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Friday, September 5, 2008

   i am...sitting on the floor o.O

Time: 5:05 PM
Mood: TIRED/Stressed
Song: Straitjacket Feeling (All-American Rejects)

Quote of the Day:
I can't understand it. I can't even understand the people who can understand it.
-Queen Juliana

Astronomy Picture of the Day


I'm gonna start doing that Astronomy Pic of the Day thing, because the pictures are REALLY cool. They're really pretty; and I'll have one up every day! ^.^ Yes, I am a nerd. And I am taking Astronomy! So ha! You're jealous! XD Jk.

So today was pretty horrible. We had a debate in American History today, and I totally messed it up. I sounded like a total idiot. It doesn't help that the rest of my class are a bunch of geniuses and debate like they've been doing it their entire lives.

About Poodles and Shelby. They're best-ish friends. And there's been a rumor going around that someone dumped Shelby over the summer, but no one can figure out who exactly dumped her. I was just really pissed in my last post because I was absolutely sure that it had been Poodles, but now I don't really know. I sit at his table during lunch x.X Gah...My friends pick the worst places in the cafeteria to sit...*inwardly groans* We're the only 3 girls at the table. He sits with all guys!!! THEY'RE ALL GUYS!!! He's so hopeless! I don't think he's ever interacted with a girl in his entire life! Does he even know what they are?! He is so frustrating!!! T__T

*cools down* Okay, I'm really sorry, I've been acting crazy today. The debate sucked, I probably failed the quiz we took in Bio (I honestly knew nothing on it), we have a group project to do over the weekend for English, a packet for Astronomy, worksheets for Geometry (T.T), a HUGE study guide for AP, and I probably forgot something in the mix...OMG I think I'm going insane. My life is homework. All the time. That's all I do in my spare time. Homework. Eat. Sleep. Occassionally text. XD

I've got to go...do you-know-what. The H-WORD. Sayonara. *hugs* Thanks for the super-long 2 comments last post. I'll try my best to get to some of you this weekend, but with the ridiculous amount of work I've got to do...

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

   i am so tired! >.>

Time: 5:06 PM
Mood: Good/Tired (No homework! ^.^)
Song: Ancient History (Hawk Nelson)

In politics, absurdity is not a handicap.
-Napoleon Bonaparte


Isn't that the truth? Seriously, did you hear about McCain's running mate, that Alaskan governor person? Her daughter is having a kid, and she's seventeen. And they're perfectly fine with it. They actually tried to pass off the kid as being the governor's, not her daughter's. *rolls eyes*

I understand that their families' lives shouldn't be an issue, but seriously, if she just lets her 17-year-old have a baby (she's obviously a supporter of teen pregnancy) what else will she support? I can only imagine. The presidential race is just a huge celebrity popularity contest this year.

*cough* Anyway, today is Wednesday. My day was pretty boring; woke up at 5:50 AM, as usual, and I felt like crap. I really felt nauseous as hell. I thought I wasn't going to be able to go to school, but by third period (English) I was feeling better. I had to rewrite my extended response paragraph for my Big Fish test in that class. I was supposed to define a 'dynamic' character, but I defined someone who was 'round' instead.

Oh yeah, and I have a great American History story for you today. We were discussing the similarities/differences between the ship exploreres era (where they discovered America, etc.) and the space explorers era. And Mr. Swaggerty called on me first for the differences.

I said, "Well, the people exploring on ships were on Earth, and the space exploring people were in space!"

Am I not the most intelligent person you have ever seen? XD lol. I feel so stupid in that class; everyone else is a bunch of geniuses, and then there's me. Haha. See, I'm taking Advanced Placement American History...>.> *dies* Yes, it's horrible. But I felt better about it (someone else said one group explored on ships and the other rockets later in the class).

No interesting Spanish stories, sorry. We had our real Spanish teacher today, though. She's been out ever since the first day of school because her husband had a heart attack or something. But she says he's doing better, but she'll be back on Friday. And I'm glad, because our sub doesn't know shit about Spanish.

I found out something interesting today. There's been a rumor going around about Poodles breaking up with someone...

Guess who? You're all correct. Shelby.

