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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   this background is pretty popular...o.O

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Current Mood: Tired
Current Song: I'm Your Man--Michael Buble

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
-Andy Warhol


*points at quote* Lol, Andy Warhol's hilarious...XD Anyway.

DUDE. Last night was so insane! Before I start my little story, there's one thing you must know; Me, my parents and my brother don't hang around with the real family. Like, the people who are actually related to us, cuz they suck and they don't like us much and all that jazz.

So, we have a godfamily that we hang around with. A lot. XD And they're pretty crazy. Godaunts, goduncles, godcousins, we got 'em all.

So, here goes. Me, my mom, Aunt Angie, Andrea, Aunt Mickey, and Tammy all went to Bravo's (this Italian restaurant in the mall) for dinner last night around 8-ish. (Mom doesn't get home from work until around 7:30.)

My dad, Uncle Keith, Uncle Brian, Nick (Andrea's husband), Jeremy (Keith and Mickey's son...my godcousin ^^), and Brad (Tammy's fiancee) were all meanwhile at this wild game dinner thing they go to every year.

So, while we're all at Bravo's, we're sending crazy text messages off of Aunt Angie's phone to Uncle Brian (her husband) and we were having way too much fun with that. XD

I was the only underage person at our table, though, unfortunately. Those martinis went down pretty fast...XD Just kidding. The girls don't drink that much...they probably only had about 2 each. Which isn't bad at all. Trust me-I've been dealing with this my whole life, pathetic as that might sound. XD

The waiter must've said "drive home safe, ladies" like a million times before we left. I think it was because Andrea kept hiccuping. She's very susceptible to that. Okay, no, that's a lie. For her to get hiccups is really weird. o.O Anyway.

We get home, and eventually all the guys come back from that dinner thing I mentioned earlier.

You have not seen someone drunk until you've seen Jeremy drunk. (He's 22, by the way. We don't gots no lawbreaker family members. XD And they always make sure to "designate drivers" before they go and screw off.)

I'm gonna change the subject now. XD I'm going to a hockey game with my friends tonight! Woot! I think it's around 7, not really sure. There's supposed to be around 6 or 7 of us going. They are the following:

-Me (duh)
-Laura C.
-Laura H.
-Greg (maybe)

Yeah, I think that's it. But I can't get ahold of Kaylah, so I dunno if she's going or not. Greg's probably not going because Beth isn't going (his girlfriend) so yeah. I can't get ahold of Laura H. either! No one wants to answer their phone today. T.T

Of course, Travis isn't coming, Brynn's not coming, and I don't think Rachel is either. I wonder why. XD lol.

Anyways, it should be fun. I'll tell you all how that goes tomorrow. ^-^

But for now, I gotta go, cuz I don't really have anything else to say. See ya later! *hugs*

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Friday, February 1, 2008

   lol. better than yesterday XD

Current Time: 2:54 PM
Current Mood: Better ^^
Current Song: Tori no Shi--Lia [AIR opening! I love it!]

The ability to delude yourself may be an important survival tool.
-Jane Wagner


Oh, wow. You guys crack me up!! Kyoskitten, I was laughing SO HARD while reading your comment. "We can be screwed together...no...ignore that...that sounds wrong...*awkward silence*" LOL!

First, let me explain about Poodles! XD I probably confused a lot of you yesterday. No, Poodles is NOT his real name. It's actually Eric! haha.

See, everyone (primarily band peeps...he's in drumline ^^) calls him Poodles cuz he used to have...well...poodley hair, if that makes any sense. He shaved it a while ago, but everyone still calls him that. And his last name's Podolsky, so that just adds to the Poodles-ness. XD

Sooo...yeah. Now that that's out of the way, we have a snow day today! We got some snow this morning, and we were supposed to get like around 5 more inches around 1, but that hasn't really happened yet. So basically, they cancelled school for nothing. Yay! ^-^

My plans for the weekend: Well, not much. I'm supposed to be going to a hockey game tomorrow night around 7, but I'm not sure if that's gonna happen or not because, as I've mentioned before, my friends make everything extremely difficult when it comes to making plans. T.T"

Sunday, that's probably when I'll do all of my homework, instead of doing it today, like I usually do. *sigh* That's probably when I'll call Poodles, too, I guess...eh. I dunno.

