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Monday, February 25, 2008

   Visa Application Pending

Current Mood: Stressed, Confused, A little Angry And disappointed

Hey all..Lol well as you all can see im not gone yet....Well today i went for my last interview for that job in the states...I saw the American Consalite today..And for some odd reason my application for my visa is on a Pending state...I mean what a hell...They said their gonna call me in a weeks time...So i said okay its fine...But if they dont call me im gonna call them and askes them what is going on becuase there was this guy called Nicolas and he was approved with out all this shit i have to go thru..I mean i really need this job..If i dont get it im F**ked sorry for the word guys i never use that word thats why ive added the **...But making a long story short i really hope i get this Bloody job...

Well i dont have much time i just have to go do something..Make i few phone calls to find out what a hell is going on....Well cheers guys...Hugs


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Friday, February 22, 2008

   Visa Approval..^^

Hey everyone..First of all i just want to thank my good friend DaFeather..Thanks for everything your a great friend...And Have you guys been great?..Sorry im not on much guys..I hope you all understand...Its just im so busy with this new job thing i got that i dont have much time to be online...

And guess what my Visa has been approved..So i'll be in the States in the next 2 weeks...Wii im very excited and a bit nervous too..hehe butterflies in the stomach kinda feeling....Lol

And i'll be taking my digital Camara with me so i'll take alot of photos..Hehe..I love camaras maybe becuase i was a model some time ago...But i love posing infront of the Camara...hehe

Well i dont have much time now...Sorry guys..Oh and i will go for my last interview on monday...I have to see the American Embassies due to they will be the ones who will give me my visa..Hehe

Well see ya guys later...Much Love....


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   Hey Everybody

Hey All how have you guys been..Sorry im so quiet guys i just have so many thing to do now i cant even think...I resigned at my current job...Becuase i'll be on my way to the States in aproximitly 16 days so that falls on the 7Th of March 2008...

I will miss you all so much..There is a way to reach me..I will have to buy a new phone when i get there...Becuase the one i have now wont work there becuase its works on the south african networks only...I can call you guys but i wont ask for your numbers..Reason: Becuase i dont know how you guys feel about giving out your numbers...So if you want to or not want to its fine both ways...I will miss you guys so much and this site as well...But like i said to (Dafeather) i will try my best to log in when i get there in the states..I will search for a internet Cafee or if i struggle to find one i'll just ask....Remember guys i wont be gone...Most of you i know are Americans so i'll be there..You Just have to come to Miami,FL i'll be there....

Well luckily everything is done so i just have to wait to go..I Already paid for my Visa and passport.. I paid $131 fo the visa (American Dollars) so everything is done and ready...I just waiting to get paid so that i can exchange our money into dollars...I will be getting R3400 and when i will be exchanging it i will get about 420 Dollars out..I already have $20 so i will survive easy peasy there....Well i got to go..See ya guys tomorrow....See ya ..Much Love...


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   Hey everyone

Hey all good news..I have that Job In the States...But there is just one thing im unhappy about..I wont be able to log one for 10 months becuase im gonna work to hard..They said im gonna work 24 hour shifts...So i told them thats not a problem becuase im used to that....

And i found out which state im gonna be working in..And its Miami FL..So i'll be working there..And com by i will be happy to see you guys in person...Im looking forward to it...Im gonna be working in Amusement Parks so yeah it wont be to hard to find me....I dont know when my flight is so yeah im waiting for that..Oh and luckily i already have $20 with me...I just have to exchange our money in dollars...They say i need a minimum of $100 to survive the first 10 days before i get paid...Is it really that cheap there??..I mean with a 100 buck you wont even survive 2 days here...Well any way im on my way guys....And for those who cant read my post i'll just pm this post to them...^^..They can reply as a comment if they want to..^^

Well cheers guys i hope you all the best...Hugs..


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   Problem Fixed..Thanks to (DaFeather)..Oh and new art too

Hey guys..How is all of you doing...Valentines day Good so far???Well mine sucks hehe..But hey its all good..Im not complaing...

Guess what guys i finally faound the problem..Actually My good Friend (DaFeather) did...Thanks DaFeather your such a great friend...I just wonder why i havent thought of it....Ah well i guess i just have to much on my mind lately..Thats probably the reason....

Well lets get to the point....How many of you have Firefox???It looks like my site's post doesnt show in Internet exslorer...Which is weird becuase i havent got this problem in the past..And im a memeber for more then a year now....Agg i dont know...

Well DaFeather said it can be cuase of the Browser and ahes right...I dont know how many of you Use Firefox or Internet Exsplorer but looks like Internet Ex doesnt work on my site....

Well know you guys know why you cant see my posts...I will PM you all tonight or tomorrow to tell you this for those who cant see my post..Besides those wont even be able to read this so i dont know why i said it here..But ahh well just to make sure...