All I can do is pray to God it's not true. If it is...*mumbles under breath* That bitch is gonna get it...I WILL KILL HER IF IT'S TRUE!!!

Okay, maybe not kill her, but I will give her a piece of my mind. And I will throttle Poodles while I'm at it, lol.

Poodles: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! >.< Don't kill me!!)

Rofl. That'd be kinda amusing. Oh yeah, speaking of Poodles, ya'll don't have to call him that. His real name's Eric, if you feel all weirded-out calling him Poodles. That's just his band nickname (haha, you have to know what he looks like to understand why they call him that). I know too much about band...o.O Lol.

Well, I must go. The only reason why I even posted today was because I didn't have any homework to do for a change. ^.^ Woot. *hugs* Thanks for the comments, really appreciate your support, as usual. Adios!

I think I'm gonna start doing that Avi of the Day thing again...

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Monday, September 1, 2008

   whoa there...

Time: 12:05 PM
Mood: Mellow (Haha...Mello...okay nvm)
Song: For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic (Paramore)

I love getting drunk...Lol I wish I could get drunk!!

[I laughed when I read that XDD]


Omg...Okay...I don't remember who said this...BUT POODLES IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!

....O///////////////////O Lol. So yeah, in response to everyone's comments, yeah, Shelby's a bitch, she needs to die in a hole (just kidding), blah blah blah...

Yeah, last night my aunt and uncle came over (my aunt filmed the wedding/reception) and we watched the reception video. OMG it was hilarious. XD One of my other cousins, Whitey (yes that's what we call him, his real name's Craig XD) was caught on tape dancing with a mop...It's amazing what you miss when you don't have a video camera...

Woo-hoo, today is Labor Day! No school! And more time for me to do my homework! T.T I still have AP homework to do...God, I hate that class. Already! And tomorrow will only be my third day of school!

Yeah, I have nothing else to say. Except, I've had a strange lack of PM's and my GB is getting signed like crazy. o.O Talk to me people!! I get bored! XD So people who like talking...PM me or something...^.^ Lol.

*hugs* Laterz peoples. Later...

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

   i got to go to a wedding ^.^

Time: 11:58 AM
Song: Bring 'Em Out (Hawk Nelson)

You should show her who's boss. Be like, "BEEYATCH!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU AREE?!?! THE BOY DOESN'T LIKE YOUU!!! BACK OFFF!!!!"
-Just Munky (fellow Otakuan buddy XDDD rofl)


Omg, you had no idea how hard that made me laugh. I could imagine the look on her face if I ever told Shelby that...*cracks up* All of your guys' comments about her made me laugh. And I got 6 comments! Oh yeah! XD Good times, good times...

Yeah, so anyway, all of your advice about Shelby...None of it would work. >.> See, there's just one tiny little problem that will be very hard to get rid of...

And that problem is the fact that Poodles and Shelby are very good friends. They've been friends since like, junior high or something. *hiss* Now she's taking advantage of it, ne?

Poor Poodles is left alone and confused...XD lol. He doesn't have a clue about girls...*cough* I said nothing...

So anyway, yeah, I went to a wedding yesterday! My cousin's. Receptions are so much fun xD I love dancing and watch everybody else dance. Especially all my aunts and uncles and my parents...They all dance like total idiots. XD Specially when they're drunk. *laughs* And see, my cousin (the groom) has two left feet, so when it was time for their dance or whatever, the bride was like steering him around so he wouldn't trip. Lol. That's Brad for ya...But it was great. It was a really cool wedding.

So now that I'm home, I have a CRAPLOAD of homework to do...most of it for AP American History and Astronomy. *sigh* Good thing I don't have school tomorrow, or else I'd be absolutely screwed.

