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Thursday, August 11, 2005

   Thanks for 3000 hits!

Aw, I just love that picture of Kira and Lucas. They look so cute together. *hearts* Its funny, in a few days, It will be one year since I have been on MyO. Wow. That is pretty cool.

I went to the fair yesterday. It was pretty fun. We didn't stay very long because it was only open for a few hours on the first day. I ran into a friend of mine there, but she didn't stay long; she said we might be able to meet up later, but I didn't see her until right before I left.

I only when on one ride while the whole time I was there but I went on it three times with my mom. It was called Starship 2000. It was so cool! First you when into this dark round room with all these lights and music and then you lean against the wall as it starts to spin around. When it starts going really fast and your pressed against the wall, the chair things that your leaning on move up. It was really cool. Half the fun was watching the kids on the other side of room how they would turn themselves upside down and get stuck against the wall like that. Some of them would also sit diffrent ways. It was really fun. You had to almost peel yourself off the wall afterwards because the ride made you feel so heavy. It was wicked. My mom says that was the funnest ride she has been on since she went to disney land when she was 17.

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