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Sunday, March 9, 2008

   i haven't had any PM's in more than a week...T.T

Time: 3:56 PM
Mood: Good
Song: Whispers in the Dark (Skillet)

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
-Anais Nin


Wow, no wonder I haven't been on in a while. IT'S SO FRIGGIN BORING. I haven't talked to anyone on here in a ridiculously long time...Because you have to go on TheOtaku to PM anyone. *rolls eyes* Along with changing your avatar. That's probably why I haven't been getting any PM's...

Why can't MyOtaku just go back to normal? Like, when you could PM people without going through any extra trouble and whenever you'd go back to your Backroom there'd be your stats, all nice and pretty in a box...And you could just change your avatar by clicking on the "Edit Picture" link! *happily reminisces*

I want to stay here, but MyO just seems to be kind of crappy right now. Everything is so perfect on TheOtaku. *shrugs* I'll stay here, I promise you guys, but I just really want MyO to go back to how it used to be. I wish EVERYTHING would go back to how it used to be, so I wouldn't even have to worry about going anywhere. T.T"

So, my weekend's been pretty good. I went over to Laura's along with Emily on Friday to help her work on her Health project (it's on cancer). Then we had pizza and just kinda hung around for a bit and did nothing. It was nice ^-^ Lol.

Then yesterday me, Laura, Emily and McKenzie went to the mall to watch a movie and just walk around. We saw Vantage Point! It was an okay movie, but if you're planning on going to see it, be prepared to watch the same thing happening over and over in different points of view for at least three quarters of the whole movie. That's why it's called Vantage Point (which I unfortunately found out after watching the same explosion for the third time ^^")

After that, I had to go babysit my 3-year-old cousin Meghan at around 8. I was soooo tired...I was told she would just go to bed whenever she was tired, and she didn't friggin go to sleep until almost 11:30! It was ridiculous. That kid is spoiled rotten. I was so tired when the parents got home I could hardly walk with my eyes open. o.O I haven't been that tired in a really long time...And it's not like I did anything overly exerting or anything yesterday.

So I got home around midnight, went to bed, and didn't wake up until 12:30 this afternoon. It was nice. ^-^

It's nice outside...Not too sunny, but not cloudy either, and it's not bitterly cold like it's been lately either.

I'm probably boring you now. I'll go. ^^; *glomps* Sayonara!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

   i am a hyper crazy freak right now!!!!!!!!

Time: 5:58 PM
Song: Time of Dying (Three Days Grace)

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.
-James Branch Cabell



Or not. I was supposed to be off the computer at 6, but whatever Screw Mom. XD Haha.

So, I finally figured out where Version Vibrant was! I thought WE were getting it, too, but I finally figured out it was just theO. Lol.

Here's my "World": [subscribe to me if you want! And leave the URL for your World in your comment if you want me to subscribe to you!]
MY Piece of the Pie!

*laughs* I swear, that title is never going to get old. XD So, my opinion on Version Vibrant: I like how you're supposed to submit Fan Words, but I don't like how you have to save your background image before you can actually put it on your site. I don't like how you can't move the comment box to see what exactly you're supposed to be commenting on.

But besides that, everything else is pretty cool. It's easier to use HTML on VV, in my opinion. You have no idea how many HTML codes I've memorized since I've joined this website. XD Which is probably pathetic.

So about my day! The nitty gritty (??). I'm REALLY REALLY hyper today, for whatever reason. Let's just get that out of the way. XD

I was scaring a lot of people...That's the generalization of it.

OMG...Spanish. SPANISH. Spanish was so awesome today!!

We played this vocab game. Senorita Sosa made these flash card-ish thingies and taped them up on the board, and she made 2 groups of them, one set of cards on one side of the board, one set of cards at the other (they were the same set of cards). Two people went up to the board, and Senorita'd say a vocab term and we'd have to pick which card it was (they were pictures) before the other person did. And if you won, you got to shoot this little basketball into a makeshift hoop (a garbage can xD) and depending on if you missed or got it, you got your team 1 or 2 points.

