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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

   We need each other!

Current Time: 5:03 PM
Current Mood: Decent
Current Song: We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real

If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.

-Edith Wharton


Alrighty, howdy do! Let me explain about the subject. *laughs*

Sanctus Real just put their BRAND NEW single on their MySpace, and it's not supposed to come out until Friday!! XD So they decided to post it up there, and I went to check it out. It's an AWESOME song. You should really check it out!

Sanctus Real's MySpace

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well, cuz I honestly don't have anything to say.

After school, I didn't stay at the library, like I'd planned, but Mom came to pick me up. ^-^ So yeah. I usually walk home from school.

I just got done doing my homework, which I won't go into detail about...

Oh yeah! My doggie is sick! >_< See, she's a daschund (a weiner dog, you simpletons XD) and she's been having a lot of back problems lately! (Imagine that.)

Well, so we took her to the vet's, and they gave us some medicine for her to take, so we've been doing that since Monday.

Now she can't move her back-right leg. We're really scared that it might be paralyzed...

And if this happens to her other three legs, then what are we going to do?? It's either let her live without being able to move her legs (which would suck) or put her to sleep (which would suck).

So we don't really know what to do...

I'm just praying that her leg gets better soon. That'll be REALLY good sign. Wish my poor doggie luck, okay?? *hugs*

Since I have nothing else to say, I'll do some shoutouts...

KyosKitten14: *hugs* Good luck with exam week! It's weird that you have it so early in the year...o.O

ShallowHeart: It's nice to hear from you besides your posts, Jenny! I missed reading them. *hugs* I hope you're doing alright!

CurseOfTheZodiac: Heh...I scared you...XD Sorry. I do that to people a lot. But I really do appreciate the card. (In case you haven't noticed...)

EternalParadise: Wow, so many new old-comers! It's great to hear from you again! ^-^ Throwing a textbook at a teacher would be fun. I'll do it if you will! XD *chucks textbook at English teacher* Whoops...My hand slipped...

Wellie well well, that's all for now, folks! Later! *hugs*

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

   Tengo no tarea!

Current Time: 4:08 PM
Current Mood: HAPPY :)
Current Song: Fruits Basket opening theme (ya know the one in my intro ^^)

Look for the ridiculous in everything and you will find it.

-Jules Renard


Howdy do, ya'll? I say that especially, becuase today was COWBOY DAY at school! So there were cow-people (lol that sounds weird) EVERYWHERE!! And the people that forgot to dress up (like me) just went around saying "howdy" and whatnot.

Tomorrow is 80s day...*shudders* I can only imagine what people are going to come up with for that. XD

Today was awesome! Besides the fact that I had a math quiz, but I'm pretty sure I didn't fail...At least, I'll be getting a B, I'm pretty sure.

We have a lot of tests this week...A quiz tomorrow in Honors English, and a TEST in Spanish. Then I have an Honors World Studies test on Friday, and those are pretty big. So many tests, too little time...XD

Anyway, I don't have any homework to do! Besides work on my Library Skills packet, which isn't due till the 9th. So I still have a while...All I have left to do now is study for all these tests!

In homeroom today, we had to pick three canidates that we thought would be good people for Homecoming Queen...O.O Since we're a freshman homeroom, our teacher was like "Well, the freshman are supposed to pick 3 girls for Homecoming Queen...So make sure you do that."

Seriously. What's the chance of a freshman becoming Homecoming Queen?? How stupid is that? T.T

But it's better than trying to pick a senior Queen, I guess. I don't even know any seniors...o.O

Oh, and before I forget! CurseOfTheZodiac sent me an uber-sweet Halloween card! I love it SO much!!

THANK YOU!!! *uber-Curse-hugs*

I'll see ya'll later. Bye! *hugs*

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Monday, October 1, 2007

   The post of youth

Current Time: 5:19 PM
Current Mood: Serene
Current Song: Benjamin by Sanctus Real

It is better for civilization to be going down the drain than to be coming up it.

