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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

   Hey everyone ^_^ One pic up

Hello all my otakuian friends how are you guys...Well with me its going ok..^^'..

Well its still raining all week long..And yesterday we had a hurricane..Alot of trees has fallen over by the strong winds..Its kind of weird becuase we donr get Hurricanes here in Africa just sand storms in the desert and sometimes in the cities but thats about it...

And yesterday there was also massive thunder storms as well...A few trees has been hit by lightning...Let me tell ya that trees is gone the whole tree is hit to the ground there is nothing left of it...And one guy was playing Golf and was also hit by a lightning and yeah he didnt make it...I doutb that he even felt anything..Poor guy...

Well any way we suspect alot more storms so yeah im used to thunderstorms we get ugly ones here....Well other then that i just drew a pic for all of you guys...I spent +- 6 hours on it due to all the different pincils i used....They are : H, HB, 3H, 4H, 2B and 7B...Well i hope you like it guys..Its one of my best pics i did since i started drawing 3 years ago...

Well like i said Request are always open..My Request doenst close so you have all the time in the world to ask for one^^..Well im now a little short on time so i'll see ya guys later..*Hugs*


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Sunday, October 7, 2007

   Hey everybody...One new drawing up..

Hey all how are you guys doing today?Hope good...Well i am officially half way with all my requests and stuff..I just finished a request i had to draw for (RikuisHot) hope you like it Julie^^ It should be up in a few hours i hope...If it dont show heres the link


Any how ive just joined this site called Elfwood do you guys know it? It is a art site just like this one it has 25000 artists and over a 1000 galleries of art..Quite big if you ask me^^...I actually knew about the site before i found this one..But i couldnt join becuase you have to write a test first...Im not in school anymore..^^ Well i just visit the site again and saw that its not like that anymore...^^' So i joined and try to add some drawings up and then i didnt find any Upload options..I mean i looked everywhere..How the Hell do they upload their stuff then...?? O_o'..

So then i go and contact the admin and ask him/her or them to tell me how do i upload art...O___O'....But yeah they didnt replied yet so i just wait and see what answer they will give me...

Well other then that my day was ok..Im currently listening to a song called (Your My Mate) By Right said fred..I love this song..Its one of my favourites..Well this is about all i have for today.Well see ya guys later..Cheers..^^


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Saturday, October 6, 2007

   Hey Everyone..One drawing up^_____^

Hey all how are you all doing today...Hope good...Well im fine ive just been drawing all day..I just finished 2 of the 6 drawings...Weee im almost half way...I have just submitted a new drawing today..Its a drawing for Emmah i made for her as a birhtday pic...Im not really happy how it came out but it will do i guess...^^ How ever its the thought that counts right??^^

Well i was supposed to go to the shooting range today with my dad and two brothers but we didnt becuase its raining the whole week now..I rains and stop rains and stop for like 8 days now...Weird weather-___-'

Well any way guys thats about it...I cant wait for December Vacation then its party time..LOL..No work and all play^^ *Smiles*
Well have a great day guys and take care..Bye


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Friday, October 5, 2007

   Hey Everyone

Hey all how are you guys...Well me just busy or yet again..(Going to be) LOL..Well nothing really happened today at work the day felt like a week today..But any way Here is the drawings i have to do this week..

They are:

A) A birthday pic for (Emmah)..In (working progress)

b) A birthday Pic for (Maybe.Memories) Starts tomorrow

c) Birthday pic for (Cesteel) Starts tomorrow

d) Art request from (Rikuishot) Any anime Character

e) An Art trade with (Flanky-and Fun) No information on the pic yet..

f) An Art trade with (kakashi Lover7573) Sonya

Ok so this is all..If you have a request please tell me now..See ya guys later..Bye


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Thursday, October 4, 2007

   G-Day all how are you all doing?? One new drawing

Hey everyone how are you guys today..Hope good...Well my day was ok..Looks like things are getting better at work and home and stuff..^^

How ever my dad doesnt have a job yet but he'll get one...Well nothing really happend today that are worth talking about...Exept my cousin cant stop taking about his new Girlfriend...His like a little kid that just got a new toy...I mean he speaks about her every 2 munites heck it isnt even every 5 munites...I never saw her in person before so i dont know what kind of person she is...But any way im happy for him..Im glad he finally got someone in his life...Now its just me..I need someone too but im not in a very big hurry to get someone...I'll wait^^ there is plenty of time..^^

Well thank you all so much for all the comments i really appriciate it..Your guys rock my socks off..LOL..Oh and ive drew a new pic today..How many of you are Kakashi fans??..Its is a request for kakashi-18...I kind of like how it came out...Well see ya guys later...Im short on time again...Man i dont even have time for myself in the week...But i will always make time for you guys...^^Well see ya guys later..(Hugs)Cheers


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Monday, October 1, 2007

   Aww thanks Guys

Aww thank you guys so much for all your comments...You guys are so awesome^^(Hugs)..Wel this is just a quick post to tell you guys about my day...

