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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heartfelt Letter to a Friend.
Well, last night I spent almost an hour writing a letter to a friend back in my old city. It wasn't your avarage letter. I have been trying to be more open with my feelings lately, so I filled it with all of that. I told her how a new friend of mine (see last post) said she was going on a trip for the week when we had something planned and then I saw her at the fair in the middle of the week. I also told her about the strong feelings I had for this young man right before I left. I always regreted that he never got to know how much I really cared about him, so I asked her to tell him for me. It doesn't really matter that he knows right now, since it won't make any difference anyways. Chances are I will never see him again.

I hate Irony. The first guy I strong feelings for (some could even call it love) and he starts to show intrest in me and I go off and move. I wish I could forget his face, but I can't. I see it almost every time I close my eyes. I still care about him very very much, and I hope he is happy. I pray that he is happy.

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