-Henry Allen


La la la...Howdy do! I hope you all are doing well. *hugs*

Um, what was I gonna say? Oh yes. *looks out the window* It's cloudy...Yay! RAIN. I love the rain...

Anyway, I lost my train of thought again.

Yesss...Yeah. Well, today was fairly uninteresting. It was a good day, just boring, I guess. My usually-extremely-annoying friend was not as aggravating as she usually is, and I didn't have too much of a homework overload, so that's good.

We're doing this Library Skills unit thing in English, so we have to do ALL of our homework in the library. I mean, we have to use the library, so to speak, to do our homework. Good thing it's due a week from Wednesday.

I just realized I haven't been talking much about me lately. Just boring update-ness, to let you know I'm still alive...So I'll try my best to make this interesting.

Besides doing my homework after school, I've been working a lot on my first anime-related fanfic, As Time Goes By. It's a Naruto fic, KakaRin. I have posted all three chapters so far on DeviantART, so here's a link-a-ma-doo so you can check it out if you want to! (If you don't watch/like Naruto, then you don't have to. Don't force yourself...XP)

Link-ness: Chapter One

Beware, I did not upload them in order (I was half-asleep) so make sure you click on the right one if you're gonna read it. And if you have an account, leave me a note or something! And I'll try to figure out how to add you as a friend or whatever.

Yes, I write quite a lot these days...Writing is awesome. XD

What I'm doing this week...Huh. Probably gonna stay after school for a couple of days to do my English, then there's this HUGE rivalry football game on Friday between my school and another-can't wait. I'm gonna be seeing a lot of people that I haven't seen in a while, so it should be fun. ^-^

That's it for now. Try to see you tomorrow! *hugs* Sayonara...

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

   Yes! 2 days in a row!

Current Time: 1:37 PM
Current Mood: Romantic (yes I know it's strange XD)
Current Song: Where We Belong by Sanctus Real

Break away
The walls
Carry us to
Where we belong
Make a way
For us
To follow grace
So we can love everyone
We can love everyone the same


I'm so happy...I've posted two days in a row! I haven't done that in a while. XD

Um...Today is Saturday! YESSS!!! *does Hisakata's weekend dance* Wheee!

Guess what I'm doing today?? A whole lot of NOTHING!! *laugh* Besides visiting you guys. So what do you think? (Of my new theme, that is?)

I really like it! It's nice and simple.

Since I really have nothing else to report-

Tohru: Wait, Shikaru-san! Yes you do! ^-^

Me: Oh yes, I do, don't I? Thanks, Tohru-kun.

I've finally managed to get my fanfic on the internet! It's on DeviantART. I can't put a link up right now, cuz this comp's uber-slow, so I'll do it later. But if you want, it's called As Time Goes By, and I have all three chapters up so far. Some of the keywords I think are Kakashi, Rin, Naruto, KakaRin, etc. So just type one of those in in the search box and there you go!

If you have a DevART account, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment or something. Arigatou! ^^

Now I think that's all. See ya'll tomorrow! *hugs*

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Friday, September 28, 2007

   Sorry...again!!! >_

Current Time: 5:52 PM
Current Mood: Happy ^^
Current Song: Possibilites by Sanctus Real

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

-Robert Frost


*sigh* Sorry again, guys. I was gonna post yesterday, but by the time I got my homework done and got my email stuff done (I always do my email first) it was time for dinner and then I had to go help my brother get some money for this fundraiser thing they're doing at his school.

People are probably really pissed at me now...I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people just deleted me...T.T" I deserve it. I'm never here for you guys anymore...>_<

I MUST POST MORE!!! My goal in life...XD

Nothing much really happened today. We went to our old junior high after school and to Beaner's today, just like every other Friday. ^-^ It's a nice end to the week, ya know?

We're doing this Library Skills unit in English. It's really stupid...We can't do ANY of the homework in that class without the library, so I'm just gonna go to school early on Monday. Soooo gay. T.T

I probably won't be on this weekend, either...*gloom* Well, we'll be at my aunt and uncle's (out of town), so yeah. I'll try to get on though...