My team consisted of me, Shoshana, Bobby Z (his "real" name's Robert XP), Poodles (T///T), Elle, Alex, Dominique, and Joey. Quite the exciting team. *snorts*

We actually ended up winning, but that's not the point. We were really competitive XD Haha. Someone would go up to the board and we'd all be like "No pressure, no pressure! You can do it, [insert name here]! You can do it!" And the other team's just kind of like "..." XD Lol.

And then if they got it right, we'd high-five them as they sat down or whatever...

OMG. This is where the exciting part comes in!!!

I returned to my seat, smiling shakily at my team members; I had done it, but I had missed the basket when I went to take the shot, thus winning us only one point instead of two. It was true-I'm a horrible shot (and I am...I'm always way off.)

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I said to them, laughing at myself and tapping Shoshana on the shoulder; the next person to go up.

"It's fine, you did fine!" Dominique said, smiling reassuringly at me. I grinned back.

"Erm, yeah, you did...I didn't know that one", a way-too-eerily-familiar-voice said from behind me. Dammit, I thought. I could already feel my cheeks burning. Dominique gave me a questioning look. I ignored her.

"Uh, yeah, thanks. I still really suck at the whole shooting thing, though."

Poodles grinned, waving his hand carelessly. "Eh, it's alright. I suck at that, too." I giggled.


XDDDD *squeal* So yeah!! HE ACTUALLY TALKED TO ME!!!! Yay! Isn't that exciting?!

Yeah, that's all the *news* I have for now. Nothing else of huge importance happened today. Except for Sadie and Tevan accusing me of doing crack because of my hyperness. (Which is totally not true, by the way. The crack thing.)

*ninja mode*


*sneaky look at the doorway* Okay, I don't think anyone's caught me yet. But I'd better go! XD *glomps* More of my uber-exciting life tomorrow. Lol. *glomps again*


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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   where's vv for MYO?! T.T

Time: 1:52 PM
Mood: Good
Song: Beer In Mexico (??) (Kenny Chesney)

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.
-Charles W. Eliot


Hello all! I am...uber-bored. We had a snow day today, cuz of the ungodly amount of sleet that we got last night! Kinda awesome, but not really when there's nothing to do.

Come to think of it, I don't think we've had a full week of school since we came back from Winter Break! XD How weird. I probably should've noticed that a little sooner, but I've never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. XD

My brother is outside shoveling snow. Mom and Dad said he should sometime today, so there he is, shoveling away...*looks out window* Woot! I can see him from my window. While I am in here, nice and warm, posting on myO...Brother is out in the cold shoveling snow and trying not to fall and die on the ice. XP Haha. (Oh dear. "Brother"?? I sound like Alphonse now...)

So yeah, nothing's really happened today. I just have to call someone and find out when the band concert starts tomorrow night! It's either 7 or 7:30. No one can seem to remember which, even the people in band. Which is kind of sad, if you ask me.

Has anyone been to TheOtaku lately? Have you noticed how it has Version Vibrant, all shiny and...vibrant? Why doesn't MyO have it yet?! WHY ARE WE SO UNIMPORTANT?!

Nah, just kidding. Poor Adam...He must be working really hard...And it was nice of him to give us these temporary comment boxes ^^ Even though they're weird-looking and ugly. But at least we can comment!

Has anyone else had trouble PM-ing? I can't answer anyone's PMs, so yeah, if I've been talking to you, that's why you haven't heard from me in a while ^^" Yup. I think it's just because Version Vibrant is supposed to be coming so soon!

Wow...Random craving for M&M's. I'm gonna go M&M hunting! Sayonara! *glomps*

azumanga daioh: zombie mode

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

   chuck norris, the powerpuff girls, and punto laundering XD

Time: 5:07 PM
Mood: Mildly irritated, otherwise good
Song: Misery Business (Paramore)

It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety.
-Isaac Asimov

Fruits Basket

*hums* "Let's stay together, always!" ~


Well, I decided to post since I've finally realized they've put the comment box back up XD So I was able to comment on everyone that updated today! And hopefully you'll bother to comment on this post too. ^^" Haha.

I've been doing surprisingly well. I mean, I'm actually...happy. I think it's because for once, I have something to look forward to. And I don't have to worry about any big projects for school or anything, and Poodles isn't popping up everywhere I go anymore XD I only see him right after 7th period (as usual) and in Spanish (well, duh. He's in my class.)