Did any of you totally forget that today is the first day of February?? o.O I totally forgot! This year's been going by really fast...even though it's been sucky. Life goes on, right? ^^

Well, all ya'll have a great weekend. Until next time! *hugs*

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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Current Time: 3:53 PM
Current Mood: Honestly? I'M FREAKING SPAZZING!!!
Current Song: Thanks for the Memories--FOB

The world only goes round by misunderstanding.
-Charles Baudelaire


Ello! First off;


Okay, okay, okay, I'll list so my hands can stop shaking. Ooookayyyy...

Fanatic's Last Day of January:
1. I managed to get 3 people pissed at me all in one day! Over something I wasn't even aware of! o.O lol.

2. I am extremely...nervous. I'm calling Brynn today (please see last post if you care to know who Brynn is and why I'm calling her ^^). I'm going to find out why in the hell she said yes to Travis. Should be...interesting.

3. THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING THAT HAPPENED TODAY: We're doing skits in Spanish. Mrs. Holt (my teacher) put us into groups of 3...And who do I get in my group? POODLES. (I...ah...kinda...have a crush on him...^///^") And Joey (he's an idiot). I have to call Poodles over the weekend to talk about what we're gonna do for our skit. x_X *dies of embarassment* I've never had to call a guy about ANYTHING before!! LET ALONE POODLES!!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! And, to add insult to injury, we have to ACT IT OUT on Monday. O___O *dies of mortification again* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

*spazz-ness comes back* Crap, crap CRAP!!!

Oh, and I have to finish reading "To Kill a Mockingbird". There are 31 chapters, and I'm on chapter 12. T.T *sigh* It's got to be one of the most boring books on the planet.

Oh. My. Gosh. I'm sorry...My mind is spinning right now...I honestly don't know how I'm typing this (like, I just had to backspace what seems like a gabillion times o.O).

It just keeps coming...Like I don't have enough schoolwork/drama to deal with already!! *laughs nervously* I'm so screwed!!

aaaaHHHHhhhhhHHHHHhhhhh....*hides in a closet* Excuse me while I go make a fool out of myself. ^^

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   a snow day! woo!

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Current Mood: Okay
Current Song: Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer must develop an approach for the rest of the time... The wait is simply too long.
-Leonard Bernstein


Hello all! First off, thanks SO MUCH for all the comments the other day. (What day was it, anyway? I don't remember.)

Sora Kairi's comment made me laugh..."Your Spanish teacher sounds so smart..." XD lol.

Holy crap!! It's WINDY today. Seriously. I think they said the wind chill is like -30 or something like that. o.O That's probably why we don't have school today. Oh, and along with that lovely wind chill, the temperature outside's like 6 or some other ridiculous number. It is very, extremely, uber-freezing. Our garage door was frozen shut. XD

And you know what's funny? It was around 40 degrees 2 days ago. XD The weather is bipolar! lol.

Besides the weather, other news: I've...cooled off a bit, you could say. I haven't been that pissed in a long time. T_T It takes a lot to make me that angry.

Anyway, as long as no one brings it up around me, I'm all good. XD

Well, I think it was yesterday, but just to add to all of that pissy-ness, now I've got friend issues.

Alright, there are 3 friends in this situation:
-Rachel and Travis (oh, wow. I'm so used to saying their names together...I'll explain in a sec.)

Okay, Rachel and Travis were dating for a really long time (since the beginning of October). They were really happy together and all of that jazz.

I assume you've already figured out they broke up...what with the "were" past tense junk. Yeah. Travis broke up with Rachel and no one knows why. So if that's not awkward enough...(hanging out with the both of them at once is REALLY awkward. She sends the meanest death glares at him. o.O)

...Travis goes and asks out Brynn (literally Rachel's best friend. They're like sisters).

And Brynn says yes.

*sigh* So, put yourself in Rachel's shoes. A guy you really liked and had been going out with you for a while breaks up with you and starts dating your best friend.

Then place yourself in Brynn's shoes. Fully aware that he had just broken up with your best friend, and you hardly know the guy, you say yes when he asks you out. How stupid is that?!

It doesn't even take a teensy little bit of intelligence to see there's gonna be some problems popping up in the very near future.

