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Thursday, June 15, 2006

well today i'm mega happy cause i got to talk to a friend that I haven't seen or talked to in like ages so yay ^-^ and this saturday my mom is taking me and my friend to the pool so I can't wait to go cause I haven't been to the pool in a long time! well that all i have to say for now ill post again later if anything interesting happens well i'm off to visit sites see ya ^-^


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

well today i'm mega happy cause i found one of my faivorite sones ever and added it to myo YAY^^
its the mv there of the singer shakira her song rock there the best lol^^ anyways my day has been good so far except for the fact that i'm still sleepy couse I couldn't get much sleep becuse i was thinking of something that my sister told me yesterday that hurt me a lot. when i did get some sleep it was around like 4:00 and then around 6:50 one of the kids my grandma takes care of 24/7 went into my room and up the light on while i was still slepping! she kept going in and out of my room every 5 seconds up untill she left whitch was at 8:30am. then I tryed falling asleep again but the lil kids started crying and wouldn't let me sleep and still won't and now i'm mad but happy too ^^
well i'll try and see if I can get to peoples sites if these ll kids don't kill me first bye

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Monday, June 12, 2006

well today has been good so faralthough its raining outside which meens that we can't go out and play with our friends today. but thats ok i gives me more time to stay on the comp and vist your sites YAY ^^ my firend fixed my myspace for me yesterday and now am adding some anime pics to it. my sister started to yell at me cuase of that but I really don't care I'm an anime lover 4 life and that will never change ^-^
well I'm off to visit sites

1~ are you anime lover 4 life?
2~ anyone have a myspace?
3~ if you got out of school already then how was you vacation so far?

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well yesterday was fun we didnít get to go to the mall or get my glasses but we did get to play with my friendís dog baby! They came over around 4 and like about 2 hours later the dog escaped and we hade to go chasing it lol. We chased it for like some 45 minutes until we caught it that dog was fast! After we caught her, she dragged us to a park close by where I use to live. Dark-m and some of my other friends where playing football and the dog had seen the ball and wanted to play with it but if she got the ball then she would have popped it just like she did with one of the basket balls that we owned. So then, my sister told them to hide it! They did up until dark-m thought that it would be funny to see what the dog would do if she saw the ball. After she tried chasing him, he called the dog stupid and said some other things about it. He got me really pissed off with what he said and I was about to let go of the dog so it could bit him cause he disserved it but my sister stopped me before I could let go of the leash. Then we walked off, ignored him and the other kids, and headed home. It was late when my friends left. anyways today my dad siad that he was going to get my brother a cell phone and that I would get my glasses but I'm not realy sure that he will. my siblings and i wanna have a slumber party but my mom keeps saying no so we are trying to convice her to say yes our dad already said it was ok. I got a myspace and so did my bro

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm really confused today! One of my firends keeps on saying that hes mad at his friends because they are talking shit about his girl. but when I ask his friends hwy it is that they do that they say that hes the one that starts talking shit about me and his other firends. I can't believe that he would do that! but he said he doesn't and I don't know who to believe anymore!on top of that my brother wants to act gangester but he doesn't act like he does! anyways off of that topic my firend iscoming over today and we're going to the mall but before that i have to go get my no glasses from the eye doctor. well I think thats all I have to say for now oh wait also I'm geting internet in my computer today so that means that I don't have to keep using my aunts computer yay ^-^
ok that it well see ya

1.whats the one thing that your really confused about?
2.what are u doing this weekend?
3. when do you end school?

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

so sad
well today is the las t day of school for me and so far I have been to 5 of the 7 classes that i have! In every class they have but sad song and i always end up crying!

hiei#18: yep shes been crying all day -_-'

me: waaaaa no there showing the slide show for the 8th graders waaaaaaaaa ;~;

Hiei#18: just hope that they don't show the pic of you at the dance -_-

Me: ahhhhhh noo wait no there showing the pics from six flags ahhhhhhhhh now there showing the ones from the dance noooooo waaaaa ;~;

hiei#18: come on don't cry you look good in that pic!

me:noo I don'T waaaaa >.<

Heie#18: well I guess that we sould stop posting untill we latter so that we can let her cry untill she feels better se ya

Me: waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

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Friday, June 2, 2006

well right now i'm at school. every class that i go to is having free time and its mega fun ^-^ I was playing a card game with my friends khanh, andrea, azma andother people. the games a lot of fun but they scream to much and i had to stop playing before my ears started beeding! my sister started scaring me yesterday she kept taking my dress that I am going to wear for the dance today and tried to figure out what color nail polish and shoe and hair style would go good with it! she even mad heie try them out to see what it would look like with all the selection she made!

hiei#18: I thought you said that you wouldn't tell anyone about that -_-+

me: hehe opps I forgot haha well i have to get going to my next class see ya =)

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

hi there its been a while since i posted huh.
i've been so mega busy and there has been lots of things goin on1
right now am at school we have free time right now since the 7th and 6th graders are having field day today. the 8th gradres have field day tomorrow and we also have the last 8th grade dance tomarrow to =) me and my bother only have 3 days of school left not counting weekends I can't wait to get out of school yay XD well i'm off to peoples sites see ya =p

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

well there are some people that are coming to but the carpet on my house I think that they are related to Dark-M but i'm not sure. anyways here is someone that hasn't talked to you guys in ages hiei # 18 ^-^
Hiei318: Hi there
Me:it's been a while since hes talked to ya guys ^-^ hes been really happy lately cause hes got more room to run around now! he acts just like a cute lil kid haha
hiei#18: I do not act like that *blush*
me: yes you do haha n_n
anyways I better get going and visist peoples sites before my mom makes me get off the comp
see ya

1.what was the first anime show you ever saw?
2.who was you favorite character from that show?
3.if you could be president for a day what would you do?
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

well the seventh graders started there sols yesterday and tomorrow is their last day for testing. The schedual for school has been driving all the teachers crazy and some for the students! the only thing that has the students and teacher happy is knowing that we have like 12 days left for school yay =D! we are doing a project where we have to make mexican food and drinks and bring them in for a resturant that we are going to do in class. my mom has been trying to make me do all my owrk before going out any where because of the F that my science teacher gave me ! I think he hats me cause I do all my work and do what he tells me to do and still gives me a bad grade that is no fair >o<.well i have to get going hope you guys are having a better time then me see ya

1. have you ever gotten mad at a teacherfor something before?
2.what is onething that you hate the most?

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