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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

well today i'm mega happy cause i found one of my faivorite sones ever and added it to myo YAY^^
its the mv there of the singer shakira her song rock there the best lol^^ anyways my day has been good so far except for the fact that i'm still sleepy couse I couldn't get much sleep becuse i was thinking of something that my sister told me yesterday that hurt me a lot. when i did get some sleep it was around like 4:00 and then around 6:50 one of the kids my grandma takes care of 24/7 went into my room and up the light on while i was still slepping! she kept going in and out of my room every 5 seconds up untill she left whitch was at 8:30am. then I tryed falling asleep again but the lil kids started crying and wouldn't let me sleep and still won't and now i'm mad but happy too ^^
well i'll try and see if I can get to peoples sites if these ll kids don't kill me first bye

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