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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hola, Hello my friends! hows it going? good? bad? tacos? all of the above? well i hope so...i think...i dont kno what im actually thinking, that one place called me again! the one i applyed for...dunno what they could want with me....but were playing phone tag right now....me missing their calls, the manager never there when i call....bad circle that is....so yeah...dunno how thats going, hope everyone has a great weekend! i think im about done....take care friends! cyas

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hola, Hola! its my wensday/thursday post! and its going to be about games....cause yeah...Anywho! lately ive been playing FireEmblem: PoR for the GC, the games always been fun for me...im playin it on difficult mode, which actually means, "Fucking impossible!" For those who dont kno about fireemblem games, once one of ur characters die in battle, they dont come back...so theres alot of restarting cause ur mages get hit by javilins or sumthing....but yeah...difficult mode...theres a whole lotta restarting the game. I also hear that theres going to be a new Silent Hill game for the PSP, not that i would buy it...silent hill games...r fun...well gameplay wise, they are always lacking....but its the weirdest shit you can ever see in a game....freaky games those silent hill ones are....the movie wasnt half bad...but nowhere as creepy as the games....Hm, i think thats about it for my post, take care my friends! have a good one

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hola, Hola! man..i cant believe Chris Benoit (WWE, wrestling) is dead...i guess ill kno more about what happened tomarrow (tuesday). So how is everyone doing? good? maybeish? im kinda bored...eh...sorry i didnt visit to everyones sites...welp take care alrighty, ill post agian laters, bye bye!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hola, Post #4! good times....so..i dont think i got the job that i was going for, they said they call back before the end of the week....and its sunday now....bah...oh well....tho i really need/want the job, today i applyed at Walmart...if this one dosnt work, i dunno what i'll do...oh well i suppose....so not much really to post about....uh....take care and have a good rest of the weekend, cyas

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hola, Why Hello my dear friends! its post #3 in a row!!!! WoooT! and the crowd goes wild!!!...... or not? maybe...no wild crowd? oh well...So hows it going? good? bad? brownie? dunno...oh yeah, sorry for all spelling mistakes in my post and comments, im too lazy to use the backspace button and i jus type away...its casue im super fast at typing! well not really...it probably gone down alot....oh well! i paid for my college today! good times, costed me a whopping 14 dollars! YAY for frederal student aid!!!! oh yeah! and im also going to start posting random all-caps stuff cause it gets people attention like so...NITROUS FILLED, NEON GLOWING, TOOTHBRUSH!!!!! SO MUCH POWER, UR GUMS WILL GLOW WITH RADIOACTIVITY!!! SO MUCH POWER! LIKE A POWER PLANT FOR YOU FACE!!! BUY NOW!!!! yep...im done....talk to ya guys laters, bye byes

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Hola, Hey friends! Another day, another post! (dont get used to this tho) Today was extreamly boreing (by today, i mean yesterday, which was thursday) all i did was watch a movie (kiss kiss, bang bang) and i shave....hecka jam backed day huh? IT WAS LIKE FREAKEN AWSOME!!!! LIKE FLAME POWERED, BABY EATING FUN!!!!!!! (maybe too much drama involved?) sorry..i suppose im bored. Anyone got any ideas for what a guy to do? a guy with slow dail-up internet, and pretty much no games? yeah..not much except boring daytime tv...oh and Y!messenger ^___^ Welp im done with this pointless post...take care friends! have a good one!!! oh yeah, before i go! how is everyone doing?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hola, Hola my friends! I am here posting after my two week (more or less) break! As usual i still read my message, i jus dont comment or post...but i did today! or yesterday, maybe even tomarrow...whichever "now" is...Anywho how do u guys like the look? Yay? no...maybe? i dunno, but i dont plan on changing it for a long time....well...maybe, i dunno, as you can tell, im full of knowledge tonight/today/right now. So yeah, how is everyone doing? i have another job interview on Monday, so i should kno by Saturday if i got the job...i hope i do...Len needs the money ^___^ welp my friends, im going to post more, hopefully.....but for now, im going to go. Take care and have a good one

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hola, Hello friends! its me Lennie posting for my friends here! altho its always me posting here....oh well! im kinda bored...not really...ive been playing fable still ^___^ if u have an xbox u need that game! or if u have a gameing PC, its a great game *nods* good good times...oh yeah! i also noticed that im on the top 500 here! or i was.....dunno what kinda fluke put me upthere! but it was up there! lol Anywho im still waiting for a good game out for the Wii....so far all there seems to be are remakes of older games...which is okay...i suppose....but a new one would be fine.....oh yeah...speaking of games, im off to go look up tales of the world for the PSP so yeah...cya laters friends!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hola, Hello friends! how is it going? i didnt post this past weekend, mainly cause noone is usualy on....but alas! i am here posting now! a graduate person dude who..has no job.....stupid work force....i gotta go get one of them jobs...but until then! i have Fable!!!! and Voltron!!!! greatest robot thingy made of several cats robots ever!!!! after i get that job im going to buy the box set of voltron ^___^ jus so i can remember the good ol days....if u ask me, Voltron looks like a mexican robot in my avi...since it only shows the red white and green parts....but well all kno hes not really mexican....cause if he was a mexican robot, there would obvously be ducktape holding sum parts on...and it would need a water jug attached to the front... ^_______^ sounds like i got myself a photoshop project! OH yeah! back to graduation! it went well! except for the hours and hours of sitting there....the grad party afterward was awsome too! i got home about 5am....soo much fun ^___^. Welp im probably going to go back playing fable now, so ill post again someother time! take cares!

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Hola, Hey friends! Welp i graduate tomarrow (friday) so i decided to put up a very random thing! RapCat!!!! hahaha...its sooo pointless, but makes laugh alot, umm.....i got FABLE: lost chapters for the PC, damn my PC sucks big time....i hate it...i need a job to get a new super cool one!!!! thats what i plan on doing....welp friends, next time i post ill be all graduated and stuff, take care till then, bye

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