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Monday, December 3, 2007

   Sorry i was gone!!!

Hey Everyone sorry is was not on for a week guys..My Internet got cut off becuase i didnt pay...Well its on now lol...Thank God...Well i tried to finish some requests and stuff but didnt came very far with that...

Friday i worked from 8Am to 2Am the next day...But luckily im on date..Man sometimes its feels like im working in a hospital bcuase only doctors and nurses usually works so long hours...But working at a Lab proves it wrong...

Well Saterday i bought myself a new Mobile phone since my old phone is kinda broke...Well the phone i had couldnt take photos but this one can and it can even play MP3's and play movies...I firstly had second thoughts about buying the phone because it cost 1,499,99 and i didnt had much left...But i really needed a new one so i just closed my eyes and bought it...Besides i dont have regrets about it..So thats a good sign...

Well yesterday night it rained like there no tomorrow...Im suprised i didnt hear the thunder becuase my brother said it sounded like a war zone outside...LOL

Well im off to visit you all...See ya guys later.^^*HUgs*


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Sunday, November 25, 2007

   Hey People

Hey eveyone how are you guys doing??Well with me well kinda good...i got a stomahce ache..Lol well thats live i guess..I hate this damn things....Well other then that i have to get up at 5 Am again for work again I hate it...I work my butt off for a small amount of pay..But hey atleast i have a job so thats a plus...

Well one good thing is ive met a nice person on this site her name is Chibirose please go visit her guys...I just got word for my dad in Iraq and his doing good so im happy about that...Sorry i cant put a rirect ling to Chibirose's site..I dont have time for it now...Just copy and paste it please..^^Sorry

Well im still busy with all those requests guys...Sorry it take so long i dont have much time to draw...Time how ever is not on my side as usual but i will always make time to visit you guys...Its more important then draw for me...Well got to run..Cheers and have a great day guys...*Hugs*


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

   Hey everybody^^

Hey Guys yippy its weekend..Im so glad its Saterday...Man i couldnt wait for the weekend to come and now its here...

Well yesterday i was waiting for my friend at the airport..And his absolutely fine he was just a bitt tired cuase of the flight..He said its was a long flight....

Well i just added a new drawing Guys...And this one is also in colour..I guess my Colouring is getting better...Man i hope so...

I have good news guys...I may be coming to the States this year...I just have to go for my new passport and ofcourse i need a Green card...Becuase i will be working in there...So you guys may see me in person there...You never know anything is possible...How ever i need about 20 000 Bucks for the ticket and i dont have that kind of money o____O' But my mom said she will give it to me..So i will take everything from there...

HOw ever i dont know how the work flow is over there..^^' Do you guys think i'll have troubles finding a job there...I know i cant work there without a green Card so i must get that first...I saw a site where you can buy a green card i think it cost $99.95 I dont remember i have to check it out again..I have 2 questions

1) Do you guys over there have a work flow problem..??Is it easy to get a Job there?

2)Is there a better way to get my Green card or do i really need it?

Well its just a thought Yet i havent completly made up my mind...I never travel before so this is gonna be so much fun...Im a little nervious even thinking of it...Like a butterfly in my stomach kinda feeling..LOL..

Well have a great day guys i have to comment you guys and maybe get something to eat..


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

   Hey All

Hey guys^^ Well today is a very rainy night...And my brother paid his new girlfriend a visit tonight...Lol he said his gonna ask the big Question tonight..Lol you all know what that is so i dont have to go into details right??LOL

Well work was very busy as usual but hey whos complaining??Oh i Am Lol i hate long hours..But hey its over luckily...

Guess what Guys my friend is coming back from Japan he said it was great..He fight againts a Russian in the tournament and he won...He kicked his ass big time...I just wish i could compite but im not black belt yet...A little far from that...Im at the martial arts club not to often so it wil take a little longer for me to secceed in my goal...

Tonight i also added a new drawing..I hope you guys love it..Its Sakura..I love her she is my favourite character...Well Have a great day or night guys and take care...Cheers


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

   Hello everybody

Hey all how are you guys doing...Well with me okay...Well ive commented on some of you but havent got enough time to comment on you all..Sorry guys...I promise i will comment on you all this weekend....

Well me day was busy..I have to work 12 hours again tomorrow and im not looking forward to it....Well i have to make this post short...TTYL guys...*Hugs*

Have a great day guys and take care...Cheers^^


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Monday, November 19, 2007

   Hey All you wonderfull Otakuians??

