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Monday, January 7, 2008

   Hey everyone

Hey People how are you peeps today??..With me well good...First day at work wasnt that bad for a start...Just have alot of work but im used to that...

And mommy bought my younger brother a new car today..And my big bro also get one later..^^..I dont get one but thats ok i'll rather buy my own one someday.Just not now i dont have the amount now..LOL.I always get less then my two bro's but im happy for them..I'll rather see them happy..thats all that matters to me...Lol weird how my personality are i rather see someone els happy then myself...Mmm wonder if thats a good thing??..Oh well i feel so happy for them...They deserve it...

Little bro's car cost 54 000
and big bro's will be near that im not sure..Mayby a little less i think..But same car..

Well other then that nothing more exiting happened..Just a little unhappy becuase my boss is going through a hard time with his mom..Wish i could help him through...:(..*Sigh*

Well thanks for all the comments guys you all are the best..Hugs to you all..^^Well i'll be online for a while if anyone wants to chat^^..well see ya all later...Kisses

Oh and have you guys listened to the song on my site yet??Lol of course you have cuase its on auto play.LOl sorry stupid Question..I love that song...Just becuase i love the ruthem that much..And becuase the girls voice is cute..Along with the song its self..^^Teee...


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Sunday, January 6, 2008

   Grrrr back to work...

Hey everyone how are you guys doing??Well tomorrow is back to work again..Man i hate it..18 to 24 hour shifts again..I can take it any more..Im looking for a new job as we speak..Just hoping i'll get one..But hey time will tell evenually...*Grin*

Well ive added a new drawing yesterday i forgot to tell you guys about it...Sorry about that...You can say i was in a world of my own yesterday..I usually are...It annoys the crap out of my mom and dad...My Bro's too...When they ask me something im just like..Huh??

Well i dont have really any news exept my Bird is gone..It flew away...Someone left his case open...Ag well i hope he comes back soon...I miss you Charley..Lol thats his name...Well i'll see ya Guys later then...Hugs


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Saturday, January 5, 2008


You Guys know what worries the Living Shit out of me??..Well is the Fact that everone wants to leave the Otaku..Ok not everyone but ive seen alot of people that wants to leave and who already left...Like Cosmic-Angel for example..She deleted her site..I mean What a Hell...What will the Otaku be if everyone is Gone??

I cant even imazine what i'd do if all of you are gone..o_O'..Well if that happens i just might as well delete my Account as well...Becuase you guys are the only reason im here...^^

Version Vibrant is almost here and the site will be much better...I just hope the site will be more alive then..Becuase for the past week or weeks the site is just,How can i put it "Like a empty whole becuase noone is on"...

Well i hope for the best...Oh and i have submitted a new pic today but i dont know when the bloody thing will be up...Its taking forever to show...Well i really hope all of you will stay guys dont leave...Hugs


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Friday, January 4, 2008

Mood: Frustrated and forgotten

Hey everyone..Well i have no news today so this post is gonna be really short...Oh i have a chatter box up if anyone is interested to chat with me there...Well see ya guys later...Hugs

Here is Some questions for you guys:

1)Ever tried to colour a pic without drawing the lines first And then draw the lines afterwards?

2)Ever tried to Sneeze with your eyes open?

3)Why is it not cold when it snows but cold after it snowed?

4)How can indian people walk over red hot coals but can be bured with fire easily..Isnt it the same thing??

5)Why did people think the earth is flat??

6)How came everyone always talk about a car as a she but not a He and why is always guys who said that??

7)What would the world be if everyone had the same interests or Like the same Guy or Girl??...

Ok lets see who can answer this one..

8)Why is that when something travels at a high speed in space it setts on fire but if you look out a window of a car a 200Miles per hour the wind is cold??

Haha im bored guys that figures huh^^


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Thursday, January 3, 2008

   Early morning

Hey Guys..Well just a quick post before i step into dreamland...LOl wel its curently 1Am and so here i am typing a post..

Today my and my brother went to take his car for a wash...After that i got myself some new cd's..Casacada's new album and Cover2Cover volume 6, 8, And 9 and a album of Right Said Fred...Soo yeah i got some new music..I was so sick of the music i had..I listened them about 100 times over and over...

Well thanks for those who commented on my last post..Even if i only got 2 comments but thats ok...Im not gonna grumbel over it..So thanks guys...Well im getting really tired now so i'll better go to bed now before i fell asleep infront of my computer...Cheers guys..Hugs^^


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   Hello People

Hey guys how are you all today??Hopfully good...Well with me ok...I gone to bed early yesterday....Oh and i have some new drawings up guys..Their up if any of you are interested to take a look...

Yesterday my brother got him a new car again...Hey sold his old one and got a new one...I dont understand why he sold it so quick but yeah..At least his happy with this one....Well i dont have much news today since nothing really happed yesterday..Everyone is resting after the new year's parties and stuff like that...Well i got to go see ya all later..Big hugs^^


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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

   Hey everyone second part of my post

Hey guys here is the second part of my post..I wanted to post the whole thing but it would get to long...So i decided to post the first half and the second half today...^^

Well i just answered all my Pms i got from you guys..Yes all 41 of them..LOL..I also have new art i want to put on today so i'll tell you guys when it will be up...

