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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

   Ladi ladi la.... Me and my play....
Greetings beautiful people! Not much going on here at the moment. Tonight, my mom said I could take pictures at her meeting tonight and she will pay me for it. I took picktures for her a few months ago but they turned out all blurring so she's going to let me try again.

I'm quiet excited about tomorrow. I'm in another play for the spring time (I Play Helena in a Midsummers Nights Dream) and there is this really cute guy there who plays Lysander that I'm getting to know. He's such a doll and so talented too. It was his birthday yesterday so I got him this cool card with two eagles in the snow that I'm going to give to him. Surpisingly enough, him and I are going to be seeing quiet a bit of each other. I just joined a teen book club that his mother runs thats going to be every wendsay starting next week and we already see eachother every thrusday for rehursal. Not to mention the derictor of the play (pardon my spelling) his having us meet next saterday so we can all get to know each other better. I'm really happy about this. My Tarot readings say that If i'm strong and go after what I want, then great things will happen in a relationship that I will have with someone. :D That's pretty cool to know.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

   Falling Into The Sky: Cloud Wallpaper
ĎEllow people! My newest wallpaper is finished. I actually made it upon request from Death-T2 when she saw a siggy version that I made of it and wanted me to turn it into a layout for my site. (The siggy is below). Here is the link:

"Falling Into The Sky - Final Fantasy: Advent Children"

The Siggy Version (It looks a little pink because of my site background):

Please download the wallpaper and comment on it!

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Monday, February 6, 2006

My my my...
I haven't posted for a while have I? Eh...the same thing happend last here. For some reason, from December to about sometime in Febuary, I just don't feel like posting. Anyways, I'm going to try to get back into the hang of things. I will get to everyeone's sites today and check my guest book. ^_^ Thanks again for vistiting.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My god, no one commented yesterday. 0_0 I know I haven't been posting that much but you guys don't have to leave all together.
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Hello people. Well, the power didn't stay out long the other day. Thank ra they only turned off the power in part of the house. We also got our new kitchen cabnets put in the other day. You can tell by now that we are remodleing our kitchen. Today my dad is putting in some new lights.

*bangs head on computer* It's bad enought I have a headach but now my sisters little twin friends are coming over. I call them the Chaos Twins. They are a pain because they are so loud.

Ok, i'm done ranting and raving. Now to vistit all your sites. Later!

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Quick post
Hello people. Only a quick post today. I just when online to check some rpgs and email because I have a feeling that my dad is going to turn off the power today because he has a guy (his cusin actrually, pardon the spelling) that he is paying to come over and rewire our new kitchen. So I might not get to anyones sites today but I really will try if the power is back this afternoon. Sionara!
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Thursday, January 5, 2006

   The Summery of the past issues and of my absence.
Alrighty here as whatís been going on. A few weeks ago (about Dec. 22) me and my mom got into a big fight. I mean the mother of all fights, yeah, we had it. One thing happened after another. First I lost my computer because I didnít want to get off at the new earlier time she had set for my computer curfew. So then she took away my computer. She then went down to my room and not seeing that it was clean, she took my cable away so I had no TV. Then I lost my bathroom too. My mom said that I was being a selfish little brat and didnít need to have all the nice things I had until I could learn to be a nicer person to the family and help out around the house without complain.

Alright, so things where looking bad then, but they get worse. Later that night I wrote my mom a note saying that I wanted to see a counselor. This made her shoot though the roof. That night she came into my room and said that if I was going to act like a troubled teen then I could just sleep with her on the couch until we handled things out myself (I would have to cough up all the money to see counselor if I wanted to go.)

I started striating up after that. Within the week, I got everything but my computer back but now after another week of well behavior, I got that back too but only in the afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00. I still have to sleep with my door open though and I can only close it when I get dressed.

The funny part is that my mom said if I start feeling extremely depressed not to tell her about it and just call a teen help hotline. ^^íí

I have still been feeling rather depressed lately though even though things have been worked out so far. Iím working hard to fix that though and try to meet someone in my life and makes some new friends. Itís really hard but right now only time can tell. My mom did get me some nice ďDating guideĒ books and a journal for new years that also has a lot of Self-Esteem exercises that Iím sure will help me out as well. ^_^

P.S. Thanks for all the new years and holiday greetings you sent me! *huggles* Thanks!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

   I'm baaaack!
Hello people! Yes I know you missed me over the holidays. Truth is that I got in big trouble and was grounded for most of the holidays, but it turned out alright in the end. I can't post very much right now because I have to go shopping but I will fill you in on very thing tomorrow afternoon when I post again (I will only be posting in after noons now instead of mornings, part of the sentence).

Anyho, I hope you all like my new Sanzo theme. I was just playing around with a in Photoshop backing a Sanzo background and I came up with this one by mistack. :P lol.

Bye for now and Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 16, 2005

   ^_^ My day yesterday. Very Intresting but also pretty good.
Thank you everyone for you comments the other day. Iím really going to try to open up more. Also, you donít have to really worry about me hurting myself. I donít like the sight of my own blood. 0_0 Iím chicken but I guess thatís a good thing. ^_^

Also, thanks for the offer Rachel, but my mom would kill me if I called anyone long distance that she didnít know herself.

Interesting night last night. My dad one some kind of free dinner catering from Saladmaster, so we had this lady come over and cook for us. It was pretty good food. Great potatoes and good salad. It would have been perfect too if she didnít keep rattling on about how great her pans where. Feel free to come over and cook for me anytime, just donít try and sell me something. >.< I do have to hand it to this lady. She could make some mean food. She even made a stove top cake that had all these vegetables in it. She put in a half a thing of cake mix and the rest was eggs, cabbage, radishes, onions, apples, carrots, cucumber and celery with a raspberry toping. It was pretty good actually. It had and interesting texture, kinda like a pudding cake, but you didnít taste any of the vegetables.

Also, I watched the end of the D*N*Angel series in Japanese. It was so good! The anime was quiet as good as the manga because they rushed a lot of things, but the last 4episodes where the very best because not only did it wrap up the end of the Ice and Snow story, (so different then what you thought it would be) but also the conclusion of the creation of Dark and Krad. That was the very best. I canít wait to see how the manga tells that side of the story.

Because of popular request, I will post the code (link actrually for the code) for the falling snowflakes. ^_^ I know some of you wanted to know where I got them.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Not much going on today either. I'm a little depressed though. I have been lately. *sigh* good things finals are finally over, maybe I can pick myself up and cheer up. I really have been thinking about calling one of those teen help hotlines since I really don't have anyone to talk to about all my personal feelings. The truth is though, I'm kinda afraid. I have a very hard time talking to people. Writing is so much easier but it isn't going anywere fast. I still can't seem to get all my feelings out. Maybe it's because I really don't have someone there that I truely trust to listen. I'm hoping when I get a job and go to work in january, I will finally have someone I can talk to. At least I will be around people...and that's what I really want right now. Not to be alone all the time. Maybe have a friend.
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