Unfortunately, I am friends with Rachel and Brynn. Rachel now hates Brynn; Brynn no longer talks to Rachel. And Travis...well, he's just a noob. Screw him.

Ahhh! I'm caught in the middle. I don't know who's side to be on! I can't really stay neutral-there's gonna be a confrontation eventually (Brynn and Rachel go to different schools).

A Rule of Life: Don't go out with your best friend's ex.

Common sense, right? Apparently not. T__T" I need to talk to Brynn...talk some sense into her, I guess. She likes some other guy anyway! Why the hell did she say yes? o.O God only knows.

Well, I'm off to visit sites. See ya'll later ^^ *hugs*

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Monday, January 28, 2008


Current Time: 6:21 PM
Current Mood: I AM PISSED.
Current Song: Living In Fast Forward by Kenny Chesney

Ask yourself whether you are happy and you cease to be so.
-John Stuart Mill




So yeah. And along with that, whenever I HAVE had free time, my brother's been on the computer with his stupid Webkins (I think only Americans are going to know what those are...but they're really stupid. Trust me. T.T)

That's really all that's been going on lately.

Today...today was BAD. VERY BAD.

I haven't been this pissed in ages. Alright, so today's the 28th, right? We get our grade cards for first semester/2nd quarter today.

Well...I didn't get mine.

See, the only possible reason you could ever NOT get your grade card when you're supposed to is when you have some sort of fee to pay for classes, or library fees, or whatever.

So I'm thinking "What the hell?! I don't have any fees!" (And mind you, this same problem occured with easily one-third of the school. That's not good.)

7th period comes along (my lunch period) so I go to the office ready to demand my grade card, right? I go to the counselor you're supposed to go to when you have grade card problems and tell her my name, ask what's going on. What any sensible, curious student would do.

She digs into my file or whatever and tells me I have some class fees I didn't pay off. (By this time I'm really confused. I had never heard of any "class fees" that were overdue.)

So I say "How much?" expecting something like 15 bucks or something like that.

You know what it turned out to be? FIFTY FRIGGIN DOLLARS.


I cannot receive my report card until I pay that damn school fifty dollars. *fuming*

And that's not all, folks! I went to my Spanish room after school to turn in my God's Eye [see below for what those are ^^]:
gods eye

It's for our Foreign Language Week project. Of course, that's not what mine looks like at all, but at least you get the general idea.

Okay, first, here's my Spanish teacher's guidelines for our God's Eye thingies:
-the pole things have to be at least 15 inches
-at least 2 colors

That's it. That's coming DIRECTLY FROM MY TEACHER.

I show her my God's Eye, ya know? (I was very proud of it. It was all these different shades of blue and this light brown color. And it had really pretty flower beads on the ends. The pole things were 18 inches long.)

She then proceeds to tell me after looking at my project that it's too small and it needs to be more than one color.

Now...before you say "well, whatever" please reread the last couple of paragraphs. (Primarily the guidelines for our project.)

Now you see what's wrong with this, eh?





Everyone: o.O okayyy...
Me: ^^" heh. Sorry. I'm just really...ah...upset right now. *really fake laugh*

I'm sorry for that rather foul explosion...I don't get angry very often, I promise you. (Well, you all know that by now XD)

It's just one of those days, I guess. Let's just hope I get everything done in time. I can't afford to fail this project (I have a C in Spanish o.O") and my parents'll kill me if I don't get my grades soon. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I haven't told my parents about the class fees yet.

...I'm probably screwed. *shrugs* But hopefully they'll value my grades over me like they usually do and cough up the cash! XD lol.

That's enough outta me for today. I'll be on again soon when I'm not so angry and pessimistic. ^^ hah.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

   happy friday!

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Current Mood: I'm going out to lunch ^^ yay!
Current Song: Reptilia--The Stokes

The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.
-Dorothy Nevill



Hey all! Surprised I made it back the day after my last post, eh? XD lol.

I'm not gonna be up to much today, so I should probably be able to make it to sites. So. ^^ hehe.

Thanks for the 7 comments yesterday! I feel so loved! ^-^ I haven't been getting that many lately. Woot!

