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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hola, Have you ever heard strange noises in you house? and after paying close attention, you realize that its you stomach? yea, it was one of Those days. Anywho, some of my dads family stayed the night on thursday (yea, i realize i told half of you that they are all dead, but that was a lie, well more "wishfull thinking") yea, they are some crazy people, like drunk 25/8 kinda crazy. But yea, a sudden death in the family has brought my dads side of the family togehter...which is bleh...i really dont like them much. Anywho, next paragraph

Wensday night i went and say 'I am Legend' the movie was pretty good, it really made me want to see 'Cloverfield' more tho, i cant wait till that movie comes out ^__^. Uh..what else? Oh i finally got my game! Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, So far the game is Awesome! im haveing a few problems with defence...damn people keep dying and i have to keep reseting the game...but ive only played thru a few chapters. And with that, im done for the day, i'll talk to you guys laters! cya

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