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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hola, how are my friends doing? Man im tired...starting up back at school is tireing work! especially tuesdays/thursdays, im stuck at school for way too long. Anywho tomorrow (thursdsay) im getting the stereo put in!!! Yay!!! lol, im sooo looking forward to it ^___^ Uh what else? well im not sure i do have a question for you guys tho! Its for when u go to school (used to, or whatever) where do you sit, if you can sit anywere? I dont sit all the way in the back, cause you get more attention that way (thu u sit back there to be ignored) so i sit on the edge of the lower middle area!, like row 4 out of 6 ^___^ that way i get ignored and i can nap!!!! Well i guess im done now, time for a nap ^__^ cyas

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