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Saturday, October 25, 2008

   My USA tour..!!

Hey Guys how are you guys doing?? Hope good^^..

Guess what guys im back from the United States...I must say the states is actually very nice i loved it there...I cant believe 6 months has past since i left for the US!!

But now im back..And im here to stay not going away for that long again...I got the opportunity to left early...And when i heard i can go home i were so happy cause i missed you all so much...Any way here is some of the places i visited in my trip throw the United States...

1) Hillsdale, Michigan.

Ok hillsdale was awesome..Its very beautiful there..The people there is a bit rude and uptight but their ok..I worked on a ride called "Wet boats"..

2)Warren, Michigan..

Warren was ok..It were a bit boring but ok..The people there are nice..Not like Hillsdale...I cant really the same about the Kids but hey kids will be kids right...But it were cool...And i took photos of Warren as well...

3)Monroe, Michigan...

Monroe was great..!! Not only was it awesome and beautiful there but the people are cool..There were also a River running throw the city...On top of all the was a really nice restaurant across the street...And its quite cheap as well...Waiters are friendly and they work fast..Dont have to wait forever for your food..Hehe..

4)Evansville, Indiana..

Ok now to the Indiana state...Indiana is nothing like Michigan its a whole different state..The people there are a little weird..In a good way...And some of them are very very rude..And the words they use is unbelievably bad..They like to swear there..Especially if you dont give them what they want....And that made me a bit angry at them..And they thing their always right...So yeah his the customer and im the guys who work there so we all know a customer is always right even know there not always...-___-

5)Shelbyville, Indiana..

Ok nothing really to say here except the horse shows they showed there was amazing..

6)Dayton, Ohio..

Ok now to the Ohio State...Ohio is quite nice..Except the Cops wont leave us alone because they thought we were in the country illegally..Haha i dont blame them cause i didnt had my passport with me at that moment...And no they didnt lock me up..Luckily not...The secret why they didnt lock me up was because i didnt lie to them..I were Honest^^ the truth always setts you free..^-^..

7)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..

Aww Pennsylvania was cool..There is so many mountains there..It made me miss home..The people there are neat and are friendly...My bus trip was long..I were traveling throw the Greyhound company....But any way it were great..

8)New York City, New York..

Now this one was awesome..Its such a nice city they named it twice.."New york,New York"..Any way it was great there.Oh and i were in New york for 3 days i booked myself into a hotel it cost me $600 for 3 nights.I were on the Empire State Building And on the Brooklyn Bridge...I were in time Square, Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, And Brooklyn just outside the city....Its was a blast..I have photos too..Its all on facebook if you guys want to check it out....

And last but not least!!
9)Washington DC, Virginia...

Aww Washington great..I were at the White House and the pentagon..MMMmm the White house is much smaller then i imagined...And i hired a taxi to take me to the airport..It cost me $70 to there...After all my travailing i flu out of Dulles International airport back to South Africa...

Well that was my 6 months guys..If you want to see the pics just go to my facebook profile..Most of the photos are there..I'll add more later on..Wel i must go now..See you guys later..Love ya all..Hugs..


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

   Hey Guys...Heheheh im back again

Hey all told you guys I'm gonna be on more often now..Sorry i were gone so long guys..The job i have now don't like to give people off days...This passed 3 months i were gone was just work work work and more work...And as much as i wanna go on i couldn't..Heheh..But my contract is almost finished here..Then I'll be going home..

I really missed all of you so much..there is alot i never talked to again...And i tried to look them up but i cant find them with this new version...I cant seem to get it out of my head..I keep thinking of this one question i keep asking...."Why do Adam had to change the site?? Why cant it go back to the way it was?...It were so easy and nice to work on...Now i cant even find half of my friends...Aggg!! Aww well...

Anyway i really like it here in the states..I were in Washington DC, Detroit and Chicago already..And i were in Canada..(By mistake)...Hehehe it was so hilarious..!!!!!

Hey and guess what i were at this baseball game the other day...The team that played was the Detroit Tigers...Hehe and they lost to...Against the Indies i think..Hehe didnt paid much attention to the game..I were exploring its much more fun..Hehe...And the day i arrived here i was freezing to death..And the money here it looks like Monopoly Money...Kinda interesting...^^

Hey did i tell you guys me and my brother bought a car here too...Hehe we paid $2.500 for it which i think is cheap...Its a 1991 Cadillac...And wow gas here is also cheap...$3.85 a gallon wow in my country its R10.55 a liter and a liter is much less then a Gallon...So yeah that is cheap...The states is over all very cheap...

So yeah its very cool here..The people here are nice too..Not as stuck up and rude like the people in South Africa...Hehe....I met alot of friends here in the states as well..Especially Girls...Hehe one Girl the other day came right out of the blue and gave my a gift..She said.."Wow you have beautiful eyes..Here is something for you.."..I were thanks thats so sweet of you...Hehe i get alot of comments everywhere i go...Like:

a) You have beautiful eyes
b) your so nice
c) You have a nice name...

(a) And (b) is the comments i get the most...Mmmmm one question..Do any of you live in Michigan??..Because i will really love to meet some of you in person..Just a thought that came throw my head just now..Heheh..

Well i got to go guys..Wow i dont think i every typed such a long post before...Or not that i can think of at the moment...Well i will keep in touch guys...I wont every leave...Thats is a promise...!!!!!!!...See ya guys...Love you all....Chow...Hehehe...


