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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hola, Heya friends! posting...again! Wow eh? sorry for never posting...lazyness kicks in....but yeah...i finally passes Twilight Princess sunday night....its not that i couldnt beat it before (i was at the twilight castle place) i jus refused to beat it, cause it was my only game....but yeah..finally beat it...its crazy cause zelda didnt play a big part...oh wll ^___^ minda was way cool anywho....so yeah...Prince of Persia is going good.....the game play is really awsome! all the games on the Wii are fun....if the Wii had Xbox360 or PS3 graphics, it would be considered a religon....seriously.....well anywho enough of me wasting ur time, ill cya laters my friends! bye byes

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hola, Hello my friends! its been awhile hasnt it? sorry for never going online....ive been busy with web-page making, graphics and....uh...stuff, yeah...stuff makes sence! Welp i got sucky news on friday, which made me sad...im still sad about it, but i still act like my normal self. Today (Saturday) i went to a few stores and got sum stuff, i got a new pair of Vans, but i wont wear them yet, cause i dont wanna mess them up....and i also the Prince of Persia for the Wii, rival swords i believe...im going to start it tomarrow, or today...welp Sunday....so yeah....well friends, hope u all have a good weekend, take care!

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hola, Hey friends! sorry for not positng on the weekdays.....Len was very very busy over the week, between graduation stuff, and getting classes registered for college. But Yay! its all done now! all i have to do is graduate, which isnt really hard....ive done all the hard stuff. Anywho i only have 3 college classes, altho im going to get a 4th one....cause i need one...to be considered full time....i just need to get my placement test information to find a english class....yep yep. So yeah.....here my schedule! (since im bored)
M,W,F - i have Computer Concepts from 9am to 10:10
W nights - i have Psychology (with meh sis) 6pm to 8:50pm
T,TH - Trigonometry, freakin again! but its the only way to get into the higher math classes....stupid system 10am to 11:50am
So as you can see...i have plenty of room for other stuff....i jus need a english class...then a job ^____^ then life will be good......welp everyone, have a good weekend! bye byes

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hola, Hey friends! hows the weekend going so far? good i hope....i did some of my commenting duty (not all, since when do i do all of something?) Anywho sorry i didnt get on too much during the week...i had a really good excuse y i wasnt on...but i forgot it....hahaha oh well! welp friends make sure u all have a very good weekend, and a week....dunno when ill be back on....hopefully monday-ish....so yeah....take care friends!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hola, Hey friends! sorry for the non-commenting/posting over the weekend, *mumbles* stupid research paper...oh and it wasnt even due tuesday! its due all week....bah....i cant believe i rushed over it for those days....oh well, i did most of my commenting dutys, key word = most....oh yeah, go lookie at this if u got sum times:
its the KH3 thingy....u kno...after u get 100% on KH2...but its the full final mix version...with fighting and stuff ^____^ its very nifty....anywho thats pretty all i have to post about.....so yeah...everyones take care! adios.


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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hola, So yeah...i havent commented to much yep...im busy neglection my 5 page research paper thats due tuesday....yeah...i havnet started...and we got it...oh...begining of march i believe....oh well...ill have to do it eventaully....so yeah, ill be doing that....take care friends and have a good weekend! bye byes!

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hola, Hey my friends! another day has gone by! so yeah anywho i did my commenting like i said i would...i think i did anywho...dont remember that far back...oh well, yeah my day was fun...watchin tv and play my psp....speakin of tv, has anyone noticed the major flaw of horror movies (not whore movies, they have lots and lots of flaws...) anywho yeah, at the end of the movies, they never explain what happens....i mean...they are all like "yay, we survived, we can now make a perfect family with 2.5 kids" (2.5 kids is the averege # of kids per family...dont kno where the .5 came from) back to story, they never say what happens to all the dead people! how do u explain 7 dead people in ur house? hmmm? how do u explain that!!!! they always jus go off into the happyness, being happy, do they jus tell everyone that their friends jus disapeared? do they hide the bodies? or do they say some dude/ghost killed them all? i dont get....damn movies......Anywho enough with that....ill post more about that laters, so yeah...have a good one friends! take care

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hola, Hey im here again posting...ill have to comment a little later on....*stretches* man its way to ealy....i soo want to hibernate....but im unable to...stupid bears, being able to hibernate.....anywho i think im going to spend my day watching random things on tv....sounds like a party right? hahaha yeah, since the house is already clean and i have no chores to do, might as well do nuthin......wow...weird, my mom jus text'd me a bunch of things to do today....how's she kno i wasnt going to do anything? oh well..i got a few chores to neglect....cya laters

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hola, Heya friends. This post ive decided not to put in a bunch of "dots". you kno, jus look as my past post, i use the dot dot dot way to much. Anywho yesterday/today (Monday) i spent the day cleaning the house, not fun. Bah, and i gotta do that again today too. Oh well, so friends, since its spring break for me and all, im going to bug the hell outa yous! hahaha so yeah, any one kno a good place to download vidoes? music? taco? hahaha kidding about the tacos, everyone knows how to download those, welp friends, ill be back on laters, cyas

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hola, Well hello there friends! now this theme is way much more fun ^___^ well same theme...jus different...stuff....hahaha so yeah...DBZ theme, cause yeah....DBZ rules! ah yeah..it took up so much of my childhood...good good times....anywho i commented on most of the sites that had updated...and now im posting again....i think i posted way to much in the past week or so....hopefully i keep on with this....anywho friends, hope ur weekends are going good...take care and ill cya laters

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