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Saturday, June 24, 2006

well today was a really good day my sister and me are talking again but not that much we say like amybe 2 words to each other and thats it yesterday it we only siad one word to each other so we're improving ^-^
anyways today my dad siad he's taking me to the book store. I really wanna buy some new manga books ^^ and tomorrow my parents are taking me and my siblings to our cousins house for a while!
well I'm off to visit sites


What's Your Inner Japanese Geisha's Personality Like? {Female Anime Pics and Detailed Results}

You are a Shy Geisha! You are fairly successful at being a Geisha, but you could have much more potential for success if you were not so timid around your patrons. You perform your duties with skill and grace, but you lack the finese of emotion and passion when you perform them. Several men, however, do find your bashful nature attractive, and a type of mask to hide your inner charms, which they only want to find out in one way... You dont really want to be a Geisha, but you have no other option. It is the only existance you have known since you were a very young child, and you don't know how to live any other life. This only adds to your timidness.
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Friday, June 23, 2006

well today we're having a surprise birthday party for 2 people and we have to get everything set up before 3:30pm well I really don't have time to visit sites sorry bout that you guys ^^"
well I got to get goin see ya

ever have to make a party for someone?

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

hi there
well I got to use the computer after arguing with my mom for about like an hour!
shes taking my sister side and doing wat ever she wants!grrr she always does that!!! so I stoped talking to her and now shes acting like she didn't do anything and yelling at me for not talking to her!! well I don't know what else to say cause I'm stilll really pissed off and my head is starting to hurt! well I'll just go to your sites people and I don't know If I'm going to put questions up today but i will put up pics so yea see ya

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I think that its cute and I just had to up it up ^-^
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


How do you Sleep? (Anime Pics)

You dont sleep. It's not because you love life too much to lay your head down, it's because you can't or just dont want to. Sleep? Who cares, right? In fact, who really cares about anything? You dont. Maybe you're mad at someone for something they did, but its probably more than just one person who has pissed you off. People have probably told you to get over your issues lots of times, but thats just because most of them dont understand how deep some scars can go.
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well today is an ok day well almost an ok day
I'm still not talking to my sister and now i'm not talk to my mom ause she took my sisters side!
and now my moms yellin at me to get off the computer great well see ya guys

*my heart is filled with darkness right now*


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

well today is one of those I wish I wan't born days for me! my sister won't talk to me at all and yesterday she kept telling me that she hated me cause my mom was ready one of the note books that she use to use and saw all these pages with hearts and writing that saud I love and her b/f name! so now we aren't talking to each other what so ever and I dought that we ever will!
and for some reason I have been feeling depressed and It's really hard to smile and laugh for me now I barly even talk to anyone unless its on myspace or myo! no one but my brother talks to me or the lil kids that my grandma take care of but I don't really say anything to them!

hiei#18: she still talks to me though!

me: ya i still talk to heie hes the only one that I actually talk to at home!

hiei#18: she won't even talk to rika! and she come over today and she wouldn't even talk to her! Rika was really shocked! and she told me domething interesting! she said " wow I never thought that I would see her that depressed and said again"

me:oh yea thats right this isn't the first time I felt this way! there was only one other time that I felt the same way and acted the same way to but that was when I was like 9 years old but thats a long story!

hiei#18: I hate long stories

me: ya I know! wel I'm off to visit sites see ya

1~have you ever fought with someone your related to?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

well today isn't a good day at all -~-'
I'm geting in trouble for something that I didn't even do but my sister is doing right now!

Hiei#18: her sis is on a date with a boy and her parents are geting mad at her because of that!

me: its not fair! and I never did find that girls site! now I feel just awful!

Hiei#18: please don't start crying like last time -_-'

me: no I'm not goin to cry this time hiei although I do sorta feel like crying but I won't ^-^

Hiei#18:*sigh* you can cry if you wanna

me: no thats ok ^-^
hey look a kitty *points out the window*
aww It's so cute ^^ don't you think hiei? uh heie
*looks around the room and doesn't see hiei anywhere* um where did he go?
*looks outside the window and sees hiei chasing the cat* hiei leave the poor cat alone and get back in here!

