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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hola, Hola How are my friends doing? Thursday is the last day of school for me, and i'll only have to stay there for less than an hour too! ^___^ I enjoy these college test, they are pretty quick to take and i get to go home after. I took my IS-15 test monday at got a 78% (i took the test in under 10 minutes) which shoudl average my grade to be a C in the class (C for class + C for final + C for final Report, should = a C in the end right?)

So yea, school is going good, and almost over. I didnt get the job at office depot...but i did win $25 bucks on a lotto scratcher ^__^ which made me happy. Tho im sure the job would have paid out more in the end...Oh well

Anywho, take care my friends! i'll post again laters!
P.S. Laura is a meanie pants! hahaha ^__^


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hola, Its Posty Time! Things are going oki dokis here on my end of the stick. I had a job interview friday at Office depot, which went okay. I have a second interview with them on monday, which i hope goes good. As you might have noticed, i have a new Christmas theme up!!! and i kno you all are going to say how much you like it, and lets not get into "how the hell is this a christmas theme" its blue okay!!! good enough for me....Sooooo what else to post about? how are the gas prices where u guys are at? it finally stoped increasing at 3.25 a gallon here, flippin breaking my bank just get to school and back. Speaking of school, i figured out what im going to be doing! well sorta, i figured that i'll major in either computer engineer or computer sciences. and i think i want to minor in information systems. Sound like a plan? Anywho! my dad came home drunk and now he's hanging out with Captain Morrigan, Mr. Spock, and the guy from Man vs. Wild. So yea, its going to be a busy night...take care friends!

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hola, Hola How are my friends doing today? Hopefully things are going good. Eh...right now im actually missing someone alot, its been...33/34 days since ive last talked to this person, today i really really wanted to talk tho, and have a chance to. but i tucked my tail between my legs and ran away ^__^ Speaking of running away, my friend Kristy might need my help. Her bf dosnt treat her good, and she wants out but is afraid. So if needed i get to go over and break his face...tho, i think he's older than be by 3 years...dosnt matter, atleast i hope not...Uh..in other news! my joints hurt...legs, like the knee's (is that how u spell it?) and ankles...i swear i cant spell...but yea, mucho hurto. Uh, i think im done for this update, so i'll talk to you guys later, adios

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hola, Testing, testing, does this thing work? I think it works for IE7 (since its working for me) hows the site for everyone else? i need the respone from people using IE6 or lower, or Firefox. Thankz alot if you can tell me. 1000 points to both Moosey and Melody for knowing what i was rambling about ^__^ No class friday (today/tomorrow/whenever) Teach email'd and said it wasnt manditory to go, so no way in hell im even going to think about going...So anywho, i'll finish tweaking my site (slap my name on everything), take care my friends!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hola, Hola How are my bestest friends doing? I hope you guys are all doing good, i dont really have anything to update about at the moment...uh...anyone kno how to make the site bigger? i kno most have no clue to what im talking of, but myO has a small site area, and custom site dont fit good...the have to be slim...uh...yea, i guess i'll look it up cause its hard to explain, that or you'll be getting random messages from me, talk to you then! adios

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hola, Hola Damn internet game keeps crashing the IE, you'd figure i'd learn the first two times, this is the 3rd time ive written this post. Hopefully the last, Okay First, Happy Turkey eating day to anyone who celebrates it today(tomorrow/yesterday/last year) And i hope those who dont celebrate it, have a great thursday. Super Mario Galaxy is going good, 56 stars down (im going to go for all 120) its a really good game. As asked by gnnwan I dont kno if this or Fire Emblem is better, I really wanted FE but it wasnt there, so i got SMG. And i got to watch Beowulf! Twas awesome ^__^, a bit off from the book/story thingy...but still really good! I cant think of anything else to post about, so i'll be going. Talk to you laters!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hola, Hola You kno, i think if i say im going to do sumthing, there a 70% chance i wont do it. I still want to redo the navigation part of my site...but yea, im lazy. I got Super Mario Galaxy!!! So yea, i wont be playing online as much. So far its hard to put down Monster Hunter Freedom 2 tho...almost 200 hours into that game, its hard to let it go, but im sure as soon as i start SMG i'll forget about it. Uhhh...what else???? i dunno, and im going to go, cyas

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hola, Hola Oki, im bored. I'll finish the site tomorrow (saturday). I have now completly hacked my phone, there is nothing left to hack on it...*throws it into pile of junk* im bored with it now. I also gotta work on xPunk_x_Zerox avi thingy, I wanna go watch Beowulf, anyone want to join me? and with that i'll leave you guys in peace, cya laters

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hola, Hola! Whats up my friends? I'll get around to commenting right after this post, Uh..lets think, whats new....Nothing much i suppose, Two games have come out for the Wii that i want (Super Mario, Fire Emblem) but i lack the cash to get either T__T And on that note! i applied at uh...Office depot, and yeah, almost out of places to apply. Was there anything else i was supposed to talk about? Well i cant remember so im going to go, cya laters!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hola, Hola,
Man im tired, im done for the night and i'll finish the html wensday, Sorry for the lack of coments

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