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Saturday, January 28, 2006

hi there guys how are you? me day is ok so far but yesterday was the worst I though It was ok until the dude that always bugs me came over to play with my brither and started buging me he even followed me out side when I went to the store with rika! well today at 3:00 im goign to the wedding with my mom YAY I can't wait ^^
well Ill get going and visit your sites
SEE YA ^-^

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Friday, January 27, 2006

hi guys ^^ Me so happy theres no school today or on monday YES! Also Rika Is coming over today and we're going to watch DNAngel I can't wait oh and this saterday I'm going to a wedding my moms friends are geting married.I've never been to a wedding before so im mega excited ^^ ALso the dude that normally buges me stoped buging me well he still says that I stalk him even though its not true! my cousins are coming over this sunday and then we're going out some where but not sure where. Im thinking of changing my them but im not sure what to change it to ^-^ you guys have any sugestion? well Im off to visit your sites See YA ^^
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

hi guys my day was great I found out that the dude that was in the hospital is now ok and I'm really happy about that^^ My teacher told me that I did a ggood job on my project and on my midterm test ^-^ me better get going and start my homework Ill try to visit your sites See YA ^^
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Monday, January 23, 2006

hey guys well today was the worst day ever! it was actually ok during the mornig and got a liiter bad during the midterm exam which was during 3 period. after that it got even worse during the afternoon I started to feel sick cause it started to rain and me and some my classmates for health had to wait outside for the teachers to come open the door and our health class was in the trailer outsite and far away from the school building and it was frezzing cold outside! after that I went to college partnership program witch was an after school club and that went preaty well ^^ then when I got home one of the dudes that rides my bus who is also my brothers friends ran up to me. He told me to stop stalking him!!! Im like why on earth would i stalk you I don't even know what youdo after school or were you go I don't even know what classes you have. then hes tells me what classes he has and what he does every afternoon when school ends! then i told him If he wanted me to stalk him cause if he didn't he would't tell me what his schedual was! and hes like well i don't want you to stalk me thats why I'm telling you my schedual I just ignored him after he said that and went into the house after that I did my hw and logged on to myo and visited this duds site! and know I'm mega depressed cause the dudes sis posted for him saying that he tryed killing himself and is now in the hospital and thats like the 5th person that tryed killing themselves and thats plan stupid and know i have to study for a nother midterm and I'm to worid about the dud in the hospital and know my brothers buging me to take him to neopets.com which means that I have to go well See ya guys
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Saturday, January 21, 2006

YAY im finally done with all my projects^^ but know i have to study for 3 midterm test^^' that im going to be taking on monday tusday and thursday and know my mom is trying to me join all these after school club and out of all the clubs that she chose for me I only like 4 of them and one of then is Anime club YAY^-^ well i beter get going and visit you sites before i start to study See Ya
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Vary Important
just stoped by to sat that Im going to be gone for aa while and won't be able to make it to you sites for a month or so sorry! I have these projects that I have to work on and If I don't get a good grade on it my mom will kill me so I cant come to myo untill I finish them so sorry guys ^^' Well got to go Cya ^^

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Monday, January 9, 2006

Ok today was one of the worst days ever!!!! the girl that invited me to her birthday (note said girl not firend cause I don't consider her a friend anymore!) came up to me and said that she wasn't going to celebrate her birthday anymore cuase she had to go to her grandmas house on that day and asked me " I still get a present from you right?" since I thought she was still my friend I said sure. But the I bunped into her father and he asked me if I would be able to go to his daughters birthday! I told him that I thought that the party was cancled becuase they were going to go to his daughter's grandma's place for her bithday and he said no! which means that she really didn't want me to go to her birthday party. And then er dad asked me again if I would be able to make it to the party I told him that I couldn't and he said that it was a shame cause be and the girl use to be really good friends and that maybe i would be able to make it to her birthday next year. I'm really pissed off about that cause if she doesn't want me to go to her party she should have just said so insted of having to lie to me. I never go somewhere that I'm not wanted! and this morning my mom and grandma along with my aunt were talking about my 15th, and what we should do for that day. because Im hispanic my 15th birthday is one of the most important day in my life Its basicly like you sweet 16!
you have a big party and invite a bunch of people but mostly relitives! I was really excited cause I wanted to celebrate My 15th birthday more then anything but then I realized that I won't be able to cuase If I do that means that my dad would have to come and if he does my grandma would get pissed off. Thats ne thing that I don't want her to be cause when it comes to my dad shes not one of the people that would be so happy to see him! So I know that she would start a war or something if he shows up on my 15th birthday! My mom asked me If I wanted to celebrate my 15th or not? and I told her no I didn't even though my b-day isn't even close yet, I'm still not ging to celebrate it! well I must be borong You guys so I'll be going now Cya ^^'

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Hi ^^ me so happy mega super happy ^^ im going to go see some of my relitives today at 4:00! I haven't seen them since i was 8 years old and I really miss them!
after that I'm going to the book store with my mom and dad and hopefully I can find Merupuri 3 and Ultra Manic 4 and other books that i wanna read^^ also I have to go shoping for a birthday present.
one of my friends from school invited me to here birthday^^
But im not really sure that she is my friend anymore she hasn't been talking to me and has been ignoring me! I really don't think she wanted me to come to her party at all cause she looked really mad when she handed the invitation to me! anyways I'll stop talking now and go to your sites Cya ^-^


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Friday, January 6, 2006

hi guys well i can't get to your sites today i have to go somewhere with my folks so i cant really be on the comp for that long! Im still depressed but not as depressed as yesterday^^ Im going to go to an anime convention in washington DC with my friends in february! Its going to be my first anime convention ever ^^ well I have to go CYa guys 2marrow ^-^
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Thursday, January 5, 2006

YAY me so happy yet so depressed!!
I had a really great time at school and I got an A on two of my test! my friend lida called me today and I was really happy about that oh and my friend andrea asked me if i wanted to go to an anime convention!!^^ but im still depressed for somereson!!! I don'y know why though

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