*snorts* Spanish...Okay. I have some stories for you all ^^ Especially if you have a somewhat dirty mind! Not really. You don't have to be perverted to get it, but still, it'll be funnier if you do.

So, we're having a Culture Day in Spanish! Where everyone brings in food from a certain country (the upcoming Culture Day's gonna be a Spain theme) and we, well...eat it! XD It's a lot of fun. It's like a party! And I'm really excited because the last one we had was in October!

Anyway, so yeah, we were all looking up recipes for Culture Day on Monday. And Joey has decided he's making...ham balls. XD He announced that to the class and we just started laughing.

Then he says to Senorita Sosa, "You know what? I'm gonna make a special ham ball just for you." And she has the funniest look on her face; like she thinks she should take Joey to the whacky shack or something. XP

And then Chad has the audacity to say "And you're gonna eat it too!" *laughs* It was awesome.

Today, we were talking about where Senorita Sosa's gonna teach after she's done student-teaching with us. She says she's going back to Cleveland, where she came from. (That's a really long way from our school o.O)

Apparently Chad and Alex are going to get life-size posters of themselves and give them to her so she can put them in her room. XD Senorita Sosa's response: "If you two actually do that, the only place those posters will see is the bottom of a dumpster", smiling and continuing with the lesson. *laughs* I just love how she says it so casually and acts like she doesn't even say anything! She's a great teacher, and she makes that class a lot more fun than when Senora Holt teaches it.

And about the punto laundering! Chad, Poodles and Joey were fighting over the Punto Board because people were making rather wild accusations that people were stealing/taking/erasing/giving themselves puntos. Mainly Poodles and Chad. Because they're the ones who had the Board most of the time.

So, Senorita Sosa's teaching, and there's Poodles, Andrew, Chad and Joey in the corner by the door wrestling over the Punto Board. You can hear them arguing in whispers:

"Dammit, Paco [Chad]! Gimme the puntos!"
"I can't believe you just gave yourself 7 puntos, Enrique [Poodles]! You're such a jerk!"
"I never did that! I erased 2 of them because you put them in the wrong place!"
"I did not!"
"Did someone give me my punto?! Where's my punto?!"
"Chill already! I gave you the dang punto!"
"CRAP! There goes the-"

A clatter as the Punto Board crashes to the floor. Dominique rolls her eyes. Poodles, Chad, Andrew and Joey all smile rather sheepishly as everyone looks at them and bursts into laughter.

And I won't even go into the story about the cow mask.

Erm, what else happened today? Nothing really. Spanish is my only exciting class of the day, obviously. Isn't that the only class I ever talk about? XD

Oh yeah! There was this really big argument between Danielle and Lisa during lunch today. I was kind of tuning it out until:

"I swear, I didn't say anything!" Danielle screams in Lisa's face, extremely angry (obviously). Then, a different (male) voice breaks into the argument.

"YOUR MOM SAID SOMETHING!!" This random kid yells at them. Dead silence fills the cafeteria as everyone stares at the kid. Then everyone starts laughing and clapping, and the two girls stop fighting.

Me and Tevan were laughing really hard.

So, I think that's about all I have for today. Some pretty exciting stuff is coming up at the end of the week, and I can't wait! March is gonna be a pretty good month, I think. Better than it has been lately.

See ya'll later! And hope VV comes tomorrow (or sooner! XD)! *glomps*

Gummy Bear Song: Long Version (In German)

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   my english teacher is pure evil.

Time: 7:21 PM
Mood: Annoyed
Song: Take You There (Sean Kingston)


The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well.
-Joe Ancis


OMG. Mrs. Glasby is so retarted!!! We have to write these biographies, and of course, she gives me the one person who doesn't seem to exist. I can't find ANYTHING on a "Robert Butler" that is related to our topic on the internet. And the library doesn't have anything, either. No books on him, nothing on the internet about him. So how can he be so important? T.T God only knows.

So yeah, I changed my theme because now it's March! And you know what that means-Green! ^-^ So yup, that's indeed my theme. And I added some other HTML stuff to it, too. ^_~ (You should notice it when you go to click on the Comment link. ^^ I spent a long time fixing it up.)