Hey everyone how are you guys..Well with me its good..It must go good..I dont have a reason for feeling sad or emo or anything...^^LOl

Well my Big bro may have a new GirlFriend i hope things work out for him...His in such a good mood lately so that must be a good sign..LOL... (Ich liebe es wenn seins in einer guten Stimmung^^)Well ive added a new drawing today..LOl im not completely happy how it came out but it will have to do..I spent to much time on it...(Ek kan dit nie net weg gooi nie) That means i cant just throw it away in my Langauge^^LOL

Well work was ok...Damn i speak to much about work so im not gonna go into details...Well i hope you guys will have a great day further and take care...

P.S I used 3 Languages in this post German Afrikaans (My home Language) and this one im typing right now..LOl wow (Obviously)LOL *Rolles Eyes*...Well sorry for this random post guys i hope i didnt confused you guys to much..LOL..I just like speaking in differant languages..LOL


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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hey everyone how are you guys doing?? Well yesterday the concert was awesome..There was about 15 000 people there..I couldnt even walk there which made me a little angry..The people there cant say sorry they just push you out of the way...I almost ringed one guys neck becuase he is freaking rude...

Well yesterday it rained to and it was so hot yesterday the steam came out of the streets it was 130 degrees yesterday..Oh and i met a nice new friend yesterday at the concert her name is Chantell..She is a little shy but thats ok..I kind of like shy people..Even know im not..LOL

Oh i took a few photos there but couldnt made a video sorry guys there was to much people there..They keep walking in front of the camera...Stupid people..So yeah i couldnt made one..Damn...How ever i will try to putt the photos up tonight my brother tooked the Camera before i could get to it...

Well i have to go guys i'll comment on you guys today as well...And i must clean my room as well and draw a few pics..LOL a busy sunday huh?? LOl oh well..^^Cheers huys *Mega Hugs*


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

   Storms In Africa

Hey everyone thanks for all the messages i Pm you all yesterday to tell you guys that..^^ And the storm is over we have a little thunder storm yesterday but it over now...So now i can commet on all you my wonderfull friends here on the Otaku...^^*Hugs*

Today we will have a massive concert there will be 21 artists sining there..Its gonna be awesome i cant wait to go...I will be taking my Digital Camera and Video Camera with me...^^

Oh and im thinking of making a Facebook account how ever im not sure how the site works but i bet its not so hard to use..LOL I knew about that site for years now but never took the time to join or to look around there yet...I have a Photobuket account but i almost never log in there...Any way i must go..Thanks again guys your all the best...^^*Hugs*

P.S My dad said he doesnt have pain anymore he all better now....^^


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Thursday, November 15, 2007

   Bad week..Oh and New art...

Hey Everyone how is all my friends doing??^^..Well with me not so Good...LOl dont worry im not sick again..Is just work and all is a little tough...*Sigh*

My dad Fell of the Mountain today..He got hurt quite bad but his ok..He said he fell of a 30Ft cliff..I just spoke with him on the foon and he said his fine..He just struggles to walk...Oh and its my dad's Bithday tomorrow..His turning 52 years old...So yeah im a little sad that his not here for his birthday but its okay..

Today i got really bored and decided to weigh our dog..Lol his over 130 Pounds..Its about 55 kilograms in our weight class...He is a Rotweiler and about 8 months old now

I Drew a new drawing today its a request for Queen of Sheba sorry its so late Sarah I bet you forgot about it any way but i didnt..LOL

I will comment on all of you tomorrow when i have some more spare time on my hands i Promise..^^

P.S And i havent forgot about the rest of all of your requests and trades..^^ Have a great day guys.. *Massive Hugs to you all* Cheers


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

   Hello guys ^____^

Hey all how are you guys doing?? Well im doing fine..Im as healthy as a horse^^ No dizzyness no Stomach aches and no nothing..LOL...^^wiii...

Well thank you all for the comments..I will comment on you all tonight...Oh and ive started with two new drawings...One request and a random one...Both of them isnt finished yet so i'll see if i can finish it tonight or tomorrow...^^

So today i wished my friend good luck with the tournament his on his way to Japan as we speak...His so lucky to go His gonna be away for 2 weeks And he will compete agains all the best black belts they have...Ok let me think what interesting happened today?? MMthat seems to be all..I just worked my ass of today...Nothing interesting about that...*Smiles and shakes head*

Here is some questions for you guys..:

1) What country do you want to visit the most?

2) And for how long do you want to stay?

3) Ever been out of your country before..If so to where?

Answering my own questions:

1)I would love to visit The United States oneday...(I wish)

2)Longer the a year i would say...Since i have family in Thousand Oaks California

3)No never if i can only get that oppertunity i will be so freaking happy..^^ *Sigh*

Well have a great day guys and take care...Cheers^^


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