Well as usual it didnt go well...Things are still harsh and all...My dad havent found a new job yet..But im not worring about that becuase he will get one...Even know work is very rare here in Africa..All the african countries are like that.. the country (Zimbawe) is the worse (Namibia) is ok (Botswana) is too...That is the 3 countries above mine..Im not sure about the other 51 countries here In Africa..But my dad will get a new job im possitive...He got a job oppertunity in the other African countries like (Tanzania) it right Below (Kenya) But i dont know what happend there..I think theres a reason he didnt go i dont know...Lol a few months ago a guy from (Egipt) wanted to sell carppets to us and my dad sain no thanks...He asked 800 bucks for one..Man his crazy..The carppet isnt even big.....But any way i hope all of you will have a wonderful day/night..Bye

P.S Oh and please sign my Guest map if you have the time please..LOl..Thanks..(Hugs)


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Sunday, September 30, 2007

   Hey Guys..

Good day everyone how are you all this sunday?..Im fine but im not happy the weekend is over for me...Time at work runs so slow but when im at home it goes by so fast...

Well yesterday while helping my boss we saw a big swarm of bees on the wall...We tried to pass them but they are to aggresive...The even attacked our car...One of them stang me on the arm...Bloody bees i hate them...And when we tried to get out of the car my brother had a suggestion..So he get out and gone to his car to get some gasoline...Ok everbody knows bees dont like smoke..So he starts the car and when he start it suddenly there was flames everywhere..The car was on fire...I was like...*Get some water quick* And after that we killed the flames...My brother had some minor burns but not to seriously...His shirt burned bad but luckily it isnt his skin...I mean wow the car almost said "kaboom"..if that happend then i wouldnt be here typing this Post..O_o'Becuase i was standing right next to the car..^^'

well that is over luckily...Any way ive added a new drawing as well...Its a request for (Innocent Heart)...Its another colour drawing...It took me a little longer then i thought but it cam,e out outstandingly good...I hope you guys and she will love it...Well nothing happened today i was drawing the whole day...I have to draw another pic tonight...Well see ya guys later and take care..(Hugs)


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Saturday, September 29, 2007

   Hey everybody...Thanks for all the comments

Hey all thak you so much for all the comments you guys gave me...The other theme i had was fualty i saw that in the codings...

Well i just came home...Its 7:46Pm..I had to help my boss to move his stuff..His moving out..He said he had enough of his mothers crap...Well im not blaming him she is a little harsh...

Well i ve just submitted a new drawing..Its a birthday pic i made for Angelxkisses...Sorry i coudnt post earlier but i wasnt here....My boss called unsuspected so i had to go and help him out..Well see ya guys later....And have a great day further...(Hugs)


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Friday, September 28, 2007

   Good Day all^^

Hey everybody how are all of you this Friday...Wow i cant believe its friday again...Well its actually almost saterday but its still friday^^

Well with me is not going so good..Things at work isnt going well...I almost didnt get a paycheck today because there isnt any money to get paid...The reason is becuase our clients isnt paying us...So its a little hectic...We cant buy new stock becuase our suppliers havent got stock...Lol thats so weird O_o' I dont know why but i found that quite funny...My brother asked me what is so funny and i said well this disaster that is going on is funny...He thinks im crazy or needed to see a doctor or something...o_o

Well there is always a thing like faith becuase i know everything will be great again...The one thing ive learned in life is not to stress because if you do stress that wont help you any way....Someone asked me once i dont know who it was but he/she asked me.."Do you have any stress in life? And i said no i dont...The person said how can that be possible...And i said "Stress is a mind sett And it wont help to stress about everything becuase it wont help.. It only makes everything worse and on top of all it gives you a headache...

Well beside my woderfully hectic day...lol..I am curently busy with the following:

1)A birthday pic for Angelxkisses
2)A request for Innocent Heart
3)A birthday pic for Emmah

Hopefuly it will all be finished this weekend so i have alot of work to do since my pics i do takes between 3 and 9 hours to draw..Depends on how much detail there is in it..But all my pics are very detailed so yeah..LOL...Well this was my interesting day guys...Lol^^ May you guys have a way better day then me..Im hoping that^^ (Hugs)


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

   Hey all

Hey everybody..I just want to add a quick post..I posted my old theme back..i see this is the only theme that works the best for me on here...Can you guys see my posts??..Becuase some of you said you can see my posts??? O_o'...Well thats all^^ Im kind of in a hurry..Sorry ill check back soon..Bye (hugs)


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