Oh and i have a new drawing up...It will be available in a few hours or so...Hehe see ya..Hugs to ya all..


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   Valentines Day..Wiiiii (Sarcasm)

Hey Everyone how is everybody..Hope good...Well with me it has its up and downs..More downs then ups that is..But hey im still here..Hehe

Well tomorrow is valentines day guys...Are you guys ready for it....??Of course you guys are...Well since im single any of you wantes to be my Valentine???

Well i dont have any more news so im gonna cut this post short...I just have a whole lot of stress now due to this new job and my current one..Sometimes i just wish i were still in school...You dont have this shit Called (Stress) on your hands when your still in school...Just doing your homework is all stress you have....

See ya guys later...Hugs


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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   Hey i fixed my site..>_

Hey everyone how are you guys doing??Hope good..Well one good thing i can think of right now is i fixed my site...I hope you all can see my post now...I worked on HTML codings the whole damn night..LOl its such a time taking process..

And Another thing im happy about is the fact that its finally freakin' weekend...Last week at work was hell...But hey i manage to pull thru..Hehehe..

Well other then this theres not much news exsept i must get my passport next week and go for another appointment before im %100 approved but will be approved i know it...Well guys i will keep you guys updated about this new Job i got...And who know maybe i'll see most of you in person there..Life has a way of surprising people..Well later guys..Big hugs....^^..Oh and before i forgot i have a new drawing up..Any way here's the link..^^



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Thursday, February 7, 2008

   Hey Guys..I got fired

Hey all how are ou guys doing..Well with me good and not good...Which one do you guys want to hear first??The good or the bad??Hehe..Well i'll decide for you guys then..Okay lets see..MMM..(Good first)

Okay some of you guys already know that i got a job in the States for 10 months...Okay guess what^^Im approved i got it..Wiii..How ever i dont know the exact date when my Flight is but i will find that out next week...They said the pay isnt good but thats the least of my worries i dont even worry or think about that...I will earn $275 a week which isnt much..But im not going for the money im going for the oppertunity..Every dollar i make there is just a bonus..I will even work for free there..I dont know in what state i will be working in..Maybe New york, Cali, Texas, Or Florida but that can even be other i didnt even mentioned now..It can be any of the 49 states i dont know but since texas is the second biggest State i think its a 80% change i might work there...

Well for the Not so good one..My boss just fired me becuase he found out that i looked for another job...I mean what a hell is he thinking i just looked for a better oppertunity..Besides for the pay i get here at the moment is very low...I cant make a life out of 3200 bucks a month..And remember guys..We dont work in Dollars..Its (Rand) so that means the rand is way weaker againts the Dollar..7 of our rands goes into one American Dollar not to mention the Canadian dollar..I told Juhan to day and asked him.."Juhan if you were in my Shoes wouldnt you done the same thing?"

You know what he said!!!He said no i wouldnt..I mean your young for only one time in your life and your not getting younger..Not by far.He is so unfair against me and my two brothers...So you i'll just have to work a month at Juhan becuase thats what my contract says...After that im on my way to the States...

Oh and my dad is back home..He came the day before yesterday so yeah thats another good thing im happy about...Well this post is getting to long i dont want you guys to read all night..So i'll post more information tomorrow...See ya guys later..Hugs


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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   Hey Guys

Hey everyone i hope your all good..^^Well i fixed my site...I thought about getting rid of all that HTML crap i put into my (Post Styles) section...So hopefully you all will be able to see my post again...I done some research and that was the theme i used that made my post like that...How ever my post looked fine for me i could see it perfectly...Well any way as you can see my site is plain and simple now...I just might change the colours a little to make the stuff better to read for you guys..So you dont have to highlight it to be able to read it...

Well just to let you know guys you dont have to worry that i wil delete this account becuase that will never happen...I have to many friends here that i may never find again so that wont be wise to delete my account...Besides i dont want to be an Otakuiate Again....

Any way heres the reasons i made the other account..

1)Made it becuase i needed to fix this one..
2)While im fixing my account i still want to be in conntact with you guys...
3)Hust becuase i thought ahh What a hell "Lets make a new one instead"

But anyway guys let me know if you cant see my post please...Hugs^^ you guys are the greatest...


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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Hey all everyone been good??Hope so..^^Hehe..Well i applied for my passport so i just have to wait 2 moths for my first one and 10 working days for my second...

I may leave sooner then i thought so yeah i just have to see first...And my dad is coming home as well..His coming just for 10 days and then he will be going back to Iraq..But 10 days is better then nothing..Atleast i will be seeing him for a week and a half...

The only thing i feel really sad about is leting my current boss down..I really dont want to lett him down but i cant let this oppertunity pass by..I made that mistake before and i dont want to do that again..I have a second chance on this job im taking now so i wont blow it..I will earn about $275 a week which is not much but i dont care about that at all i just want the oppertunity..

Ok see ya guys later...Hugs


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