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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ok, here are some questions I was asked yesterday and some answers.

dark angel 2009: YAY good for you! what language do you originally speak??

Me: Good question. I speak english, bad english and redneck english. Ah...you gotta love those rednecks.

Death T-2: Too cool indeed! though, are all your noteboks labeled in Japnese?! Mine are! 8D

Me: Not currently, but it does have all kinds of Japanese trascripting I was doing last night. Some friends names, household objects and YGO character names. I also have Sanzo on the cover of one of my notebooks. :D

Tanita: cool. anyway i love the new layout. Is the game good?

Me: Yes very good. I will see if I can post some screen shots tomorrow.

Well, I would like to post more, but I have to leave for Japanese class in a few mins. I really can't wait for todays class because I have a few questions to ask my sensi about trascripting (traslating Japanese Rooma-ja words into Japanese text). I will try to scan and post some of my writings later. Last night I trascripted: Ryo Bakura in Higiana, Katana (don't know how those are spelled) and I also did Yami No Bakura and Yami No Yuugi. It's pretty cool. Got to run. Later!

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