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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

*crazy eyes*
Sorry for those who signed my guest good and I have not signed yours yet. I will though.

Today is my sisters b-day so I can't post much. I will have all these little brats to take care of all day and clean house. >.< Nooo!! I have so much cool thinks to post as well but I will tomorrow. I will also post a shirtless Bakura pic as a thank you to all those who comment. YAY and I mean a SEXY PICTURE TOO!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Lunchon.....little sandwhichs and stuff.
Sorry for not posting lately, I have been super busy and I have a ribben cutting/lunchen to go to today with my parents. Daddy has been going by himself lately, but since his old Highschool friend is hosting this one, my sisters and I get to go as well. Hopefully I will post more tomorrow and maybe some pictures.

Rateing is getting better Yay! I still have to get people to comment on my site though. COMMENT OR FEEL THE RATH OF MARIK! MWAHAHAHHA!!!

[b]Also, if you comment, Bakura might take his shirt off. XD[/b]

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Contest list....and bat man!
Seto Kaiba Freak has requested that all contestains in her contest post the contesting list on their sites so visitors may change their votes so here it is...

Da List!

Anyway, not much besides of that. I watched Batman Returns sunday although I had to record the end because I had to go to dinner. It looks good though. Bat Man and Catwoman fell in love...Ah, how sweet....

I'm working on a new theme. I know I just finished this one but I want to have it already when the contest ends so you don't have to wait for it. 0_~

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

   Thank You all!
Much thanks to everyone who said that they voted for me, it is very kind of you. I got a PM from SKF today saying that she was going to judge me. I can’t wait to see how well I did.

Ah…today, I’m going to live, or at last half way, well, sort of….ok never mind. I’m cutting my computer time in half and actually going to watch TV instead of mindless hours of RPing. Batman Returns is what I have planed for today. It may be crud, but it looks pretty good. Not as good as the new batman move though. Eh, now matter, mom doesn’t want me on the computer that much anyways. Later!

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Saturday, June 4, 2005

My layout is done! Please vote for me in SetoKaibaFreak’s contest by PMing her. If you do vote for me, it would make me very very happy. Thanks in advance. ^^

Besides that, nothing much has been going on. I just have been pretty much useing my time to RP online. I am an RPG addict. I've also been in some GFX battles that have been going pretty well. I did one Saiyuki banner for an anime battle but now I have to do one based off of games. Maybe I will do Monopoly or someithing since I really don't know that much about games. ^^" I wil tell you how it goes and maybe post my GFX.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   Sweet mother of Ra! It is really sad.
I must get my rateing up. I have no idea why it is so bad. >.< Anyways, i'm going to sign as many Guest Books today as I can so I can make some new friends and get more then three comments a day. Really? How do people end up getting 20 comments?! I didn't even get that much while running BATTLE OF THE BISHES!!!!
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Monday, May 30, 2005

I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out what was wrong with my "My Friends" Iframe. I took it done for a while so I could work on it and now I can't get it back up. For some reason, it won't show the site that I put up but my "Master Marik" blog page. IT IS DRIVEING ME UP THE WALL!!!!

Anyways, I will have to ask someone about it and since I can't get a friends marquee up (spent all morning doing that) I will just have to leave the friends buttons down for now. Sorry about that.

The theme is almost done, I just have to work on the colors and then I will be ready for the judgeing. ^^

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

   Ah...*drinks tropical fruit juice with little unbrella in glass*
Ah...my site is so cool now. I got my post GFX done yesterday and I love how it turned out. I even got the little scroll bar to match my post. ^^ I am very excited about this contest and can't wait to get everything done which will be soon. I found it better to set up a theme over a few days instead all at one. It give me more time to work on everything and make it perfect.

Yay for Dark Mousy and my new theme!


Bakura: *Grabs fruit juice.* I want some!

YMarik: *runs down street with lite teki tourch.* MWAAHAHAHA!!!!!

Marik: Oh-no. He's at it again!

Bakura: *trips YMarik* Not anymore. *sips fruit juice.*


YMarik: It is not funny! I shall send you all to the shadow realm! MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!

Me: .....

Bakura: Whatever. Send yourself to the shadow realm so I can have your Mill. Rod.

Marik: Hey! That is my Mill. Rod too you know. You just can't take it.

Bakura: Can too.

Marik: What makes you think so?

Bakura: Because I am a thief and everyone loves me.

YMarik: ....

Marik: Yeah, but Maki had her MyO user name after me.

Bakura: So? She RP's as me in most of the YGO RPs.

Marik: *growns angry* You wanna take this out side?

Bakura: Alright! I will send you soul to the shadow realm!

Ymarik: I will send you all to the shadow realm! MWAHAHAH!!!

Me; ....

* Typeing more so scroll bar will show up.*

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Friday, May 27, 2005

   ok doky...
I am almost done with my layout for the contest. All I have left to do is the post GFX and change around some of my code. I plan to move my friends box to a marquee at the buttom of the back with my chat box. Whoo! I am making sure I put my sweat and blood into this layout. Last layout contest you had to be nomminated to be in it so I really didn't have a chance. This time however, even if you don't get any votes, you still have a good chance of winning from the judgeing. I am very thrilled about everything. :D
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

2 days left of school.
I have to get started on my last two days of school! (w00t w00t) so i can't post much. The layout is all mest up now because I am playing around with it for SKF's contest so don't mind it. :)
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