Errrrr...Should be researching...but it's so frustrating when you don't even know anything about the guy! I really have no clue what Butler's supposed to have done in his lifetime; what we're focusing on in English this semester is Intolerance/Tolerance, so I assume that he's somehow related to that. (What I mean by the tolerance stuff is like people judging because of religion, race, age, etc. Or they're people who work to prevent that kind of social intolerance. *nods* Yeah.)

Grrrrr. So. Oh yeah! I've made a decision, partly thanks to your guys' advice ^^ and partly thanks to the SV band! My high school's band is having a concert pretty soon.

And guess who's going with me? *nudge nudge* My friend that I was gonna go to Cominghome with! ^_^ Yay! So now I can still see him and go to the movies with my friends. Everybody's happy XD

So yeah...I slipped on the ice today. I was going to get into the car this morning, and all of a sudden, WHAM! I was on the ground. It was pretty intense! XD And it kinda hurt. But I got over it. XD Lol.

I thought VV was supposed to come today? Apparently not. But I've also heard it was supposed to have come yesterday (Emmah), it was supposed to come today (Coco), and it's supposed to come on Monday (Zakuro-san).

I love how we know almost everything about VV except for when it's actually going to come. XP Haha.

I have no clue what's going on with it, but I seriously wish it would come! This is starting to get annoying. Cut the hype and just put it on here already! T.T" Sheesh.

Emmah, we really should go and own Adam's ass! XD As you said not too long ago. Nah, just kidding. Adam is amazing! XD

Oooooooo...I'm listening to Matchbox 20. I just got their CD a little while ago. They're really good, but a lot of their songs I didn't even know they sung! o.O Heh. Like this "Unwell" song:

Yup. Dude! You guys have to see this. If you're a friend of Emmah's and comment on her posts regularly, you've probably already seen it, but I think it's hilarious!

The Beastly Hovercat!

XDDD LOL! It cracked me up. XP Indeed it did...

Well. Gots to go finish some researching! *glomps* SAYONARA!!!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

   decisions, decisions...

Time: 5:25 PM
Mood: I dunno what I want to do o.O
Song: All That I'm Living For (Evanesence)

Whatever you may be sure of, be sure of this, that you are dreadfully like other people.
-James Russell Lowell

Funny Roy


Konnichiwa fellow Otakuans! XD That was random...and...yeah.

Well. A new problem has arisen! And it's a thing most of you have probably heard of the OTHER way around-COMINGHOME. (The same thing as Homecoming, but girls ask guys and they pick a king instead of a queen. Kinda stupid, eh...? XD)

Alright. So...A really good friend of mine (I mean, a really good friend. He's like a brother to me. I've known him since first grade) gave me something painfully interesting to think about.

See...well...He kinda...Asked me to go to Cominghome with him. o/////O Yeah. As friends, not anything like that or anything. He made that really clear. (Okay...we both did. He knows about the Poodles thing.)

But I've already made plans NOT to go! Me and a small group of friends were gonna go see a movie the night of Cominghome. We've had it planned for weeks. T.T"

I just don't know what to do! I haven't seen him in ages; since 5th grade, when I moved away! I talk to him on the phone almost every day, but I really want to see him face-to-face again. But I don't wanna ditch my friends either.

See, one of us has already ditched on the movie plan. Laura C. (There are two Lauras. XD Lol.) She claims Kaylah, Kaylyn, Beth and Greg "forced" her to make plans to go, but I don't buy that for a second. If you knew Laura, you'd know people can't just push her around like that. She makes her own decisions, period. That's just how it is.

Yeah, so now she's definitely going to Cominghome...And she's the one that came up with not going in the first place! She's the one that thought of the movie thing. Which makes me want to not ditch my friends even more.

Seriously. How do you choose between one friend and another?


Ugh. I hate this. Having to decide...And I don't have much longer. By the middle/end of next week, I need to know what I'm gonna do.

As for my parents, I'm not worried about that. I'll just BS up some story about how I'm buying a couple's bid for the dance because me and a friend wanted to split the money, and she's gonna pay me back. (If I go with going to Cominghome.)