Hmm...I dunno. I'm bored. There's not really that much to talk about...ah! Yes! I know! (You're thinking "WTF Fanatic-san?! What's wrong with you?!" Yes...I know I'm weird. Get used to it! XD)

Megatokyo...A lot of you were just like "What is Megatokyo?"

It's an American manga by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston, although now it's mainly just by Gallagher because Caston dropped out of that whole thing.

When I say "American", I know most people would be like "Pfft, that's a comic! Seriously!" but it's not. You can find it in the manga section, and Gallagher's drawing style is a lot like most of the manga-kas' drawing style.

Now, you don't read it right to left, but there are a couple of other manga that are left to right besides Megatokyo...anyways.

The plot! Megatokyo's about these two guys, Largo (the l33t master, alcoholic and avid videogamer...) and Piro (fanboy and HUGE anime/manga fan).

So they go to this videogame con, right? I think it's in San Francisco or something like that. They're not allowed in, and they take rather...drastic...measures to sneak inside.

After THAT episode, Largo makes a total noob out of himself, and Piro decides that they should probably leave the country after all the trouble he's caused (yes, it was that bad).

And so, they decide to fly to Japan! Unfortunately, they spend all of their money there on Japanese stuff, so they can't get tickets back home...which leads Piro to get a job there in Tokyo, which leads to Largo and Piro meeting Kimiko and Hayasaka, the "zombie queen" Miho, and the PS2 accessory Ping-chan.

And things just get more complicated from there...[Complications include a zombie/alien invasion, rent-a-zillas, and Kimiko throwing pots of coffee at Piro]

Oh, and by the way! Megatokyo is indeed a webcomic! Just check out the URL thingy in my intro (copy and paste) and start reading with "chapter 0". That is where it all begins!! Mwahahaha! XD lol.

Well, see yas! Later! *hugs* You all have a great Friday!!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   purple flying potatoes!

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Current Song: Fight for All the Wrong Reasons--Nickelback

There is nobody so irritating as somebody with less intelligence and more sense than we have.
-Don Herold



So much for having enough time to get on this week, eh? T.T

I'm sorry! I didn't realize I'd be so busy with OTHER non-school-related stuff! (I actually totally forgot that it was my brother's birthday on Tuesday...we had a bunch of stuff planned for that. ^^" lol.)

And in my "spare time"...*sneeze* I've had a terrible cold. Runny/stuffy nose, throbbing headaches, achey (sp?) everywhere, not to mention VERY tired. So I was just kind of lazing around, listening to my iPod and reading Megatokyo.

Speaking of Megatokyo! Do you like my new theme? I think the background's kind of random, but I decided it didn't look right with just plain colors in the back with the pictures and everything, so I just added that in. ^^" But I do LOVE Megatokyo. For anyone else who's heard of it, I uber-like Largo! The "L33t Master"...XD lol.

So anyways, I had semester exams this week! All of them were extremely easy, except for Spanish. I knew I was screwed for Spanish--I didn't know squat! But all in all, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared.

So yeah! I get outta school early cuz of exams (they end at 12:25 ^^) and we don't have school tomorrow cuz of Records Day, and then no school Monday because it's MLK day! (For all of you non-Americans, that's Martin Luther King Day.)

I apologize very much for not being on here at all. I just haven't had the energy, I guess. T.T" So yeah.

*hugs* See ya'lls whenever I can!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

   Sorry for not being on! o.O

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Current Mood: Alright ^^
Current Song: Photograph--Nickelback

Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting.
-John Russell


Hey all! Sorry for not being on at all this week! I've been really busy this week, what with all the homework/projects/studying I had to do this week. I actually didn't have much to do today, so I decided to add a quick post before I go off to do my Algebra homework! *.*

As you can see, I changed my theme again. Sorry for being so fickle, lol. I know a lot of people liked the Hikaru/Kaoru theme! Ah! But I had a sudden (and random) desire to change it AGAIN. I vowed to myself to make it Loveless, so I did.

I'm pretty satisfied with it, I guess. *tear* The song makes me want to cry. Ah...Furuba...such great times. XD lol.


We just have exams next week, so we won't be getting any homework or anything. Kay?


