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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Todays been alright.

Last night we got the 3 cheese stuffed crust from Pizza Hut,ooo it was delicious!!^^I only got one slice left though T_T.

Anyways it really hurts to type now,cause Megs freakin devil dog bit me on my left pointer finger!!She's just a toy poodle but trust me she's evil,truth be told I can't even feel my finger now.....which aint good O.o .

So here's a random question:

We all have a favorite shedule of shows to watch.What's your shedule and day it comes on??

My day would have to be Saturday.First Spongebob comes on for an hour,then Fairly Odd Parents for an hour,then of course,Yu-Gi-Oh for an hour!!^^

Well it's almost time for a new hour of Yu-Gi-Oh!!^^See ya guys later!!^^


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