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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hola, Why cant i comment? T___T

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hola, Hello friends! Sorry i havent been on, ive been sick for a week now. Last sunday i wasnt feeling so good, and by monday morning i felt horrible. I didnt go to school monday or tuesday....wednsday i went to school, just to learn that my class was cancled. so yea, that was a waste. But im feeling better now! I gotta catch up on the school work later, im waaaay to tired now. so yea, cya later friends!

Oh yea! i havent been able to comment, so yea, sorry bout that

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Hola, Thursday is over! which means my week of over. I enjoy not having class on fridays, means more nap time for len. Anywho! I voted tuesday! I was kinda dissapointed that Cobra Commander wasnt on the list of people to vote for...but i went with JohnMccain, because he called our house twice, and he mentioned a mexico wall (lol, this thing still makes me laugh soo hard, like a bigger wall is going to stop us mexicans). I mainly voted because of the propositions for california. *shrugs* and because its the american thing to do! or some bs like that. Uh...whatelse?

Single aware-ness day is next week, bleh. Never liked that holliday....only liked it once in what, 19 years now? and that was only because i had a significant other....which i suppose is the purpose....but enough of the single awareness....Has annyone ever tried to drink something called water? stuff is freakin horrible!!!! its all bleh...icky...well im done now! i'll chat with you guys later! bye bye

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Hola, Lookie! i posted! I really really really have been wanting to get online here and talk to you guys. I just havent had the time to. Soooo, how are you guys doing???? Im doing pretty good, been playing 'No More Heroes' on the Wii, and school has been going pretty good. Im going to get around to commenting tomorrow okay? sorry for making this a short post, kinda tired....

Oh yea! before i go, my messageing got kinda messed up, so if you and I normally message each other, go ahead and message me okay? or if you just want to message me. Uh...anywho, cya guys (and gals) later.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hola, how are my friends doing? Man im tired...starting up back at school is tireing work! especially tuesdays/thursdays, im stuck at school for way too long. Anywho tomorrow (thursdsay) im getting the stereo put in!!! Yay!!! lol, im sooo looking forward to it ^___^ Uh what else? well im not sure i do have a question for you guys tho! Its for when u go to school (used to, or whatever) where do you sit, if you can sit anywere? I dont sit all the way in the back, cause you get more attention that way (thu u sit back there to be ignored) so i sit on the edge of the lower middle area!, like row 4 out of 6 ^___^ that way i get ignored and i can nap!!!! Well i guess im done now, time for a nap ^__^ cyas

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hola, Hey friends! how are you? Changed the layout again ^__^ i like boxes,i cant help it. i just need to figure out what to do with the top post picture. how does the site look? im hopeing its all nice and aligned on everyones explorer.

Anywho, school starts monday, and im sooo not lookin forward to it. Im taking more classes this time around, tho i dont think i'll have any problems with them. And the earliest class i have is at 10:30 ^___^. and no classes friday. Speaking of friday, thursay after class, im getting my new Stereo and speakers set up in my truck! ^___^ i really cant wait!!! its going to be epic awesomeness!!!!!!

I think thats about it for my post, im still playing Fire Emblem: RD, and its going pretty good. i got kinda confused between Devdan and Dandev...yea, extreamly confusing. but its good. Some characters suck big time (IMO) but i just dont use them ^___^. Anywho, take care my friends! i'll talky to you laters

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hola, Have you ever heard strange noises in you house? and after paying close attention, you realize that its you stomach? yea, it was one of Those days. Anywho, some of my dads family stayed the night on thursday (yea, i realize i told half of you that they are all dead, but that was a lie, well more "wishfull thinking") yea, they are some crazy people, like drunk 25/8 kinda crazy. But yea, a sudden death in the family has brought my dads side of the family togehter...which is bleh...i really dont like them much. Anywho, next paragraph

Wensday night i went and say 'I am Legend' the movie was pretty good, it really made me want to see 'Cloverfield' more tho, i cant wait till that movie comes out ^__^. Uh..what else? Oh i finally got my game! Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, So far the game is Awesome! im haveing a few problems with defence...damn people keep dying and i have to keep reseting the game...but ive only played thru a few chapters. And with that, im done for the day, i'll talk to you guys laters! cya

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hola, man im tired, i just got home a bit ago....

Merry Christmas!

good night...

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hola, Hey friends! hows it going? Sorry i havent been updating or anything. Ive been too tired and...uh...something. Things have been pretty boreing around here...jus sleeping and playin games like i normally do. Altho im out of games to actually play (still waiting to get Fire Emblem) Ive also been hanging out with my cousins and playing Call of Duty4 (which is really good btw)

Uh....what else is there to post about? well i cant really think of anything. Who's looking forward to Christmas? lol, i suppose most people are. Im looking forward to it, mainly just to get it done with already. My moms all bum'ed out because my parents couldnt afford to get me or sis anything. lol, its going to suck tho, cause 10 to 1, shes probably going to start crying christmas eve/morning. Adults huh? boy are they a handfull. Anywho! thats about it, i'll post again monday to wish everyone a happy holidays! Take care my friends!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hola, heya my friends, hows it going? Well to fix the confusion of my last post, im not out of school for ever, just a few weeks (start back 1/7/08) and speaking of school, heres my new classes!

English 1A 11am-12:50pm

Math 4B 10am-11:50pm
Photo1 3pm-4:15pm
IS-29 (OS) 6pm-7:50pm

on 4/26 and 5/3 i have
IS-5 (Computer building) for 6 hours

And i have an Online Class
IS-31 (Computer Program)

Pretty cool eh? I dont have class on fridays! ^__^ which is fun, and im talking 14.5 credits. Anywho, i think im done for now, take care my friends! cyas

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