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Saturday, May 13, 2006

so how as everyone been? I haven't had time to post or comment on your sites for quite a while sorry about that ^-^' every one at school is going crazzy because of the sol testing and the teachers are starting to scare us 8th grades with saying "If you don't pass the sols your going to fail the 8th grade and reapeat the grade again!"
I don't wanna fail darn you teachers for telling me this! I'm mega nerves and really scared that I might not pass. my brother and sister keep puting the Mr. Lonnely song on. Its one of my favorite song ever ^^
a lot has been hapening and most of them are bad things. things that I want to tell everyone but I can't. anyways this friday thts coming up i get to go to the mall with 3 of my friends to go look 4 desses for the 8th grade days at school which is going to be on the 2nd of june. I can't wait its going to be so much fun ^-^
ok I'm going to start a question section today so here goes haha
1.what is your favorite thing in the world?
2.how much do you like anime?
3.If anime charactores are real which one would you go out with?

well see ya ^-^

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Saturday, May 6, 2006

well almost every thing is in its own place at my house and hopefully we can get the internet at my place set up and cable too. right now i'm at my fiend rika's house and she let me use her comp. well I'm off see ya ^-^

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

goodbye 4 now friends
sorry that I haven't posted sinceI think It was tusday can't really remember ^^" I've been really busy lately woth school and packing things up for the move. I'm not sure if I told you guys yet but my family is moving to a new house ^^ we only have like 5 more days left before we move and every thing needs to be placed in a box. most of the things we own are going to be throwen away in the trash. I can't wait although I'm going to miss every one I know here whereI live right now except for Dark-M and he knows why. I know all miss you guys cause me and my siblings won't beable to comp for a long time utill we get every thing set at our new house. which means good bye my wonderful friends untill may 20th or longer hopefully not to long well see ya


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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

well today is the worst day ever i feel like every one in school hates me and my firends don't talk to me anymore! if i ask them a question they look at me with this evil look and respond with a mad voice. I don't know what i did to make them up set >.<
my mom is starting to forbide me frome being around some people and some of them I'm kinda glad that she chose some people that are making my life misrable well starting to make it. no one from myo thought well one which is Dark-M but thats it. oh ya I made a new AIM acount so i you guys wanna know what it is just pm me and ill tell ya cause i'm scared that if i but it on this post Dark-M would read it and then start Iming me on my new account ^^' well thats all I have to say for now see ya


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Sunday, April 23, 2006

   mega depressed
ok I feel even worse ten yesterday and I don't know why! I couln't even sleep yesterday untill like 3am! I'm still sleepy but i just fall asleep >.< started crying in the moring for some reason that I can't really remember ^^' my mom said that I look a lil pale. my stomch hurt and when ever I eat anything I throw it back out 4 minutes later! so I'm not relly eating anything at all today. my friends said it might be because I'm really depressed. they wanna take me outside and try t cheer me up but i'm not sure if it will work . rikas already tryed to cheer me up by bring me some of her newest anime dvds and mangas but it didn't worke! AND THOSE ARE THE ONLY THINGS THAT EVER CHEERD ME UP >.<
I'll try to get to your sites today
thats is tis depresstion lets me -_-''


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Saturday, April 22, 2006

   I wanna die
I haven't posted in a while cause of school and other stuff thats been going on in my life. right now i feel really depressed and wanna die!!
everything is going so bad my best friend is misrable cause of Dark-M and so am I. I don't know why but ever since I was very lil when ever my friends were really sad or mega depresed I would be to If they cryed I would cry and I still do that sometimes. I can't believe that he would be such a jurk an freaking bitch ass of a jerk!
Dark-M If your reading this I hate you so much for hurting beanca I never thought that u could be so cold and cruel!!!!
thats all I have to say to you Dark-M!!!!
so ya I do feel like punchin him the face right know but I won't I just feel so bad I hate it when my friends are sad and my realatives have been acting really strange that its starting to make me scared! every thing is changing and I feel like theres no one that I can tal to or be around anymore! I feel so sad and alone T~T ;~;!!
I'm just a burden to everyone and they all hate me I just know they do!! I'm off noew to go sit in the dark all alone and maybe kill my self.
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

well so far my spring break has been really awsome but Its about to end I have school on monday NOOOOOOO T~T
well yesterday was the birthday of one of the lil kids my grandma takes care of and my aunt and granma made him a party! it was ok but they bought chocolate cake and then tryed making me eat it I swar they are out to kill me ;~;
they are always tryin to give me something with chocolate in it and say that they keep forgeting that I'n allergic to chcolate but they can remember if the lil kids they are taking care ar allergic to somethin >.< my aunt and grandma have been geting me really mad lately! normally Dark-M would be geting me really pissed off but hes not hes actually being really nice and doesn't yell at me as much ^^
well today my mom said that she was going to take us some where and I only have like 5 minutes before we leave all try to get to your sites today when I get back
see ya later ^-^

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

well its raning out site and Im really bored -_-
I'm still not talking to Dark-M and Oh ya spring break started yesterday It was really fun ^^
I played with my baby brother for like 4 hours then went outside to play w/some of my friends. Dark-M's sister came up to me and told me that he wasn't coming out cuase he was in his pajamas still which seems kinda strange cause I really didn't need to know that! well today my mom said that I can get a new bike today so I'm really happy about that well I'll go visit you sites now see Ya ^-^

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

   my life so sucks!
my life so far is the worest every one here where i live had made me feel so bad and Dark-M If one of the few people that have made me feel like I'm just a freak. every time I say a word to him he gets mad at me and today my friend tolad me to go outside and have some fun playing football or some other fun activity. Then Dark-M comes out and starts talking to my firend I think he likes her but not sure! After a while he starts telling use what is nick name was a a little kid but scince i was really sleepy and wasn't feeling that well I was in my own little world and misunderstood him. so then I asked him him if it was kind of strange form people to call him that since he was already older then what that nick name suggested. then he started screaming at him and get all mad at me! I started to feel so bad I hate It when people start yelling at me I don't mean to be stupid but sometimes I can't help but say something stupid ;~; so that lead to the title that I wrote. so now I'm not really talking to im and Hes starting to wonder why But I just dont wanna talk to him cuase I know if I say something to him he'll get mad at me so I'm going to try as hard as I can to Ignore him. and if you gy are wondering what the nick name was It was conejito (can't really remember how to spell it) Oh and Its spanish for a baby bunny rabite ^^
I might not be able to go visit sites today cuase I really don't feel well and my mom is making me go to bed really early today so if I don't make it to your site I'm soo sorry >.<

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

WOOOHOOOOO its April fools day ^^
wel I have no work do except for trying to trick Dark-M and some of my other friends^^ so far the only person that I trick was my sister she believe anything that you tell her ^^ yesterday was the best we had a protest at school and the people from washington post were there too! me and my friends screamed untill we couldn't talk anymore haha it was a lot of fun ^-^
oh and after that me and a friend made poney tales on Dark-M he said it was ok but he ended up geting mad at us ~-~' well today my friend bianca is comeing over and my other friend is too ^^ I can't wait untill they get here well I'm off now bye ^-^

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