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Monday, May 9, 2005


Lol testin table boxes here.I used to know HTML so well lol but afetr I quit Neopets it all kinda went down the tube XD.

Anyways today was actually alright,went by a bit slow,but nothin out of the normal.

Anyways we have the day off from school tomorrow!!^^For one of the most highly celebrated holidays in these here Southern parts lol,Confederate Memorial Day!!^^
Of course my dad is celebrating seeing as he is a Confederate Reenactor ^^.I'll probably be all happy and full of pride lol.

I'm almost done with LA project also. Out of 9 chapters I've finally made it to Chapter 7!!I also found out I've typed more than anyone on the whole team with 18 pages and 6,613 words!!^^ Typing rocks!!XD

Lol anyways random question:

Pancakes or Waffles??

I'd have to say Pancakes,I just like em better.Plus on Gaia Online, I'm known as Fruity Pancakes!!XD


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