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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

so sad
well today is the las t day of school for me and so far I have been to 5 of the 7 classes that i have! In every class they have but sad song and i always end up crying!

hiei#18: yep shes been crying all day -_-'

me: waaaaa no there showing the slide show for the 8th graders waaaaaaaaa ;~;

Hiei#18: just hope that they don't show the pic of you at the dance -_-

Me: ahhhhhh noo wait no there showing the pics from six flags ahhhhhhhhh now there showing the ones from the dance noooooo waaaaa ;~;

hiei#18: come on don't cry you look good in that pic!

me:noo I don'T waaaaa >.<

Heie#18: well I guess that we sould stop posting untill we latter so that we can let her cry untill she feels better se ya

Me: waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

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