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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hola, Hey friends! hows it going? Sorry i havent been updating or anything. Ive been too tired and...uh...something. Things have been pretty boreing around here...jus sleeping and playin games like i normally do. Altho im out of games to actually play (still waiting to get Fire Emblem) Ive also been hanging out with my cousins and playing Call of Duty4 (which is really good btw)

Uh....what else is there to post about? well i cant really think of anything. Who's looking forward to Christmas? lol, i suppose most people are. Im looking forward to it, mainly just to get it done with already. My moms all bum'ed out because my parents couldnt afford to get me or sis anything. lol, its going to suck tho, cause 10 to 1, shes probably going to start crying christmas eve/morning. Adults huh? boy are they a handfull. Anywho! thats about it, i'll post again monday to wish everyone a happy holidays! Take care my friends!

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