Advice! I need advice! Please tell me what you guys think I should do. I'm really stuck here. *glomps*

Well. I'll see ya'll later.

Roy, 'ThinkThinkThinkThink...'

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   a bucket of water, two snakes, and padfoot doing the macarena...

Time: 11:27 PM
Mood: Good
Song: Stronger (Kanye West)

fma bear

There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.
-Alfred Korzybski


Helloooo!! So, I was gonna post yesterday, but I had a crapload of stuff to do for projects for school. It was ridiculous. T.T

I went over to Laura's again to work on the World Studies presentation. We got that done, fortunately...Now we just have to make copies of the handout for the class, and then we're totally finished for tomorrow! Cuz that's when it's due.

Well, I dunno if it'll still be tomorrow, since we have a snow day today. ^_^ Yipee! There's A LOT of snow out there, and it's still snowing! It's supposed to get real windy and cold later, and we're supposed to get even more snow after this is over, so maybe it'll be a 2-day break. ^_~ lol.

Ugh...I wanna hear from Kyo-san...I haven't talked to him in ages! >///< Oh yeah! Let me explain. He's just a really good friend of mine on here, ya know...We talk ALL the time. ^^ He's a really good friend!

Anyway, nothing's been going on. But I have to tell you guys what was going on yesterday! XD

I'm feeling author-ish...(Oh, and by the way, Emmah, I am indeed a writer. ^^)

I swung around the corner of the Social Studies hallway, totally preoccupied. I was never going to get my CGD project done on time; I wasn't even done fixing up the dimensions, let alone ready for printing it out!

Suddenly, I crash into someone. They were about average height, but almost short-looking for their age: Dark hair, brown eyes, altogether Hispanic-looking. My stomach twisted nervously.

You've got to be kidding me, I thought. Poodles. I should've seen this coming.

My cheeks flushed, I quickly mumbled "Um, uh, sorry" before hurrying off to CGD. And I could've sworn when I looked back to see if he'd gone, he was looking right back at me.

Yeah...After that, between classes, whenever I turned a frigging corner he'd be RIGHT THERE! I almost NEVER see him in the hallways. EVER. And for some reason, he chose yesterday to always be in the same hallway as me. T///T Grrr...

Well, yeah, I have to go do a bibliography for our World Studies project. *glomps* Lat3r! (Lol...L33t. XD)

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Friday, February 22, 2008

   noob pwning purple dinosaurs!! REPTAR!! XD

Time: 9:32 PM
Mood: I have homework that I don't wanna do T.T
Song: Walk Away (Kelly Clarkson)

so what, are you still bored? what? you are? hmmmmmmmm...........ok! try this. Imagine that you're in a green field somewhere.....are you there? ok. now, in the middle of the field is a big fat cow(it can be any color--try purple) picture the cow as the symbolic icon of your boredom. ok? now kill the cow. KILL IT! distribute the meat amnst poor orphanages in New England. there.....that's better.


"He's coming, he's coming!" Devindra hissed in my ear, elbowing me in the arm. Rolling my eyes at her, I continued working on my science homework that was due next period. And tried very hard to keep my mind focused on speed equations and not a certain someone that was walking past our table.

"Listen to me! He's looking at you!" She said under her breath, for he was merely feet away from the two of us. Unable to resist, it seemed, my eyes slowly traveled upward. I stifled my gasp.

Poodles' dark brown eyes locked with mine. My stomach fluttered nervously, and I felt my cheeks starting to burn...

Then, as suddenly as he had appeared, he was gone.

Devindra giggled, looking in the direction Poodles had gone. She patted me on the shoulder, sending me a wicked grin.

I smiled shakily back, and returned to my science homework. Well, I tried to, anyway.

That was the extent of the excitement of today. XD True story, true story! XD Today was pretty boring...We had a 2-hour delay because of snow ^^ Yay!

So the school day passed by pretty quickly...I went over to Laura's for a little while right after school and worked on homework for a little bit, but we spent most of our time screwing around. XP That's me and my friends for ya.

I'm not really planning on doing much this weekend, just some schoolwork I want to get started on. There's some stuff I REALLY need to get done, and just some other things I'd like to start/finish. So yeah. ^^" I'm hoping to be on quite often this weekend.