Hiei#18:*still chasing cat*

me: oh no well better go get hiei and make sure that he doesn't hurt the kitty cat see ya ^-^

1~have you ever found a cat or other animal near your house?
2~ has anyone in your family tryed to catch that animal?
3~what is something that you got in trouble for that you didn't do?

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Monday, June 19, 2006

well today isn't really a good day and yesterday was the worest ever!

hiei#18: shes still depressed about deleting someones that had signed her gb by mistake cuase her sister ran into her and made her press delete entry insted of the person's name -_-'

Me: I feel so bad! I'm so sorry to the person that signed my gb yesterday I wish I had memorized your name that way It would be easyer to find your site aand sign ur gb but I didn't I memorized the pic you had for your avi but I still couldn't find you I'm sorry!!!

hiei#18: If the person that signed her gb yesterday is reading this could do us a favor and sign her gb again then that would be really helpfull!

Me: I'm off now to visit peoples sites and try to find the person's site that I had deleted off my gb yesterday and again I'm soo mega sorry!!!!!!!!

hiei#18: well see you people later

~quiz result~

What is your element? [with pics + detailed answeres]

Your element is Ice. This element may seem a little odd, but this is a side-effect from when the element of Water gets too hurt. Once you were a content soul, and happy with life. But then something happened. Not necessarily on one day, it probably happened gradually over time. You lost your will to care and became even more reserved from the world. People had hurt you in ways you do not want to remember and now you isolate yourself from them. You have turned into an outsider and probably dress more in black than you used to. Your depression is eating you up and tearing you apart and the worst part is that no one is willing to help, or so it seems. In school you are often by yourself or one single friend and you rarely seem to be truly happy anymore. Your sad, distant eyes and constant frown seems glued to your face and you need a saviour from this world. You may turn to music for understanding and sing/scream along in the lyrics to get rid of some pain. You are not very open about your problems to your family/friends, and wish that they would just notice it and make it go away.
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Sunday, June 18, 2006

me:waaaaaaaaaaa I'm soooo awful I'm the worst person in the world waaaaaaa!

Heie#18: will you stop saying you are not the worst -_-

Rika: heie is right your not ^^'

me: yess I am waaaaaa

heie#18 if your wondering why shes saying shes the wost someone had signed her gb and she was going to go to her site

rika: but her lil sister ran towards her and made her press delete entry and now she feels really bad!

me: waaaaaaa

hiei#18: If the person that signed her gb today sunday june 18 reads this please sign her gb be again then we will be really greatfull!!

Rika: there there It's not your fault Tere-san ^^

me: i'm sorry I didn't mean to delete yours i'm sorry waaaaaaaa

heie#18: oh boy its going to be a long nigh -_-'

rika:*hugs tere-san* there there

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well today isn't much of a good day for me my grandma started screaming at me for no reason again and my aunt turned off the cool air and now its burning hot at my place!!
well hopefully she will get home early and turn it back on cause shes the only one that knows how!!!
the only thing that is making me smile right now is my sisters new hair cut that makes her look like a guy I wanna show you guys but my sister won't let me take a pic of her oh well
ok i'm of now to visit peoples sites before I pass out cause of all this heat bye

1~ what was the worst thing that happend today?
2~whats the funnest thing you ever saw?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I think that this pic is hot ^//^

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

   just want to let all of u know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be there-
*When no one is there for you*
*And you think no one cares*
*When the whole world walks out on you*
*And you think you're alone*
*I'll be there*
*When the one you care about the most*
*Could care less about you*
*When the one you gave your heart to*
*Throws it in your face*
*I'll be there*
*When the person you trusted*
*Betrays you*
*When the person you share all your memories with*
*Cant even remember your birthday*
*I'll be there*
*When all you need is a friend*
*To listen to you whine*
*When all you need is someone*
*To catch your tears*
*I'll be there*
* When your heart hurts so bad*
* You cant even breathe*
* When you just want to crawl up and die*
*I'll be there*
*When you start to cry*
*After hearing that sad song*
*When the tears just won't*
*Stop falling down*
*I'll be there*
*So you see I'll be there until the end*
*This is a promise I can make*
*If you ever need me*
*Just give me a call and...*
*I'll be there...*
i said this to some people in myo yestersay but I want everyone that I didn't say this to know that this is true I wanna be bere for all my friends in myo!!! ^-^

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