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Thursday, October 25, 2007

   Holy Sh*t

Hey everyone...Wow over 2000 houses in California has been Damaged already and over a Billion dollors of property damage...Wow i feel bad for the people how lives there...(Maybe.Memories) and (Tristan) if you guys get this im sorry you guys are in all that hell...

Any way my dad send us an Email from Iraq he says his protecting a Canadian who's looking for oil...Interesting i didnt know the canadians are in iraq too..I thought its mostly Americans...Well after he emailed us we also called him a few minutes after that...He says its very peaceful there...O_o' Life sure are are full of suprises...Well any way today was like dead..Nothing happed i just worked myself to death thats all....

And i just want to ask you guys if you please will be so kind to visit Bluesen12's contest..She is really stuggleing to find people...If you want information on the contest please contact her at


Thanks guys and have a great day further..Cheers..*Hugs*


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

   Boredness -____-'

Hey everyone..well i have a few hours to comment on all your sites..I guess that should be enough time to comment on you all...

Any way for those of you who lives in California sorry about the fires guys..wow that must suck to live in all the smoke Grrrr i hate smoke....i wonder how it happed??

Well nothing really happen today just work work and more work....Oh and ive just noticed that i have 1007 votes thanks guys you guys rocks...Lol i didnt wtched my portfolio much and thanks for those who commented on my last post and art piece..*Hugs*...Well got to go i have some people to comment..*Looks at watch Tick tick tick*

PS Im upgrading my personal site to a site were members can join and add their art work and stuff just like the Otaku and such sites As Deviant Art and Elfwood...

How ever its gonna take a while to do this...But i wont do this alone..My Webmaster will help me..He is the Adminastrator Of our Server we Bought a sever in the United States...So they Gave us Over 20 Gigabites of Space..Everyone can Join...

Here is some of the Figures:

1)You will Have an Active profile

2)You can add your art Comments and votes will be availible

3)You can add friends send massages..

4)You will have the authorization to post Journals which the member will have the ability to Comment and vote on it...

5)Music on your profile is possible but (Coming soon)

6)Level upgrading will be active..(Name of level still in progress)

7)Profile Avators wil also be available..Size includes 150 X 150 Pix...

8)Im not sure about a GuestBook yet but im working on it...

Ok this is it for now..I will have more information later on..


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Monday, October 22, 2007

Hi Friends

Hey everyone how are you all doing^^??Well yesterday i droped my dad off at the airport...We waited a whole hour just to get throw the gates..Bloody people there refused to help us...Or looks at us as if were crazy or from the planet Zorg..LOl it was funny...

Well nothing much happen exept that ive found a awesome site..I dont know if you guys have heard about it...Its http://www.mangarevolution.com...Well i wish i had time to comment on all your sites today but i promise i will comment on all you guys this weekend...Well see ya peeps later...*Hugs*


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hello guys^^

Hey all how are you all doing..Well im no my way to take my dad to the airport...His leaving for Iraq tonight at 7...Well other then that i have a new drawing up for you guys...Its a request i made for (Emmah) i hope she likes it and so do you guys...

Well i dont have much time i have to go...See ya guys later..Bye..


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

   A decision is a tough thing to make

Hey guys how are you this weekend..And its saterday weee^^..Well luckily i got me keyboard fixed so im happy about that...

And guys i have some news for you guys....My dad is going to Iraq for work...He is so excited about it...Im happy he is going...He is going to iraq to help the American soldiers out...But his not alone he is taking some friends with him...

He is going to the southern part of iraq to the security area to provent all unauthorized persons to enter the country...But he will be fine there i know it^^

Well other then that yesterday was ok luckily we are on date again with all our work..So thats good...We had a massive thunder storm again with hael and stong winds...I love thunder storm...Sometimes i lay on my bed and listen to the thunder...A few years ago there was such a loud thunder strike the our windows of our home broked...