Oh yeah, and for anyone who wants to know, yes, now that I have a retainer I do have a lisp. I have a really hard time saying words with "s"'s in them and "th" words. So Spanish is horrible. XD Go ahead and laugh...It actually is quite amusing...If only you could hear it! But I don't know how to put videos and crap on Youtube. Haha. And I can do really good Sasuke impersonations! "O...M...G...Like, Itachi totally stole my purple nail polish! It's like, my favorite color! Naruto is so adorable...Oh my God..." XDDDD

What else was I gonna say? Oh yeah, Spanish reminded me of something that happened in that class on Friday. Okay, so we have to do these acrostic things for our Spanish names, and we have to use Spanish adjectives and all that stuff. So everyone's got Spanish dictionaries looking up words and all that...And my friend Kaylyn is in my class, right? Well, she's Mormon. (She's also in drumline o.O) And she found the Spanish word for Mormon in the dictionary. XD And she's quite loud, so she's like "Ahhh!! I can put that word in my poem!" (Her Spanish name's Marisol). And Pablo (also on drumline...Him and Kaylyn have a rather interesting love/hate relationship XD) overhears, and he shouts "MORMON!! MORMON AFFAIR!!" XDDD Rofl. Mormon Affair (MA) is a huge inside joke among the band peoples...Lol. They bicker all the time...It's so amusing. I guess you have to be there...

Well, I gots to go. Homework to do...T.T

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

don't worry, folks...there's a 100% survival rate in this class. -mr. swaggerty

Time: 5:18 PM
Mood: I have a headache and my teeth hurt
Song: Cloud Nine (Evanesence)

It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated.
-Alec Bourne


Okay, I shall walk you through my first day of school, of the '08-'09 school year, as a sophomore. Are you ready?! Lol.

Okay, so, naturally, I'm at the bus stop (it did come by the way XD), where I am surprised to find that everyone from my stop last year is still there. They're all juniors, so I thought they'd be driving by now. Apparently I was wrong. We got a new bus; and a few new "rules". All upperclassmen have to sit in the back of the bus, and only freshman can sit up front. AND, starting tomorrow, we're going to have assigned seats. Yes, assigned seats. Every one of us. ON THE BUS!!!!! She told us all this as we were getting on.

So, unfortunately, I drag myself all the way to the BACK of the bus, and I sit. And I hear a painfully familiar voice...

I about jumped five feet in the air when I realized I was sitting right next to him. O.O (Dude, it's dark out when we ride the bus in the morning. I couldn't see anyone's face.) Anyway, yeah, that woke me up. Surprisingly, I had this really stupid grin on my face (I could feel it XD) and I didn't cry or anything. He got a haircut. XD

So, my actual school day was actually pretty boring. I have a lot of friends in my classes, so that's pretty cool. I'm taking AP American History this year (AP=Advanced Placement) and I am so screwed. We had 2 pages of homework tonight, and we have a study guide and a paper that we have to do over the weekend. It's a 3-day weekend, but still...our teacher's pretty nice, though, Mr. Swaggerty. He knows we've heard bad stuff about his class, but he reassured us that "no one will pass away this year, seriously." XD lol.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Clarkson. He teaches Honors English. =] English is one of my favorite subjects. Omg, he was commenting on people's older siblings that he's had in the past as he's taking attendance, and he gets to a friend of mine, Kim Pham.

And he says, "Hey, you have a brother, don't you?"

She snorts and says "No!"

Mr. Clarkson laughs, and then he does this really bad fake deep voice, and he's like "Andy [Kim's brother] is dead to me..." XDDD Rofl. It was hilarious. He has a really great sense of humor, and he uses sarcasm often (something I do as well). He should be a lot of fun.

But, Astronomy's a different story...Our teacher, Mr. Murad, is really boring. SUPER. T.T And I have to sit next to this girl named Shelby. *hiss*

I HATE HER!!! She is SO mean! She's kind of like conceited in a nice way...It annoys me. Kinda like "Oh, I knew I got that right! Tee-hee ^.^" Grrrr. *grumbling under my breath* Always flirting with Poodles...who does she think she is?! Bitch...

And we had a sub in Spanish. A SUB!! ON OUR FIRST DAY!!! o.o And do you remember all the Spanish class stories from last year? With Pablo, Paco, Enrique, Jesus, Miguel, Bobby Z...They're back, and they're in my class this year! Well, at least Pablo, Elisa, Esteban, and Bobby Z. That class is still definitely going to be fun with Pablo in it. XDD And Jesus (Joey) is also in my Journalism class, and Bobby Z's in another one of my classes, but I can't remember which.

After that was Study Hall (sorry, I'm skipping over some classes because nothing interesting happened XD) and THAT was interesting. There are 93 people in my Study Hall. x.X

...And I got my retainer today. It's so annoying...I can't talk correctly with it in. I sound retarted. XDD Lol.

