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Thursday, August 25, 2005

*Falls asleep on keyboard*


*Jurks up* Wha?! Uh? Oh yeah, I'm posting. *Yawn* I have been getting up so early for my classes lately. Thank Ra I can finally sleep in tomorrow. *starts to nodd off again*

Anyways, My Japanese class had been going well. I have a very nice teacher or Sensi in japanese. I also had my first quiz today. I knew all of the answers although the last one stumped me a little. I had to fill out all the right responses when talking to some one in japanese and I had one response left that didn't fit anywhere so I just put it in the last box. As I was leaving, I thought about it and remembered that was the right answer. ^^

*yawn* I'm too tired to post anymore, I will try to get to some sites if I'm not asleep. Later.

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