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Saturday, January 5, 2008


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Current Mood: Good/overworked T.T
Current Song: Perfect--Flyleaf

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don't.
-Robert Benchley


UGH!!! THIS STUPID FRIGGIN COMPUTER!! I just typed a super-long post and it decides to ERROR on me and not add it to my site!!! *hits computer*

And now I have to remember what I said...*thinking*

Alrighty. Well, likey my new theme? I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I think I'll be changing it soon to a Loveless theme. Dunno why, kinda random.

I mean, I don't even like Loveless that much anyway, but I have a strange desire to have a Loveless theme. So yeah.

So, I went over to my friend Olivia's with Linny to do our video project for World Studies.

It's going pretty good so far...our video is hilarious. XD I mean, it's reviewing the Industrial Revolution and stuff like it's supposed to, and it's educational and all that, but it's still really entertaining. XD lol.

We had a scare though. We were having problems with the camera's disk because the camera wouldn't format our footage so we could put it on the computer, but it's all good now. We seriously thought we'd have to do the whole thing over again, which would've sucked. T.T

Good thing we didn't. Anyways.

Teachers are giving us way too much homework/projects before semester exams...it's ridiculous. They expect us to get all of it done AND spend a crapload of time studying for exams! NOT gonna happen, folks. It's retarted. T.T

Well, I'm gonna go now, because my internet is starting to make me angry.

Sayonara! *hugs* And have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


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Current Mood: Decent ^^
Current Song: Turn On the Lights--Sanctus Real

No one's meant to be alone.
-We Need Each Other, Sanctus Real


YO MY DEAR OTAKU FRIENDS!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND I HOPE IT'S GOING GREAT SO FAR!!! ^^ *glomps* May your New Year's resolutions/dreams come true and if you don't have any, THEN HAVE FUN!! XDD lol.

2008 starts today, eh? What a relief. I was getting tired of 2007. Too much drama/crap going on there. BUT 2008 WILL BE DIFFERENT! I will make sure it'll be better than last year, definitely.

But 2007 wasn't all that bad...I had my one-year anniversary on here, I turned 15, I started high school...I found Jesus, too. I never really was the religious type before 2007. Huh. I guess I never really noticed until now.

It's weird. You look back on the year, and you say "Wow, that sucked", but you keep on looking at it and you find yourself thinking "Eh, maybe it wasn't that bad" or "Pfft, that was hilarious!"

Ah, the memories...They're what keeps me going sometimes.

Anyway, that's today's sermon. XD Now I get to talk about THE SANCTUS REAL CONCERT I WENT TO LAST NIGHT!!

The Best Band in the Universe:
Sanctus Real

Okay. From left to right:
-Mark (drums)
-Dan (bass)
-Matt (vocals/occasional guitar)
-Chris (guitar)

And there's Pete too, but for some reason, he's not in that picture. But Pete's guitar too. ^^

Yeah. Me and my friends went to see them last night! IT WAS SO AWESOMELY AWESOME I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME IT WAS!!! XD

Me and another one of my friends, Laura, got up to the very front, RIGHT in front of the stage, and it was so cool. Matt high-fived us! TWICE! *squeal* YAY!

And then, after the concert, we all got our picture with Mark! Because he was the person with the shortest line. XD DRUMMERS RULE!! (They seriously are the best. Have you ever noticed that they're the really quiet ones?)

I got a lot of merch, too. A Sanctus shirt, a poster, two buttons, a bag, and a keychain.

I'm telling you, their merch is cheap! *_* It's awesome.

So, I got home around 1:15 in the morning, (it was one heck of an encore XD) and didn't go to bed until around 1:30...then I woke up around 11:45, I think. That sounds about right.

If I'm too lazy to post the rest of this week (who knows with me, right?), wish me luck because I go back to school on Thursday! T.T" *uber-mega-sigh* Tomorrow I'm going to my aunt and uncle's down the street to get a video camera for this project we have to do for World Studies. Fun stuff. And then, approximately a week after we return to school, we have semester exams.

Which is kinda cool, because it's only 3 exams a day, and depending on what your schedule is you can leave early or come in late or whatever. School doesn't go past 12:30 those sweet 3 days...*cheers* Heck yes!

Well, I'm gonna go. There's some xxxHolic I wanna get to reading! ^0^ Later!

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