And I hope they decide to put up VV this weekend, too...I'm getting so tired of this screwy-ness. T.T Grrr.

Well. Bye! *glomps*


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

i'm connecting with my inner satan! *growls* -greg

Time: 4:02 PM
Mood: I dunno
Song: Jesus Take the Wheel (Carrie Underwood)

Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends.
-Czech Proverb



I...really don't know what to say. XD lol. I'm just really bored right now (even though I'm supposed to be researching for my World Studies project ^^) so yeah, I thought I'd post.

Nothing really interesting happened today. There was a Spanish Club meeting...And there was no food. It disappointed me XD hah.

We just talked about what we wanted to do the rest of the year, and we decided on having a movie night during OGT week (movies in Spanish of course), a multicultural dinner, and taking...

Are you sure you're ready for what kind of lessons we're gonna take? The intensity might damage your brain cells...

Alright. If you really think you're prepared for this!


*cracks up laughing* Oh wow...That was too great. Me and Greg were cracking up..."Hahahaha!! As long as we get food afterwards!" That's our Spanish Club philosophy. It rocks as long as we have food XD

Um...yeah. *nods* I turned in my schedule class selection sheet thingy for next year in to my counselor today. I'm all set, and I'll still have a lunch period and a study hall ^^ Yup.

I decided for electives, I'm taking Astronomy as well, since I needed a class to fill up a period for second semester next year. It sounds really cool, and we even get to go on field trips! Woot! If that doesn't remind you of elementary school, I don't know what does. I haven't been on a field trip since 5th grade!

Well, anyway. Better go research that stuff about the Romanesque period for World Studies. *waves and glomps* Later, yo! XD

Naruto Convention


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

   i'm such a klutz! XD

Time: 5:36 PM
Mood: Better ^^
Song: Everything--Michael Buble

Your wallet should be the fat one.
-Fast food commercial

[Didn't I already use this quote? W/e. It makes me laugh. XD]



OMG, you guys won't believe what I did today!!

Okay, first class of the day, Physics. It was a lab day today...(Meaning me and my lab group have to go out in the lab and push a car down a stupid ramp and calculate the speed. Retarted. T.T)

After we were done figuring all of that stuff out, we always have to make a graph of our data on LoggerPro (this computer graphing system thingy) and turn it in, and that's how we get credit for the lab assignment.

Our school's "lab" is separated into two rooms; one Physics lab and the other one is the Science Research/Chem lab (which is bigger).

Well, the printer is in the Chem lab, so me and Brooke went over in the Chem lab to get the printout of our graph. Turns out it didn't print because there was no paper, so we went to get Mr. K (Physics teacher) so we could get more paper.

So, we fetched him, and we went back in the Chem lab, put the paper in the printer, printed out the graph again, and were heading back towards the Physics lab to turn it in.

I trip over my own two feet and fall flat on my face.

I get up off the floor, giggling and red-faced, with Brooke laughing and asking me, "Are you alright?!"

However, I'm not paying attention, because I was staring in shocked horror at the person who had just walked past us and was now giving me a bemused "That was funny but I should probably ask if she's okay" kind of look.


*groans* JUST what I need right now, right? Poodles seeing me fall flat on my face without even tripping over anything logical!! (I mean, seriously. Tripping over my own two feet. How lame is that?!)

I'm really hoping that's why he kept on looking at me in Spanish. o/////////O Or at least, that's what I thought he was doing. I mean, there's no one behind me, so who else could he be looking at? *coughs*

Ahem. Anyways. I only had Spanish homework today ^^ Woot.

And we're going out to dinner tonight!! Yay!!

This week has been such an easy week for me...There's hardly been any homework for me to do.

But I've had to deal with picking out my classes for next year...*sigh* My parents are making me take all Honors classes (except for Geometry) and I'm even taking an AP American History class! (A college course...when I'm a sophomore! o.O)

For electives, I'm taking Exploratory Chinese (the closest thing to Japanese XD), Astronomy, and Journalism Writing and Design. I'm really excited about that last one-Journalism is awesome! A pen and paper are all the tools you need in life, as I always say. ^-^ Yup.

I'm gonna go now. *waves and glomps* Sayonara!

Bleach Icon

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