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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

   Hey Friends

Hey Guys!!Guess again..Hehe im back..And i think im gonna be on more often now...And wow thanks for those who commented..hehe 3 people thats awesome...Well alot of you probably thought i left or something..But even if i do i will never leave without saying good bye.....But i will never leave...Hehe not for anything...

Oh and i bought the whole Naruto Collection..Hehe Well almost all..I need season 10..And im still drawing guys..I dont get much time to but i make time for it...And yeah 2 more months left before i go back home...hehe the states is cool i love it here...Im in Michigan now...Hehe...

Oh and you guys got to hear this...Me and my Brother was driving the other day to our next location..And we got lost...Guess where we end up??In Canada..We drove from Michigan to Canada..The weird part is we had n GPS and still got lost...How stupid!!..Oh wel i was an idiot i'll admit it...But it was so funny i couldn't stop laughing.....But when we turn around to go back to the US they wouldn't let us back in..Haha my one friend was stressing his but of...He keep saying "they gonna lock us up"!!!..We had no passports or visas with us...So we were in i tight spot in the wrong place in the wrong time...I just told him not to stress...I said to him..."Dont worry everything is gonna be ok"...And i were right..They let us back into the united States...(Without Passports or visas) Actually we had nothing with us...And they knew we were South Africans...

God is with not a doubt the most remarkable God...With out him we would be locked up....Hehe...


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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

   Hey everyone

Hi everyone just came by to say i didnt forgot about you guys..as all of you know im in the united states now...i hope some of you didnt deleted me already...i try my best to be on everytime but its not possible in my case since im not connected to the internet al the time....just want to say to you all i'll never forget you guys....i'll be one more often the moment im back in my own country......I'll be in touch guys...2 months left....Cheers


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Friday, April 25, 2008

   Hey everyone

Hey Hugs..Thought id forgot about you guys huh??Never gonna happen...Im in Michigan now...Its awesome here...I was throw Detroit as well...Man is Dirty there...Never seen a place so full of rubbish laying around before...

Well just came to say hi to you all and say i will never forget you gus ever...Got to go..Cheers..Hugs

P.s Sorry i cant stay long guys i dont have alot of time...


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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

   Goodbye everyone

Hey all how are you guys...Well just came by to say Goodbye..Im leaving now...My flight is tomorrow and i wont be on tomorrow so i might just as well say goodbye now....

Just remember its only for 8 months then im back..I wont stay there for ever.,.Hehe..And who knows i might see some of you there...Here is some of the places i will be visiting during my work...:

1) Washington DC
2) Dayton or Springfield,Ohio
3) North Dakota
4) Dallas, Texas
5) Phoenix, Arizona
6) Maybe San Diego, California (Dont know yet)
7) Chicago (Dont know what city)
8) Manhattan, New York

Well thats about it i guess...Well got to go see you all later...Kisses....Cheers mates..


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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hey All..Hugs

Hey everyone..Just a quick reminder to say to you all i havent forgotten about you guys...I never will..That will Only happen when im dead...And believe me im not planing to die soon..Unless God thinks other wise...^^

And sorry im not on that much guys..Im just very busy now...My flight is Wednesday the 9th Of April...I wont go to Miami anymore..It will now be Washington DC and then Dayton,Ohio thats were i will work...If my memory serves me Correct i think its Right next to Chicago...

I will never forget you Guys..You all mean to much to me...I hope i will have an Internet Connection there so i can be able to communicate with you guys and keep in touch...other wise i'll do that when i come back after 8 months...I will see if i can add a few new drawings before i left..But i cant promise anything....Awwwww im sure gonna miss you guys...But i will be back..I always comes back...

See you guys later...Man i haven't even packed yet..LOL..Haven't really had time after my get away party my family throw for me..Hehe...Well got to go guys...Kisses


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

   Aww im so sorry guys...Wow its been a long time...

Hey everyone how are you guys doing??Hope good...Just to let all of you know i havent forgot about you guys..i never will...I just had alot of grief on my hands and problems as well...

A bit of good news through..My visa has been Approved wiii im so happy...I will be leaving for miami in 9 days....I will go for 10 Months...

Oh and i have a few new drawings to put up but i cant now..i have to much other things to do now such as my visa and stuff i will need....And i have to exchange the money i have now into dollars which will make about $220....Well sorry i cant stay long guys...I will check back a little later...Hugs and kisses to you all...Cheers mates...


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Friday, March 7, 2008

   Hey Everyone

Okay i don't know how many actually looks at my post or how many can see it...Remember i told you guys that i got a job in the states??..Well they are taking ridiculously long with my Visa so yeah i don't know if I'm still going..Maybe i will maybe not...I don't know any more....Well since I'm waiting i will be on for some time..Oh and if im not here i will be on DA or Facebook..Well see ya Guys later...Cheers Mates


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Thursday, March 6, 2008

   Hey All how have you been??

Hey Everyone..How is everybody doing???As you guys can see im still here...Hehe and well...I just have a little hard time with the American Consulate..Hehe

But im leaving it all in God's Hands...Oh and ive been drawing a lot since im waiting to hear from the Americans...I got a lot better at drawing..I teach my self new techniques and im improving every day since then....

My Dogs got poisoned last night because they wanted to break into the house ..And the guy that lives right next door to us saw then and shot at them 6 Rounds..So i took my Gun and gone look for them..Luckily for them i didnt find them.....

Well other then that theres no further news..Just that i dont have a job anymore..But i dont worry about that at all..Hehe..I already have a new job..Hehe 2 actually...Well see ya guys later....Oh and i'll post that new art later tonight....Cheers Mates


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