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Thursday, July 25, 2013

   Wow brings back memories (Reunion)

I never thought I'd update my Myo..But I had so many good memories here..

I sometimes wish Myo can come back i doubt it will ever happen..If I could just get all my old friends back from back then who isn't active anymore Like:

Innocent Heart
Basketball Babe
Linden Rathan
Mergury Dragon

I miss them so much..:(

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Monday, February 27, 2012

   Aw wow

LOl it been ages since i updated my Myotaku site..This place brings back so many memories..

Awwwwwwww i miss the Old days..

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

   Nothingness, But got new art up..^^

Today absolutely nothing happened..Well interesting that is..Basically i just draw the whole day... Got to get into the whole thing again after a year of not drawing....

Im surprised to see theO and MyO is not completely dead..But its one help of a change..MMMmmm here i am moaning again..LOL...well some of yo asked my if im here to stay and yeah i am..Not going anywhere..At least not i the few years to come..Or decades lol...Well keep in touch guys....Cheers...

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Monday, March 2, 2009

   Even if all my friends are not here that much...I'll never leave this site..^^

Hey everyone...How all doing..Im great..Posted some new art..And this time it is new..LOL...Looking at my older drawings the day i drew like there's no tomorrow and at me drawings now..You can see that i haven't really lost my touch..Maybe in the shadings a little...

I see alot of people aren't on here anymore these days....Makes me kinda sad..And my comments and visits dropped to a ridiculously low level...Sometimes i think by myself.."What am i still doing here?" Theres no one on..And if i get one comment or visit im very happy to get it...Mmmm wish it was like the old days..But hey like they say...All good things come to an end....

I made a promise to most of you...And that is that i'll never delete my account here...And thats a remade promise...^^ See ya guys later...

Oh nd if you stop by please look at my new art...Cheers..


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Sunday, March 1, 2009

   Ello Friends..

Hey every one..!!How are you all doing here On theO and MyO these days??..Me im still around if some of you dont know yet..Hehe...

I posted so new art...Well actually old..But new to the site..hehe...I noticed that i get a ridiculously low amount of comments on my art and posts lately but i wont stop posting art and updating....Wow i havent realized this site have been so quiet....

Well i just came by to say im still hear guys..And if you guys want to pm me..I will reply.. Well see you peeps later..Mwah..


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey Friends

Hey all you guys how are you all doing..Hope great...I dont know how many of you still use MyO but i sure use it alot...I help me feel that the site is still as we all know it....^^

If you know what i mean....Well i never thought i would submit art again..But i did...Its old..Even though i hope you guys love it..Im drawing again so you guys can expect alot of new art coming soon....I searched my butt of for the Art Submitting thingy..But i found it...

I just have to get my scanner to work..Looks like flying lessons for the thing wont work this time....LMAO..Believe me i felt like kicking it over the roof of my house alot of times...But i will only hurt my foot...And then i wont have a scanner no more..Think it will be a wise decision to kick it???..Nah i doubt that....

Mmm and i see you can only submit 3 drawings every 24 hours...Aggg thats not cool...Maaaaan!!!!..

Awww well atleast i dont have to wait for it as usual..Like i did back then..Waited for 75000Billion years for my drawing to come up...Im Senior Otaku++ now...Thats freaking cool if i have to say so myself..Mmmmm...Well see you guys later...Awww look how long my post is getting..Hehehehe happy reading for those who gonna read it....Cheers mates...Love you all...Always will and always do...mmm doenst sound right..Aww well you peeps get the picture....^^


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

   Broken Wing

This is a story of a little dragon named Arteo..He has a broken wing since birth..She cant fly..She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters...Arteo is the second oldest dragon of the bunch...But she is the smartest of the all and never backs down from anything...She has two tails...

Sice she is the second oldest she can spit fire as well..Her brothers and sisters are always Jealous of her..Because hey cant do that yet..But there was always something Arteo always wanted to do..To fly...One day her youngest Sister asked her once.."Arteo why cant you fly ? Arteo Replied with tears in her eyes.." I have a broken wing..Its like this since birth" The youngest one always likes to help other... On day The youngest one of the bunch asked Arteo.." I wish i could give you my wings..!! The End..For now..LOL

Remember people alot of us has a broken wing..Just like Arteo..Life has a nasty habit of attacking us with out a warning ..Like a snake in the grass..You dont see him but he can see you..And if you step on him he bites you from behind...I met alot of people who are just like the snake...And we fall for those people...The came out as this one amazing person..But inside its black and empty...Like a black hole...

We can always relay on each other..Friends are a awesome gift that God gave us..We can hold on to each other to help us fly!!..If your Down and dont know what to do..Ask God and he'll give you another wing..(A friend) To help you through tough times..^^

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

   Hey everyone..LGA775 is Confused

Hey all how are you guys..Hehe i dont even know why im posting because i know no one ever uses MyO any more...Hehe but what a hell....

I have some problems getting my World on TheO in working..But i have no idea how the stupid thing works..LOL...Maybe its just me i dont know...But any one care to give me some tips??Im so lost here...Hehe..I heard that the Worlds on TheO is kinda busy so i'd like to drop by there..hehe...


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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

   Mmm Election...

Hey everyone..How are you all doing...Hope goood...So Obama Won huh...I think MC Cain Should have won....

But hey i guess everything happens for a reason..I hope America dont walk the same path as we do...The day the black people took over South Africa nothing was the same again...All the Jobs has been taken from us...And it was given to the blacks..Even know they have no idea what to do...

South Africa Has became so Dangerous that you cant walk alone at night..Even in the day...My brother was high Jacked Twice in one month...Things wasnt always like that...But since the Black People took over our country everything changed...8 of my friends was Killed by black people..Over 4000 farmers get killed every year by black people...They robbed my Cousin completely..They even took his shoes...And Gun pointed my friend at a gas station..Thank God he didnt shoot him...They say the only thing we wanted was his phone...Harmless and powerless OLd people get killed...And for nothing just that he can say that he killed a white person....And if that people have children from 2 years to 8 years they got rapped....They believe if they rapped a 2 year old virgin girl they will be cured from their Aids

I pray that it doenst happen to the US....Well see ya later guys..Cheers..


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Sunday, November 2, 2008

   Oi!!!! Hi everyone..LOl^^

Hey all how are you guys today??MMMMmm this site is dead i tell you..But oh well i keep coming back..So something must of drag me here all the time....I think its you guys..^^

Well anyway i dont really have something to say so this post will be short..Hehe not as long as my previous one....Well im off...Just came to say hi and all..See you guys later....Cheers


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