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Monday, November 12, 2007

   This post has no titile

Hey Everyone sorry i wasnt on much this weekend..Im i little Ill lol but hey we all get ill sometimes...I cant believe im Ill becuase i almost never get sick...

My friends flight is tomorrow at noon...He should arrive in Tokyo on wednesday night..He say his a little nervous..Lol i would be to if i knew im going to a country not to go on vacation but to get your ass kicked...But ontop of it all its alot of fun...I wish i could of gone with him but yeah maybe next time...^^

Me and my brothers are planing a short vacation...We will be on our way on the 26 of December...Were going to the beach wow i cant wait..It will be my third time this year...There will be Crocodiles and Hippopotamus there oh and rinos...I love animals...It will be loads of fun there i will see if i can post some photos on here for you guys to see...^^

Well this is about all news i have today..The rest is only hell...Well thank you all for the comments guys..*Hugs*

Have a great day Guys ^^ Cheers


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Friday, November 9, 2007

   Hey everybody

HI guys how are you all...Well i have decided to comment on you guys..Since you guys are so important to me i couldnt stay away i had to comment on you all...

Well today i got up a 3Am and worked right throw till 8:30pm im actually so tired after 14 hours of work i cant keep my eyes open...Well thank you all so much for the comments...I really feel so loved..^^

Today was really hot...And i was listening to that song Called Hot form Avril lavigne on the radio..And said to my brother wow this song goes perfect with this hot day....I love that song BTW Avie Rocks

Well i have to go guys im dead tired now...I quickly commented you guys before i go to bed...You all are more important then sleep..^^

Cheers guys..Have a great day/Night^^ *Hugs*


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Thursday, November 8, 2007

   Hey Everybody..

Hey All how are you guys doing today..??Hope better then me...Well first of all thank you all so much for the comments..I really appreciate it..^^*Hugs*

Well luckily my stomache Ache is gone...And i have to go to work at 2Am again today..So just a few hours from now i have to work again...So i must get up at 2 Am and be at work at 3am...I must work From 3am to 3PM..12 hour shift again...I have just commented on you guys who have updateded..I will comment on you guys on saterday becuase i dont think i'll be on tomorrow becuase i will be to tired when i get back from work..But hey i may or may not...I will see if i have enough energy to comment sorry guys...

Well i have to go..I tty Guys later...*Hugs*


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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

   Hey everyone

Agggg I have a really bad stomache Ache..Its hurts...I must of ate someting that causes this...Well today at work was just like every other day....^^Nothing special...Oh and my brothers computer got a virus...Its a trojan virus but im not sure what kind of trojan one its is...

I hate damn viruses dont you guys agree...??Well any way i got an email yesterday from one art site i joined the site's name is Elfwood i Guess most you guys know that site...Well the email said they rejected all my art..Now why could they do that??? Bloody hell i mean why did they do that....any way im not gonna waste my time contacting them and ask them why...-______-'

Im so tired but i must first comment on you guys...Well im off see you guys later..*Hugs*


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Monday, November 5, 2007


Hey Guys sorry i didnt comment on everyons sites i tried but time wasnt on my side once again...^^Please forgive me Guys^^'

Well Today was busy like ever monday usually is we had 3 orders to make in time...I have to work long hours again..*Sigh* It appears that i have to be at aork at 4Am..Agg i hate it...Well i cant complain right...^^ Lol

My dad made great friend with two americans he works with..He said they arnt bad...

Its only a week left before the tournament..Im so exited for those who will Compete in it i wish i could to...But im not good enough yet they will kick the living grap out of me...Well im busy as is to comment on you guys so i'll be off...See ou guys later and take care..I may have some more news tomorrow..*Hugs*Cheers guys


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Sunday, November 4, 2007

   Feeling a little better..Eh

Hey everyone how are you guys...Well thanks you all for the comments i'll feeling a little better...How can i not feel better when i have such great friends as you all...

Im busy with some requests and stuff...I really want to get all your requests finished now...Oh and Maybe.Memories thank your for saying you enjoy reading my post..I enjoy reading yours too..I enjoy reading everyones post here..Thats why im here^^ And ofcourse becuase you guys are here...

Im thinking of Buying some more music...Yesterday i paid 300 bucks for avrils and Hilary's new CD..Its about $50 in you guys Money Value..I dont know how much you guys pay for CDs there in the States...Well any way i just thought i tell you guys im doing fine now...Thanks for cheering me up guys it worked and helped alot...See you all later...I'll comment on all of you tonight...I see alot of you has updated^^Sweeet..Cheers guys..


