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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Whao I haven't posted in forever. Sorry but i will try and post on Myo everyonce in a while for updates but i'm not going to make it an everyday thing anymore. I'm just to busy.

But I will post updates about battle of the bishies when I work out the bugs (i mean it)

*huggles to everyone*

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Celabrate good times come on!!!!

Yeahha! I finally got a job! Yooohhooooo!!!! I get to start tomorrow and I'm so excited if not a little nevous about it. It will be my real first job out in the big bad world. *dreamy eyes* I will finaly be able to save up enought money and live out my childhood dream of getting a play station. You know, I've always wanted once since I was like eight! Finally, in a few weeks, it will be in my hot little hands along with the new Final Fantasy VII Game: Druige of Celebrace. Yes! I can't wait!

I also dreamt of a really hot Asian guy that worked at a video store (but not in real life >.<). Too bad. He was hot and sexy.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. BlueHawk comment on my last post. God....I haven't seen him online for like yeah a year? Has it really been that log. Gosh, I'm getting old....Well don't worry BlueHawk, I'll comment on your site and add you again. ^^

An another thing...Why the hell can't I see my ranking?!?!?!?!

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