Anyways, that was my first day back. I gotta go, see you all later ^.^ *hugs*

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

   this is the correlation of salvation and love...

Time: 4:02 PM
Mood: Scared/Excitedly Nervous
Song: The Unwinding Cable Car (Anberlin)

Screw cookies...the Dark Side has yaoi!

-A quote from my friend's blog


OMG, it's a miracle!!! STIXX!!! You are a Sanctus Real fan! That is so awesome! I love you! XD Lol. Sanctus Real fans are rare and hard to come by...Because they're categorized as "Christian Gospel" (which is really not what they're like at all) not many people have heard of them...Anyway, yeah, that just totally made my day!

And get this! I was at freshman orientation today to help out, and I was talking to Ms. Gerber (my Algebra teacher from last year) and this other teacher guy comes up to talk to her, and he sees my shirt (I'm wearing my Sanctus Real shirt XD) and he's like "Hey! They're a really good band! I love their new song, We Need Each Other! It's pretty awesome."

I was like *.* WOW! How ironic. My iTunes just went to that song. XDDD Omg! And someone else said they liked Anberlin...*thumbs-up* Good for you! Haha. The Unwinding Cable Car is my favorite song by them...then Adelaid...^^ Yeah, I'll stop ranting about music now.

So as I said earlier, I went back to school today (at 7.25 AM T.T) for da FRESHMEN ORIENTATION. Oh yeah, sounds intense, right?

Kind of. See, you're paired up with another upperclassmen (I got Kristin, a senior ^^ She's really cool) and you get assigned to a freshman homeroom and you do stuff with them and all that jazz.

Our teacher didn't show up until like 10 or 15 minutes LATE. So Ms. Baddyak and some other dude had to stay with us until Mrs. Diamond (their homeroom teacher) to show up.

After that whole fiasco was over, the kids in our homeroom class were so boring. They didn't want to do ANYTHING fun. T.T It was all awkward...and boring. And I feel bad because I'm never really myself around younger kids; I'm always like, more subdued, I guess. I dunno why. But I've never liked kids younger than me. Except for a few select freshmen that are cool.

Anyway, the drama club puts on this skit for them about the "School Rules", and O...M...G it was HYSTERICAL! Me, Chelsy, Merissa and Kristin were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.

The thing is, they make all these little cracks about some of the teachers, and you don't really get it unless you've actually had said teacher in the past or something. So naturally the freshmen didn't get it, but we did. Oh my God it was so funny. And the best part was, all the teachers were watching...XDDD rofl. It seriously made my whole life.

When it got to be lunchtime, which was when we were supposed to "mingle" with the freshmen (or leave XD) we all went and hung out in the drama classroom (because they got free pizza...yay!) and I got to steal some pizza from them. ^.^ Yay me. And then we hung out on the stage (the stage/theater is connected to the drama classroom...for obvious reasons).

Wow, everyone is wearing their Sanctus Real shirts today. I've been texting my friend Moony (aka Laura, but we have dorky Harry Potter nicknames XD) and we're both wearing our Sanctus Real shirts...the same exact ones. And Travis is wearing his too...and my friend Kristel...How weird is that?!

I guess I should stop talking about strange coincidences...I'll be going now. =] *hugs*

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

   2 more days of summer...and that's it.

Time: 4:51 PM
Mood: NOOO!!! SCHOOL!!
Song: The Show (Sanctus Real)

To be truthful, I don't know a lot about difficult subjects, but now that I've been given the opportunity to write something here, I struggled to create a great quote or saying that would live on through the centuries. I really tried hard, and it's not supposed to be a joke or anything. What do you think of this:

'There are no nudists in cold areas.'

-Tsugumi Ohba


That, essentially, is the best quote I have ever found in my entire life. XD Death Note is amazing...It really is. That quote's in #11 of the Death Note manga.

Omg...I just got the last two volumes today. 11 and 12. I can't believe that's it! *.* I had such great faith in Light...I expected him to keep the whole Kira thing a secret for forever...He's just so...smart. XD Lol.

What's that guy's name...? That's right. Mikami. He's cool. XD I just felt like saying that.