Oh and before i forgot..I may have a new job starting next week..But its not official yet and i kind of having second thoughts about this becuase i dont want to let my boss down..He is such a nice person and also my friend..It would be a shame to let him down...And the payment of this job is more then twice the amount of what i get now..But i still have second thoughts...I dont care what the payment is..Friendship is worth more the that..But anyway i'll follow my heart and let it lead me to the right decision...God knows best..Well have a great day guys..Im off to comment on all of you who updated..I did after all said i promiss right..^^Cheers guys..*Hugs*

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

   Im Fed up

Hey guys how are you peeps doing?Sorry im not on much...But My keyboard is broken LOL...the m.z.c.v And enter buttons doesnt work So its a little hard to comment and stuff...I must copy and paste the letters to be able to write a word probably..Oh and my (.) button doesnt work as well *Sigh*

Oh and i have a new drawing up the reason the paper is so dark is because Lol its dark paper what can i say...Sorry for the dark paper guys^^'

well i promise i will comment all you guys this weekend...See ya guys latter *Hugs*


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Monday, October 15, 2007

   Good Day Guys^^Evening for me

Hey all what's up..Well with me im dead tired..I worked a 14 hour shift again...*Roles eyes*..I woke up at 2AM in the morning and worked till 4PM...I slept a little after coming from work...But i first visited a few of you guys and then the rest after i woke up again i promised i would visit you peeps in my previous post...I havent began with the rest of all your request yet Guys...Sorry i just want to tell you guys that...I tried my best to draw after i got home but i was so tired i couldnt focus right..I still have to draw that pic for Bluesen12'S contest since i see i dont have much time left...I hope i make it in time...

I still cant believe its still raining..Its weird its raining for almost a month now...I think it will for the next month..Wow it feels like im living in England Or Scottland....

Well im not gonna write a long post..I just posted to say im happy to know you guys and you peeps must have a great day further...I have to go..Im seeing two screens not one..It feels like im not drugs or something..Heck im suprised my post makes sence..Well to me that is..I have to know you guys's oppinions..Cheers^^


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

   Hey everyone^^

Hey all how are you guys today..Hope good..Well i just came off from the gym..Really tired and exhausted..Well i know i told you peeps that yesterday was my 1 year anniversary and here is my statistics:

Guest book Signatures:432
Fan art votes:982
Guest Map signatures:16

Thank you guys all so much you guys rocks..I promiss tomorrow i will visit all of you who updates^^..And ive also joined Bluesen12's Contest..I havent started with the pic yet but i will in a day or two since i only have till the 20th of this month

I have also a new fan art up..check it out^^ I spent 10 hours on it..I drew it a few weeks ago and for got to submitt it...But i hope you all love it...Lol now its time for me to ask some questions..LOl i never done this before becuase im not that good in asking questions only answering them...Oh ant thats for the comments guys..*Hugs*

1)Random question:How have your weekend be so far?

2)How many time have you got on your hands?

3)Do you think i will win the contest?

Ok my answers:

1)Im tired and Exhausted..Need to sleep...^^

2)well not much but there is always a way to make time

3)Wow i dont know..We'll have to see..LOL

Have a great day guys and take care..Cheers...


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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Art Time^^

Hey everyone how are you guys this weekend? Hope good^^...Well today nothing special happened worth to talk about..the only thing i can say is that its officially my one year anniversary here at theO..^^*Dance around happily*..Wow ive been a member here for a year now starting today...Weee^^

Well the other thing is that its also (Maybe.Memories's) birthday today..I drew i pic for her its Rock Lee since its her Favorite Character...I hope it came out ok...Its part realistic and part Anime...^_^.Well i hope you guys like it ot...Well cheers guys im not gonna be on much im busy with a few drawings that must be finished..I have gotten 3 drawings more to draw so it will take a little longer then i thought...Well bye And have a great day guys..(Hugs)


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

   Had a sucky thursday

Hey everyone how are you all..Hope better then me...Today at work was so bad...It was long and when that's not enough the power was also off the whole day...And i couldnt do my work so now im not on date...

Man i hate it...Well hers how my day went:

1)I got up at 6:30
2)Left at 7:00
3)got stuck in the traffic and came a half an hour late for work...
4)Boss's stupid mother yelled at me for being late...
5)Began to work at 9:00
6)Lights got cutt off at 11:00
7)Got mad and sit in the dark wondering when will the stupid lights get back on again...
8)Lights got on at 3PM
9)Worked a little after that..
10)Go home at 5PM
11)Got stuck in traffic again for 2 whole hours...
12)Yelled at my brother for annoying the crap out of me.._
13)Got home finally at 7PM and was hungry and frustrated as hell...

Hectic day huh *Roles eyes* Oh and the reason i was also late for work was becuase a truck ran throw someones house at about 100 Miles per hour...Can you believe it..How the hell do anyone run throw a house with a truck...I tell ya the truck is right throw...A boy was sleeping in his bed when the truck hit his room wall and ran over him...Amazingly the boy has only a few stratches..Praise the lord..He was in Gods hands for sure...

Well that is about it guys..Hope your day was awesome guys..*Hugs*


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