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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm really confused today! One of my firends keeps on saying that hes mad at his friends because they are talking shit about his girl. but when I ask his friends hwy it is that they do that they say that hes the one that starts talking shit about me and his other firends. I can't believe that he would do that! but he said he doesn't and I don't know who to believe anymore!on top of that my brother wants to act gangester but he doesn't act like he does! anyways off of that topic my firend iscoming over today and we're going to the mall but before that i have to go get my no glasses from the eye doctor. well I think thats all I have to say for now oh wait also I'm geting internet in my computer today so that means that I don't have to keep using my aunts computer yay ^-^
ok that it well see ya

1.whats the one thing that your really confused about?
2.what are u doing this weekend?
3. when do you end school?

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