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Werner <br />
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every one.My real name is Werner and i have Gold/green eyes and brown hair.im
quite a big anime fan.i've been drawing for 4 years on and of.but i'f you count
it together maybe 1 year.but yeah i really enjoy drawing.i'm 21 years old living
in pretoria south africa.ok some people did say i'm to old for anime but who
cares.its something i really enjoy doing and it keeps me busy when i'm bored
witch happens alot when i'm not at work.lol.if your interested please visit my
web site at Elioenai all of my
drawings are free hand drawn and not done with photoshop or any other draw or
graphic program.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015


Anyone still use MyO? Agh what am I saying? of course not...I miss this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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