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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hola, Hey friends! how are you? Changed the layout again ^__^ i like boxes,i cant help it. i just need to figure out what to do with the top post picture. how does the site look? im hopeing its all nice and aligned on everyones explorer.

Anywho, school starts monday, and im sooo not lookin forward to it. Im taking more classes this time around, tho i dont think i'll have any problems with them. And the earliest class i have is at 10:30 ^___^. and no classes friday. Speaking of friday, thursay after class, im getting my new Stereo and speakers set up in my truck! ^___^ i really cant wait!!! its going to be epic awesomeness!!!!!!

I think thats about it for my post, im still playing Fire Emblem: RD, and its going pretty good. i got kinda confused between Devdan and Dandev...yea, extreamly confusing. but its good. Some characters suck big time (IMO) but i just dont use them ^___^. Anywho, take care my friends! i'll talky to you laters

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