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Saturday, December 31, 2005

YAY Its almost new years ^-^ I can't wait!!!! Rika siad that she might have a party and if she is that shes inviting all of her friends ^^ oh I got 2 mew books yesterday Toky boys and Girls #3 and DNAngel #10 I really wanna read #11 from DNAngel but its not out yet ;~;!! So how are you guys? Im fine but really bored theres nothing to do and no one to talk to either!!! I finished some drawings I was working on and I found an old drawing I did in the 3rd grade Ill post them up later but for now Ill go visit your sites well Cya ^-^
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Friday, December 30, 2005

hi there guys ^^ Wow I haven't posted since monday!! wow any way as i promised I will tell you what happend in Washington DC on moday when I went with my family^^
ok when we got there I was freaking cold and every one was shivering! well every one except for my baby brother and me^^ So my mom bought some hot chocolate for everyone even for me! she kept on telling me tto take it and dink the hot chocolate! Ever one started to stare at her and my sister asked her if she was trying to kill me or some thing! she for got that i was allergic to chocolate^^' after that we went to see all the trees that where decerated by some elementery school kids!! they looked so cool and there where some toy trains that where circling around a big huge tree my aunt took pics and ill try and see if I can post then on myo and if i can trancfer what my sis recorded while we were over there into the comp then il she you guys ^^ oh ya after that when we were going home we stoped by at ToysRUs to buy my sister a present that she wanted but didn't get for christmas! I better get going and visit your sites befor i have to get off of the comp Cya ^-^


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Monday, December 26, 2005

   HiIm Back From Washington DC It was a lot of fun^^ My sis Video taped Every thing we did over there! But she kept moving the camera so much I would tell you every thi g that happpen but my mom wants to use the comp so I have to get off now well I tell you every thing tomarrow Cya ^-^


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hi guys ^^ I cant really stay on that long My mom is taking me ans rika to Washington DC to see all the trees ! I don't kow why she keeps on wanting to go see trees with decerations every year? After that We're going to go to my friend vickys house and go shoping or something ^^ Well I have to get going If i don't make It to your site today im sooo sooooo sorry!


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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry christmas !!!! Yesterday day and Today WAs the best ^^ I opened my presents at 12:00am and I went to a party

Rika Mr Christmas Party^^

YA it was so much fun We danced with aour friends and did all these cool stuff^^

Rika: and that dude kissed you again and then ran away^^

why does he keep on doing that!!!
he keeps saying that he only wants to be my friend!!!!!!

Rika: don't you think that you should answer that question that somegirl asked you? you know do you like him?

oh right !!!! well to tell you the truth I like him but i don't like like him! Hes a great guy and all but Im more conserned In my reated and school work then i am In boy and wheather they like me or not!

Rika: me and yo are one of the few girls that are Interested in ter grades then in guys^^

Ya Oh before i forget my sis got a ring from a guy but we don't know who the dude is! and It cane with a note sating to Kim the most beautiful girl at baileys elementery school!

Rika: And I come in a hart shaped box too^^ i have a feeling that she'll be the fist one in the family to get married ^^

Maybe who knws WEll We better gett going1 rika And me are going to visit someone and We might be there for a long time so if i don't make it to you site im really sorry Well I hope all of you guys have the nost merriest merry christmiet christmas ever Cya^^


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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hi guys whats up? Im so happy yet really confused! im happy bcause its Christmas Eve and I get to stay up untill 6:30am YAY ^^ and confues cause well...

Rika:this dude she nows kissed her !
um ya what she said! the dude toled me that he only wanted to be friend!

Rika: Ya I asked him one day if he liked Tere-san cause he kept following Tere-san around at school!

He also siad that he would never kiss me well unless i was under the misletoe! but I wasn't >.
Hiei#18: well you better make sure that you sis doesn't tell your mom or else your dead!

OMG thats right she saw that he kissed me and shes always tells my mom what hapens when we go over to your place to sleep over!

Rika: where is she anyways?

Hiei#18: shes with your mom!

Rika& Tere-san: OH NO!!!!! *runs out of the room to get Haru639 away from her mom*

Hiei#18: Tere-san will be back later and post again I think? CYA guys

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

hi there guys what up? well im in school right now! i can't wait for winter vacation to start! Im having an ok day so far! my sis kept on buging me to buy a present for a boy she likes! the problem is that hes in the 8th grade and she is only a 5th grader! she really likes him but he doesn't and she would get really depressed if she found out! oh and there is this kid that rids my bus that won't stop buging me! my friend said that he likes me but i don't think he does at lest i hope not! ~-~' hes nice sometimes and kind of cute but i really don't want him to like me at lest not that kind of like! what do you guys think i should do? well Im going to go now maybe i can visit ppls sites before i have to logout Cya
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

hi there guys man i miss not coming to myo and visiting your sites but again i might not be able to so sorry again! Ill try really hard to get to peoples sites today! well i have to go bye

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Friday, December 16, 2005

hi there guys I don't have much time and I can't visit anyones site today my grandma is going to go some where with my aunt and is making me take care of the kids she baby sits so sorry you guy well have to go see ya tomarrow hopefully!
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

hi there guy I can't stay on that long today so I won't be able to get to your site today! lida called and told me and Rika to get over to herand she said that its an energancy so I posting really quick and then im off well see ya guys ^^*runs out door*
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