Ok further info im my trip...So when we got there i firstly took a shower there becuase i was all sticky and i felt dirty..So we gone and took a shower and then i noticed that we were showering under Salty sea water...I was so discusted becuase when i finished i was even more stickier then i was before...I was kinda mad becuase i wanted to get rid of the stickiness...I got sticky at first becuase my cousin spilled coke all over me...But hey it was still fun..

And on the 30th 2 days just before new year me my two brothers and my cousin and one friend went off to the beach and shot some fireworks...LOl we wasnt allowed to but we did it any way...After we shot it the whole army was there..Security guards with guns and stuff was chasing us..lOl it was funny...I wanted to laugh so bad that my eyes was burning it looked like i wroked with onions...My brother almost shit his pants when they came out with all the guns and stuff..Me as crazy as i am thought it was funny...

After that they kicked as out becuase they said we were like little kids how only makes trouble...Then after that we gone to a wonderfull beach party we had to sleep in the car for two days..My one friend got so drunk that he ate some beach sand when he fell in the sand..I laughed so hard..I said to him your such an idiot...Well he didnt even saw new years..He passed out on the beach...His such a retard...poor guy i actually felt sorry for him..Becuase i passed out in the sun and burned pretty badly..I later throw a blanket over him that he cant burn any worse....Well thats about it..the road trips wasnt fun becuase i had car troubles...LOL..Well later guys...Hugs


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Hey im back!!!!

Hey everyone LGA775 is back..LOL..So i hope you all have a great holiday i know i did...And happy new year and late christmas to you all...And thanks for all the Messages guys i really appriciate it...And wow 41 privite messages..Thanks guys..I will reply on all for it tomorrow...

Well about my tip..LOL for a start it was very long and the roads were full...We drove about 7 hours long..Its about 750KM about 500 in miles...But it was great guys..I really needed it...Im just tired now becuase i didnt sleep for about 2 days..Im over m tiredness already which isnt a good thing...But hey i enjoyed it to much to just go to sleep...And i met some new friends there as well..4 lady friends..their names are Renaey, nastasha and i forgot the names of the other 2 lol..The ocean was awesome i just got some heavy burn in the sun but what a hell it was great...I will put some photos up on my official website becuase its will be alot and yeah if you gus are interested to take a look at it please do so....

And thatnks for all your friendship guys im very lucky to have you all...Im also sorry i wasnt on for so long becuase my internet was off of a week before i gone so i couldnt say goodbye to you peeps..But im bck now..And i will be at home for another week so i will be on for hours...Well i got to go now unpack and stuff since i just got here but i will tty guys later...Bloody big guys to you all....And thats for the gifts guys i love them...

Much love

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

   Curently listening to (Simple Plan) I'd do anything

Hey everyone..well firstly thanks for those who commented..I love you guys..^^

Well today was very relaxing..I didnt work today and wont be tommorow or the next day..Or the next or the next and the next..LOL i can go on forever..Well i guees you guys get the piont..Well i'll be working again the 7th january..Wii thats awesome im so happy to have a little time for myself and for you peeps...^^Hugs

well i have added a new drawing..I drew it in a orange pencil..It came out awesome actually..I saw someones on here use only one coloured pencil on her art decided to try it myself....I kind of liked it..I shows the detials so much better then a grey pencils like i usually use..I think my next on will be done in a blue pencil..And then a yellow on..Oh wait a yellow one wolnt be so cool becuase its on white paper..^^LOl i'll use a dark papaer for the yellow pencil....

Well i'll be up tomorrow very early since i cant sleep more then 5 hours a day..I dont use a alarm clock either...So i'll visit you all tomorrow..I will have the whole day to do that...

Well nothing really happened today exept my brothers baught thenselfs a new car...Its their third car this year...I on the other hand dont care about cars that much..I use my feet..Walking is good for you...^^Well thanks for everthing guys..Oh and i will be on till 1Am and be up again at 6 am so you guys wont miss me...If you do i'll probably be asleep...^^Well see ya guys and tkae care..Hugs you all..^^


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Hey Everyone how are you guys..??Lol i always ask that...What im just curious..Lol

Well today wasnt that great for me...I work my butt of once again..And there i thought im finally on vacation...I mean what a hell...I wasnt even supose to work today..But my Bloody freaking boss's mother told us to work....Well all the work is finished now so yeah i can finally rest now...

The passed 10 weeks i didnt even had time to sleep..Its just work work and more bloody work...Sorry for all the Bloody's guys..LOl i hardly used unpleasent languages...But yeah and if that not enough the people cant even make up their minds...And that makes me kinda mad..Becuase i work a whole day on one order and the next second they dont even want it anymore...I mean dont they know their wasting my time?? and when they called and tell me that is was very furious..I almost yelled at the poor lady but i didnt..Im glad through becuase she is older then me...So yeah i was taught to treat older people with respect...

Lol well im donre complaining so yeah^^..Well other then that i just added a new drawing yesterday guys...I forgot to mentioned it in my previous post becuase it wasn't up yet so yeah i figured i'll rather put it up today..Sice my other drawing didnt show...God only know why not..But any way...Just came to say hi guys...And you all are the best friends anyone can ask for...Enven know i never seen any of you face to face..But hey you never know..I may do some day...Well cheers guys...*Hugs*


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