GOD! I have iTunes on shuffle, and it's been playing nothing but Sanctus Real the entire time I've had it on. T.T How annoying. Oh well...The sequence of the shuffle shall not be tampered with...

So yeah, I rode my bike up to school (a very long way x.X But I felt like it) to check the bus schedule; they post it up on the front windows so people can just come by and check it. So there's your name, your AM bus number, the time it comes, and where it will pick you up/drop you off. Then it has your PM bus number (the afternoon bus; in case it's different or something, but it's usually not).

I don't know what my bus number for either time is (AM or PM) and I don't know what time it comes in the morning. All I know is that it's coming to pick me up sometime before school starts at the corner of the street. A bus.

I'm pissed. And I checked all of the other people who ride the same bus I do, and everyone that rides my bus is the same; no bus number, and no time. It's just for our bus. Just. Our. Bus. WHY?!

So I'll be waiting for this mysterious bus Thursday morning...I have no friggin clue what to expect, or even if it'll be the right bus, BECAUSE IT'S NOT POSTED!!! >____<

Oh yeah, and while I was walking back to my bike to head back home, I looked down and noticed that I'd ridden the whole way there with two flat tires. That's why it was so hard to pedal...T.T So, deciding not to give up, I jumped on and start pedalling.

...That's when I heard the cracking noise. I seriously f*cked up my front tire. And I had to walk the rest of the way home. Because my bike was broken! (And trust me, it's not a short walk. You have to walk all the way down Sylvania Ave. to the park, and then there's this extremely large neighborhood you have to cut through, and THEN you have to cross another big street and go like 1.5 miles down my street to get to my house.)

My day has not been going well. THEN I find out that me and my friends' plans for going to Sanctus Real's first concert of their new tour is down the drain, because they all have a band meeting that night. Grrrr.

At least the jeans I bought at Aero today were on sale...

And hey, I'm listening to Josh Turner now. There's hope for this day yet...

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

   Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words...

Time: 2:16 PM
Mood: Bored
Song: The Secret Parade (The Afters)

Why are you worrying about You-Know-Who when you should be worrying about You-No-Poo; the constipation sensation that's gripping the nation!
-Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter)


Hey! Thanks for all the comments! ^.^ 7! That's so amazing! That's way more than what I used to get before I left for forever...T.T Lol.

Anyway, you guys really cheered me up. Seriously, I feel a lot better now. Everyone's like "It's okay, don't feel like you have an obligation or anything!" But that's just how I am with my friends, I guess. All of you are just as important to me as the friends I face in real life; I just felt...bad, I guess. There's me for ya. XD

So, I'm home alone today. Mom's at work, and Dad and Brandon (my brother) went to the lake to fix the awning on the cabin porch. It broke again. I rented that 21 movie, so I think I'm gonna watch that after I'm done here.

Hey, speaking of here, I changed my theme. =] After 3 months of Kikyo (lol) I decided it was time for a change. I've really been into Death Note lately, so I chose Matt. ^^ He's awesome.

Excuse me, as I just spilled milk all over my lap...rofl.

Okay, I'm back. So anyway, yeah, Matt's my favorite person-so is L. Him and L are tied. L is adorable. Or should I say, WAS. He died. --sniffle-- Near and Mello irritate me...Misa makes me smile, and Light, of course, is cool. And Matsu! He's such an idiot! ^^ Yeah, Death Note's a great anime/manga, so I encourage you to watch it.

Ummm...no sites today...I'm too sleepy. I didn't get any sleep last night. >.>

*hugs* Later.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

   I honestly don't remember the last time I was on here.

Time: 8:24 PM
Mood: Tired/Suckish (which is normal these days)
Song: Disturbia-Rihanna

[Whatever Inspires You]


One of the first things I have to say is, I love you all to death. There is not one day that goes by that something reminds me of at least one of you. I don't care if I you're one of my newest friends on here, or if you're Zakuro-chan or Emmah. I love you all. I honestly do.

I know I haven't been on here in God-only-knows when. I know that; and I regret it. I just...It's strange. Some days I feel like I don't need this site to vent anymore like I used to. Other times it's like this burning feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like, I need to talk to you guys. The familiarity of this place...It's so reassuring. So much more reassuring than the sophomore year I'm about to jump into.

