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Friday, February 24, 2006

YAY IT'S FRIDAY ^^ wich means no school tomorrow and its going to be anime not too!well my day has been ok so far the dude that made me call him dark made a myo site. his site name is Dark-M pleace go visit his site ^^' I ws planing on going to visit peoples sites but i have togo somewhere with my dad and lil siblings soon so I really don't have time to sorry >.< ill try and get to your sites tomorrow promise well got to go see ya ^-^
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Sunday, February 19, 2006

ok this is going to be a short post cause in a few minutes i have to go with my mom and the rest of my family to go look for a new house ^^ after that we are going somewhere else Im not sure where though ^^' oh and I finally found a nick name for the dude well actually he found it ^^"! see I mad a nick name for 2 of my oter friends so he wanted one and told me that he wanted to be called Dark after Dark Mousy from DNAngel for some reason -.-'
so thats his nickname well I better try to get to some of your sites before i have to leave see yeah ^-^

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

hi there Its finally saterday YAY ^^ I can't wait to se FMA today. My sis go love letter yesterday frome this kid in her clas asking her to be his girl friend ^^ I think that it cute that a guy wrote her a letter telling her how much he likes her but she thinks its weird ^^'
I'm goign to visit my cousines house today agian I like spending time with them its really fun^^ well I got to get going My moms going to be home soon so I have to get off TTYL^-^

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my day has been ok so far i still cant think of a good nick name for the dude thatkeeps bugging me but ill think of something soon I wanted to post the pic of the dude up but i really don't have time to download the pic to my comp. cause i have a lot of stuff to do today so if i don't get to your site today then im sorry ^^' well g2g See ya ^-^
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

YAY its valentines day ^^
this day was awsome!!! I got to yellow carnations from my friends khanh and andrea also the dude that alwas bugges me got a white carnation from one of my friends but he doesn't know wich one it is ^^ he thought that I sent it and turned all red . I got a lote of candy from my other friends but most of that candy was chocolate so I couldn't eat them -.-' also i took cupcakes to school for my fit class and ended up with like 10 left overs so I gave them away to some of the kids at my bus stop of course my brother made me give one to the dude that always buggs me. I'm geting tired of him the dude tha always bugges me I gotta make a nickname for him cause if i use his really name and my sis reads the post then I'm doomed but I can't think of anything ^^' if you guys could help me think of a nickname that would be so great ^^
also my brother took a pic of the dude that likes me with the whitw carnation he got after he but it on hair he looks so funny with it on!! I'll try and see if I can transfer it to the computer and post it so you can see what he looked like ^-^
well I better get going to visit sites See ya

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

hi me still a little sick and me knee doesn't hurt as much as before ^^ I'm kinda sad to find out that only one person commented on my post yesterday. but thanks for commenting BlAiZeD ^^
and when you said "apparently i think he likes u..but thats just me" your not the only one I'm starting to get the feeling thathe does like me! which is kind of a bad thing if my sister finds out cause she has a big mouth! and knowing her she'll go and tell my mom and then ill be dead and i don't want to be dead ;~;
anyway im going to see my cousins today at 3 and then i might go to the book store ^^ that or stay home playing with my baby brother
I might post a pic of brother latter so you can see what he looks like ^^ Ok now im off to comment on other sites see ya ^-^

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Friday, February 10, 2006

man this day has bine the worst ever! I'm so sick and my knee hurts like hell! the only reasone im sick is becuse i was heling the dude that always buges me with a project that he had to turn in today! Him and his siter always go to this center hat helps him with there homework near my place and for some reason they kiked him out. so i passed by the center when i was headed to my friends hows to borrow some dvds. then I spoted him standing outside he looked so sad I felt bad for him and went up to him and asked him if he needed help with his project! he looked up at me and said yeah so then we went and sat at a table next to a park behind that center. after like 3 minutes of helping him his friends came over and started talking to him and they sarted messing around and talking abot some stupid perverted things. I started to get pissed off about what they where talking about and told them that they should stop talking about it cause there where girls there and then they arted to look around and said " where?" "are they hot?" then i piont at thes three 5 year old girls that where satanding right behind them. after that tthey kept talking i just ignored them and finished drawing the xpamle of what his project should look like ^^ after that I went home and finished up my homework but becuse i stayed outside in the cold for more then an hour i got sick and then this morning i hurt my knee some how and it hurts when ever i bend it or when i walk ;~;. but on the bright side no school for me ^^ well my brother needs to use the comp. and knowing him he might long time so if i don't get to your sites thn im mega sorry >.<
well See ya ^-^

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

hi guys how are you? my day has been goods so far my brother and sis are going to a fieldtrip soon and the want me to go with them but i really don't want to go! oh and then yesterday the dude that keeps buging me stated to annoy me and then i was about to hit him on the head when he said that anyone that touched him loved him so i stoped but he kept buging me and so i grabbed my i grabbed my brothers binder and finally hit him on the head^^ after that hes said "oohh you touched me that means that you love me!" then i hit him woth the binger agian and my friend told him that the binder loves him cause the binder was the one that toched him not me ^^ then he started to think a little and after a minute of thinking he tuned around and started hiting a chair. I just walked away and left him hiting the chair.wellthats it for now i guess ill go visit peoples sites now See Ya ^-^

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

hi ^^ Me kinda feel happy not that much though more depressed then happy! don't ask why I have no clue why ^^' anyway me have algebra readyness tomorrow for 6th period I really don't wanna go to that class>.< the teacher creaps me out and i don't know anyone from that class there all wave students no one from my team! I fell so lonely when I go to that class ;~; anyway me better get going now well See ya ^-^

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Monday, January 30, 2006

hi guys ^^ No school for me today YAY but i do have t go tomorrow NOOOOOo! anyway the weddignwas really fun althought my mom made use really late we got there after they said their vows and gave eachother a wedding ring and stuff! but we did get there in time for the party that there were having! It was a lot of fun^^ this kid came up to me and asked me if it was strange to wear sneakers with a dress? I told him that i wasn't so sure then he went to ask his mom wich was kind of funny ^^ after that the bride was gathering up girls that were single to go to the front of the room and try to catch the flowers! My aunt was going to drag me to the front of the room but my mom got mad a her so she didn't. when the bride threw the flowers this guy the same age as my sis cought the flowers and then every one started screaming " that doesn't count !" so then it took like 5 times inorder for the girls to catch it^^ after that we had to go home. but when we got there rika was geting hyper by just drinking grape juice witch i never thought could be possible but it is ^-^
well im off to visit you sistes See yA^-^

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