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Friday, February 8, 2008

Hola, Thursday is over! which means my week of over. I enjoy not having class on fridays, means more nap time for len. Anywho! I voted tuesday! I was kinda dissapointed that Cobra Commander wasnt on the list of people to vote for...but i went with JohnMccain, because he called our house twice, and he mentioned a mexico wall (lol, this thing still makes me laugh soo hard, like a bigger wall is going to stop us mexicans). I mainly voted because of the propositions for california. *shrugs* and because its the american thing to do! or some bs like that. Uh...whatelse?

Single aware-ness day is next week, bleh. Never liked that holliday....only liked it once in what, 19 years now? and that was only because i had a significant other....which i suppose is the purpose....but enough of the single awareness....Has annyone ever tried to drink something called water? stuff is freakin horrible!!!! its all bleh...icky...well im done now! i'll chat with you guys later! bye bye

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