I don't even wanna go there. Anyway, how has my summer been going?

This summer has been the worst summer of my life since the summer my grandpa died. (Which was last summer). But this time, it's not grief over a dead someone. Oh, he's very much alive. But that's what kills me.

--sigh-- If you don't wanna be depressed, stop reading now.

Anyway, yeah, it's still the same guy. The same old Poodles, eh? You ask. Oh yeah. See, something happened...on the last day of school. And it took everything I had to not cry right there in front of everyone...that day. But that's not what this is about.

It's just this huge, pathetic case of self-pity. I just feel sorry for myself; because I am fully aware that I can't handle these feelings, I'm not strong enough, I'm not good enough for anyone, let alone him. I give him credit for one thing: He's helped me to realize how messed up of a person I really am. I see myself for real, now. And what I see scares the living shit outta me.

I can't believe I beat myself up over a guy. A GUY. Yeah. And this problem just circles back to the "I'm-the-weakest-person-on-Earth" dilemma. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't been the first person I'd every felt that way about in my whole life.

I'm sorry I'm forcing this on all of you. This whole thing is so stupid. I know there are people out there who are suffering a thousand times worse than I am, but here I am, feeling the lowest I've ever felt in my whole life, over something so STUPID.

That's why I'm afraid of going back to school. If I go back, I might see him again. And then I might really lose it. I don't know what'll happen if I see him. That's what I'm scared of. What I might do.

And you know what? No one's probably reading this anyway. Because I've let you all down, and practically ignored you all the entire summer. What's wrong with me? Wasn't my goal in life to be there for my friends when they needed me? --snorts-- Goes to show how I live up to myself, doesn't it?

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...to all of you. I've failed you. I don't deserve--I never did--what you've all done for me. I'm crying right now; I am dead serious. I am sobbing hysterically...I don't even know how I'm typing this.

I guess that's all I wanted to say. You guys; you awesome anime freaks; are some of the best friends I will ever have, and I love you so much. You have no idea.

I'm so sorry.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

   Lol, I don't really have anything to say...

Time: 5:37 PM
Mood: Relieved
Song: Whoa (Paramore)

[Insert Personal Quote Here]


Hey, all! I've come back rather soon, eh? And I really hate typing on laptops...I always press the wrong button whenever I try typing anything, so this is taking me a really long time. ^_^" lol.

So, what happened today...Not much. In Science, Miss Cappel really pissed me off; we started the kinetic and potential energy section in the book today, and there's all these equations you have to memorize to calculate all that stuff (God, I hate Physics).

She hands us this packet that's supposed to help us practice using the equations (mind you, without hardly going over it at all) and expects us to go through and do the whole thing without having any questions at all. Of course, everyone had a load of questions, and then she gets all mad at us because "Well, I explained it to you! *sigh* You all should be able to figure it out just fine!" *rolls eyes* Uh-huh...sure. I hate her. T.T

Oh yeah! I have the weirdest story EVER. Okay, so there's this girl named Sierra, right? And she's a freshman, in my CGD class. She's also someone who likes hanging around with me every other part of the day...Anyways.

So she was telling me on the bus how she went to a Sex Ed class on Saturday. o.O Dude! She's friggin 15! Why the heck would she need those?! It's just weird...And she got free condoms, too, lol. She was giving them out to people.

You have no idea how creeped out I was when she was telling me all this...It's just weird. And it's CREEPY weird.

On to other not-so-disturbing things. Er, actually, I don't have any interesting Spanish stories. (I know you miss them! You miss Pablo, and Elisa, and Paco and Miguel...Oh yeah, you know you miss them and their moron-ness.) We were just writing our skits today...We're doing them on Wednesday. Apparently Paco, Enrique (Poodles) and Pablo's group are doing something related to Iron Chef...*giggles at the thought* I'll definitely have some stories Wednesday afternoon, don't worry. ^_^

I don't know...Nothing especially interesting happened today! It's depressing. Maybe something more fun will happen tomorrow!

Errrr...See you all whenever. *glomps* Love ya! (Like a friend of course XD)

Summer Countdown: 11 days

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