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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   Emotional problems.......................

Hey everyone how are you guys..Well with me it sucks..I wanna Cuss but i dont like to use bad words...Well nothing really happened today..Well special that is..Only i bought myself Avril Lavigne's and Hilary Duff's new albums today...(Hot) from Avril is very cool i love it..Im listing it now as i type this..

Im busy commenting all of you...I first also want to pologize For taking so long on you guys requests and stuff...Im also suppose to draw a birthday pic but i cant remember to who...Well im hoping the person will see my post and say its... me..I also miss my dad..=( when he was still in the Bomb Squad he was away alot but i couldnt remember it becuase i was to little back then i think it was 18 years ago i was 4 back then...

LOl i didnt thought i will write such a long post when felling so Emo..LOl looks like i need someone to talk to or something^^..

Well see ya guys later..*Hugs*

PS thank you all for being such great friends to me..If i can get one wish in life that will be to see you all in person...^^


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Friday, November 2, 2007

   Bad day again..*Sigh* what can i say-____-'

Hey everyone how are your days going? Hope good?? Well i wish i could say this same but i cant...Today completely sucked..I got a massive Stomache burns becuase my boss's brother yelled at me today for not being fifished with his order i wanted...

I worked 3 days one it becuase it was really big...I said to him i was trying me best to get his order done but it was just to big...Any way heres how the conversation goes...His name is chris by the way..

Chris: Werner why didnt you finished my order in time?

Me: Im sorry chris i tried my best

Chris: That isnt good enough you had 3 days to do that!!

Me: What a hell do you want me to say chris?? Im not a super fast person i only have 2 hands

Chris: Yeah but you knew i wanted it and you still didnt get it in time!!What is wrong with you?

Me: Nothing Chris i had other orders to do as well..Your not the only one who wants an order..

Chris: Your not Fucking listening to me...

Me:Oh now your cussing on me now? I dont want to listen to this any more...*Starts yelling back*

Chris: Your useless your not doing your Fucking Job..!!You stubbed me in the back..You dropped me..

Me: I didnt dropped you chris why would you bring that up?

Well the conversation goes on..I dont have enough time to write the whole conversation we yelled at each other for about 5 hours...How ever i cant even remember half of it i was to angry...

Oh and i will comment on you guys tomorrow i promise..*Hugs you all*


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

   Disaster after another-______-'

Well today didnt start so good..I worked a 11 hour shift again..And its begining to make me feel very tired lately... *Sigh* I dont have any time for myself lately i always works...Its killing me...Well today at the chemical Lab we waited almost 2 weeks for our chemicals to arrive..Without that we cant work further..So yeah becuase of them im off date again...

That means i have to work tomorrow right throw the night again..Again from 8Am to 6Am the next day thats 22 hours of work..But hey its not like i have a choice in the mater...Well i dont know how much sleep i'll get tomorrow and friday so i'll may not be on sorry guys...I think im gonna work right throw friday too..I dont know yet...But yeah enough of work im getting tired just by thinking of it...*Shakes head*

Well other then that my dad send me an email yesterday..He say its very cold there and their gonna have snow next month..Lol i asked my dad if he can bring a little snow back home..LOl what a stupid question...But i knew that..I wanted to see what his reaction would be..He just laughed...

Well i have to go..I'll see if i can comment you guys on friday but i cant promise anything..I will how ever comment you guys tonight..And thats a promise..*Hugs*


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Monday, October 29, 2007

   New art

Hey guys..Wow theO was offline for the whole weekend...Well for me that is i dont know about the rest of ya...Well today at worked sucked...wow doesnt it always??..

My brother sold his car yesterday..He got 16 000 bucks for it..Not much but its atleast something...Do you guys remember the martial arts tournament in Japan i told you guys about..Well it just a week away...My friend is going way for longer then he thought...I hope him all the best...

And My dad is doing great he emails us alot..I miss him already...Well other then that i drew a great picture yesterday night...It took me about 15 hours to draw..I only used HB and 4H pencils there...I hope all of you will love it...Well im on my way to comment you guys...*Hugs* Take care..Cheers

Ok guys my Personal site is almost finished..But it doesnt work 100% yet we are struggling with some minor things such as the theme and the Posts and stuff...I just want a small favour of you guys if thats possible..If some of you could just please join we want to see if the sire works probably..Becuase in order to do so we must see what happens if someone Joins...We cant see that without no one on...Thanks guys.. *Hugs*


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