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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ok, here are some questions I was asked yesterday and some answers.

dark angel 2009: YAY good for you! what language do you originally speak??

Me: Good question. I speak english, bad english and redneck english. Ah...you gotta love those rednecks.

Death T-2: Too cool indeed! though, are all your noteboks labeled in Japnese?! Mine are! 8D

Me: Not currently, but it does have all kinds of Japanese trascripting I was doing last night. Some friends names, household objects and YGO character names. I also have Sanzo on the cover of one of my notebooks. :D

Tanita: cool. anyway i love the new layout. Is the game good?

Me: Yes very good. I will see if I can post some screen shots tomorrow.

Well, I would like to post more, but I have to leave for Japanese class in a few mins. I really can't wait for todays class because I have a few questions to ask my sensi about trascripting (traslating Japanese Rooma-ja words into Japanese text). I will try to scan and post some of my writings later. Last night I trascripted: Ryo Bakura in Higiana, Katana (don't know how those are spelled) and I also did Yami No Bakura and Yami No Yuugi. It's pretty cool. Got to run. Later!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Yahoo! I passed my first Japanese quiz. I got 100%. :D I'm so happy. Plus, I start writing in Japanese this week too. It's so fun. I'm also not so tried. ^^

I finally got a new computer game I wanted. It's Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile. I had another game like it called Pharaoh, but this one is much better because it goes into more detail about egyption commerace and such. It's just too cool.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

*Falls asleep on keyboard*


*Jurks up* Wha?! Uh? Oh yeah, I'm posting. *Yawn* I have been getting up so early for my classes lately. Thank Ra I can finally sleep in tomorrow. *starts to nodd off again*

Anyways, My Japanese class had been going well. I have a very nice teacher or Sensi in japanese. I also had my first quiz today. I knew all of the answers although the last one stumped me a little. I had to fill out all the right responses when talking to some one in japanese and I had one response left that didn't fit anywhere so I just put it in the last box. As I was leaving, I thought about it and remembered that was the right answer. ^^

*yawn* I'm too tired to post anymore, I will try to get to some sites if I'm not asleep. Later.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

   Boyz In White.
Thanks again for all the wonderful comments. They made me feel much better and gave me a little hope that I will see that I again. I really hope I do. If everything works out alright, my mom may be planning a field trip to my old city and I might be able to invite my old friends along. And if that guy really likes me back, he might ask my friend for my email. ^_^

AhÖnew theme. I was really sick of the old one. It was too dark and I didnít want to look at it anymore. I was also feeling depressed over the week end so spend my time making the GFX for my new theme. It made me feel a little better. I like the light, more relaxing feel to this theme. Not to mention some nice bishies to look at. *drool* I love the Saiyuki Boyz. They all look so good in white. I especially like Sanzo and his gun on the intro picture and then that Mark Twin quote below it. It is so Sanzo and all the other Boyz look so funny behind him. Hakkai is smileing as always. Even those Sanzo is one of my most favorite bishies, Hakkai is my most favorite of all the Boyz. I seems the most sane of all the Saiyuki boys, but he is really the most twisted; hiding behind his cheerful smile. I rp as him on one site and he is one of the funniest characters I have played. He reminds me a lot of myself. He smiles, but there is more going on deep down, then anyone could ever know.

Anyways, I made it to some sites yesterday and I will try to again today. I start college tomorrow so Iím going to be really busy and will have to post later then I usually do. Iím still very excited though; my first class of Beginning Japanese. I canít wait to see how it goes.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Feeling a little better
Thank you all for yesterday's wonderful comments. They make me feel better. ^^

Sorry for not getting to anyones sites lately. I have been super busy and I will try to later today if I can.

Yeah, like HardLuckWoman said, that girl I knew was being pretty bitchy. My dad says I should just fade away and that's what I plan to do. If i can trust what someone is saying to me, how can I trust them at all. My search for someone to be friends with beings again.

Your all right. Maybe I will see that guy again. I'm hoping. :) If it's ment to be, it will happen. If not, oh well.

Here now. A little something to make us all feel better. 0_~

I had nothing to do with this is swear! Ok...maybe I did. XD

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heartfelt Letter to a Friend.
Well, last night I spent almost an hour writing a letter to a friend back in my old city. It wasn't your avarage letter. I have been trying to be more open with my feelings lately, so I filled it with all of that. I told her how a new friend of mine (see last post) said she was going on a trip for the week when we had something planned and then I saw her at the fair in the middle of the week. I also told her about the strong feelings I had for this young man right before I left. I always regreted that he never got to know how much I really cared about him, so I asked her to tell him for me. It doesn't really matter that he knows right now, since it won't make any difference anyways. Chances are I will never see him again.

I hate Irony. The first guy I strong feelings for (some could even call it love) and he starts to show intrest in me and I go off and move. I wish I could forget his face, but I can't. I see it almost every time I close my eyes. I still care about him very very much, and I hope he is happy. I pray that he is happy.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

   Thanks for 3000 hits!

Aw, I just love that picture of Kira and Lucas. They look so cute together. *hearts* Its funny, in a few days, It will be one year since I have been on MyO. Wow. That is pretty cool.

I went to the fair yesterday. It was pretty fun. We didn't stay very long because it was only open for a few hours on the first day. I ran into a friend of mine there, but she didn't stay long; she said we might be able to meet up later, but I didn't see her until right before I left.

I only when on one ride while the whole time I was there but I went on it three times with my mom. It was called Starship 2000. It was so cool! First you when into this dark round room with all these lights and music and then you lean against the wall as it starts to spin around. When it starts going really fast and your pressed against the wall, the chair things that your leaning on move up. It was really cool. Half the fun was watching the kids on the other side of room how they would turn themselves upside down and get stuck against the wall like that. Some of them would also sit diffrent ways. It was really fun. You had to almost peel yourself off the wall afterwards because the ride made you feel so heavy. It was wicked. My mom says that was the funnest ride she has been on since she went to disney land when she was 17.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   New Theme!
New theme is up. Read the intro post for more about it. ^^

Poor Death T-2. She reasently found out that Kaiba has a girl friend in the new up coming season. I'm not going to tell you who it is though. 0_~ I just can't see Kaiba with anyone but with Death's rp character Ayumi. This just goes to show that I have been rping way too long.

A short post today. Post more tomorrow. Later!

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Monday, August 8, 2005

   My weekend thus far.
Well, Friday was a real flop. My friend had to cancele our day and I didn't get the answer message untill right before I left to pick her up. I then spent the rest of the day sitting outside the K-Mart dressing room while my mom tried on clothes.

Saterday was much better. I got some discount manga from amazon.com by getting the used/almost new manga. I saved about 5 dollars after shipping and everything then what I would have if I bought it at the book store.

I got Kare First Love Vol. 4, D*N*Angel Vol. 7 and Rou. Kenshin Vol.1. I'm so happy. :)

I also bought ShowenJump later that day and got a chance to see some Thief 'Kura Cake! Very yummy.

Besides going to the river and swiming in it on sunday, nothing else happend.

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Friday, August 5, 2005

New Layout Preview
I won't be able to make it to anyones sites today. I had to leave in the morning to sign up for a japanese class at the local college (I made it in too! Yay!) And I'm going out with a friend for a late lunch and time at the chess center. However, I did get a chance to give you all a preview of my new layout.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

It needs just a little more work then it will be all ready. I can't wait. I just love the wallpaper that I made for it. ^^

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