a cow and told us to put in a movie and chill out. So we did... I don't know what happened but we ended up holdin hands through both movies we watched. Heh. *blush* .... I knew he liked me and vise versa so I guess it just kinda happened. I was a little confused yesterday when he left, cause he didn't really say much but I think it was 'cause of two things. One, he was tired cause we stayed up til 3 ish, and two my moms friends kids where there and wouldn't leave us alone. But he called today outta the blue and asked if I wanted to go to his baseball practice but I told him that I had to watch Steph (a kid I watch) and he sounded bummed but I told him that if it was ok with our folks he couldn't come and hang out tomorrow. Hehehe I can't wait.

But I'm kinda confused, are we going out or just kinda hangin out as a little more than friends?

I hope ya'll have a great day! TTYL!

-NekoChan ^//^ *Off on cloud nine* ^_^

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

*dances around wildly* I"M HOME!! No more sitting in the car with my little annoying sister! HAHAHAHA!! SOOO HAPPY!! HAHAHA! Ok ... well I'm gonna go unpack and stuff! BUH BYE!! Have a good day everyone! Later!
Ps I'm soo happy... heh... ttyl!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

   YAY! Spike and Unari are back!
I couldn't figure out where they went so I just repasted them and now they are back!! And even better I can feed Spike strawberries now!! Chi !! I'm so happy! And later me and my mum, dad and lil sister are going to this Japanese restraunt where they cook the food in front of you!! Soo happy! And thankfully tomorrow we leave! Not that I have anything against being here but I really miss my puppies and my kitties, my bed, Mandie and Steve and my family up there! Well I gotta go but I wanted to say hi to everyone and letcha know I'm leavin the south to go back north... were I belong! Later Ya'll!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

   YAY for Gators!!
YAY! I went to the Savannah Wildlife Reserve place yesterday and it was mainly has Gators! We saw like a million of them! (Not really a million!) They are so awesome! And we got up close and personal with one of them. It was sleeping in the ditch right next to the road thinger. So we all got outta the truck and took a buncha pics of him! It was really cool! The last mile or so they were every where! Usually they are in the middle but not this time! It was really great! And today we went to River Street! And for those of you that don't know what that is then... your missin out man! Well anyways its this really awesome street with a bunch of shops and restraunts and it's right by a river! They have ferry rides that we went on this time which was really cool!! Well I gotta go and research up on Horses, cause my daddy wants to get one for us. Later Ya'll!
Ps G'Night!

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well Hoppy Easter to everyone! I hope you day is going better than mine. All of the people who love me and actually read my post mabobs know that I am on Vacation in Georgia, so I'm in Georgia with all of my step-dads side of the family. yay, lucky me. I mean heck some of them are really nice, others are literally crazy and the rest are either snobby, or mean. Well we're having Easter supper right now, we invited a few of the family and we made enough for those few people, which it turns out they all brought a few ppl without tellin us. So we have a crap load of ppl with just enough food for everyone to have some and no seconds. Which heck, isn't that big of a deal, but we are havin this party in a friggin trailor!!! There are about 7 kids running around, countless adults gettin drunk, those who are sober are pissed at the drunks, some of my older cousins are tired so they are cranky, then my youngest older cousin (if that makes sense) is all over his girl friend, which 4 years younger than him and if he ever tried something could go to jail, who was not invited and myself who is starting to have a anxiety attack cause there are way to many ppl. In this tiny little trailor!!!! So luckily I have a little peice and quiet in my mom's camper (that we brought down on our trip) typing this p before I have to go back to that hell hole. Actually no hell is better than this place!! I don'tbelong at all! I'm a Greco! Not a friggin Tompkins!!!!!!! And if there is some insane person that is going to try and track me down, you aint gonna find me cause I used a fake name! HAHAHAHAHAAHHA!! In yo stupid, fat, ugly face!!!! sorry ppl I'm not doin to well right now. I'll type later.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

   Does any one even care??? *sniff*
I know that most ppl probably dont care that I'm on this trip but it would be nice if ya'll pretended or somethin... I just feel so unloved.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ok yesterday when I tried to post what has happened so far we were stopped at Fishkill NY which was cool. Today we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel (the best southern place, Waffle House is next.lol) and then hit the road. Well my mom is telling me to get off the computer which kinda sux. Whatever... We are in NC... almost to Georgia. Well I gotta go now... Later!!

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