I've decided my next theme is gonna be Ritsu. I dunno why. XD

That's all for now. *hugs* I'll probably see you Sunday or earlier! ^^

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Current Time: 4:53 PM
Current Mood: Guilty >_<
Current Song: Don't Give Up by Sanctus Real

Why should it take
Losing everything
To figure out
That it's time to change?

-Don't Give Up by Sanctus


OMG, guys!!! I'm so sorry about not being on here lately!!! I'm so terrible, aren't I?? >_<

I just haven't had any time...Monday, my computer was being REALLY slow, so I didn't even attempt to get onto the internet.

And yesterday, my brother was on like the minute I got home and then I had to leave for youth group at church and got home too late to post. So I'm really really sorry!! Please forgive me and I hope nobody's mad at me, cuz I know some people get a little irked when people don't comment on their sites.

Anyway, what was I saying? My friend called right in the middle of that sentence distracting me with talk of fanfiction. I can't remember what I was going to say!

Well, I guess that means this post is over. I'll definitely be visiting you all today. You deserve it! *hugs*

See you all soon, and if not, then tomorrow!

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EDIT:I cleaned out my inbox, so anyone that I was talking to, or if you would just like to PM me, feel free. And thanks for the reminder, Kakashi-18. XD

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

   o.O The mind reels...

Current Time: 4:43 PM
Current Mood: Good
Current Song: I'm Not Alright by Sanctus Real

Burn away the pride
Bring me to my weakness
Till everything
I hide behind is gone
And when I'm open wide
With nothin left to cling to
Only you
Are there to lead me on
Cause honestly
I'm not that strong

-I'm Not Alright by Sanctus Real


Hey ya'll, sorry for not getting on yesterday! I was REALLY busy.

I slept until like 8:30, I think, then just kind of layed around for a bit, cuz I usually don't post that early in the morning.

Then at around noon I went to the mall for Homecoming shopping (where I spent $45 on completely random jewelry XD) and then got home at around 3. THEN I went back to the mall about an hour later with my mom, spent all of our time there until around 6:30, went to get dinner, and saw a movie at 8:55, which didn't end until about 11.

So yup, no time to post! Needless to say, I think I can survive without the mall for a while...

We went to see the Bourne Ultimatum! It was a really good movie. Lots of action, but it wasn't like bloody/gory/fake kinda stuff. It was really cool. XD

All I've been doing today is watching Naruto...Lol, I'm up to 108 so far. I was like OMG!! SHIKA'S A CHUNIN ALREADY?!?

And I don't like the new opening credits...It tells too much about what's going to happen later in the anime. It sucks. I liked the "Fighting Dreamers" one better! *hums along* We are fighting dreamers...

Anyway, off to watch more anime. XD I'm hoping to find some FMA. See ya later! *hugs*

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Friday, September 21, 2007

   El fin de semana!

Current Time: 5:56 PM
Current Mood: Happy ^-^
Current Song: You Can't Hide by Sanctus Real

When you think
You've escaped
He's right beside you
When you sleep
When you wake
In the midst of your heartbreak
He is there
And he knows

Of all the places you can go
You'll never be alone
Of all the places you can find
There's nowhere you can hide

-You Can't Hide by Sanctus Real


Lol, I haven't posted all week! Howdy do! *hugs* I've missed you all...I did get to a couple of sites this week, but most of them I didn't manage to. Gomen, gomen! ^^ Please forgive me.

I've just had a lot of homework lately...T.T And once I'm done with it, I didn't really feel like doing anything, so I just sort of laid around for like half an hour and then I went to bed. And this was like every night this week...xD

There's nothing really interesting going on. Well, we went to our old junior high after school today. ^^ It was really awesome...It's nice to see my old teachers and stuff every once in a while.

And we're supposed to go to the mall tomorrow to shop for Homecoming dresses or something. I think I already have one, so I'm not gonna buy anything. *shrugs* I'll just help my friends pick one. XD

Ummm...Oh yeah! My best friend from my old elementary school (I switched districts when I started junior high) called me a couple nights ago. I haven't heard from him in a while, so it was a pleasant surprise...*blush* ^///^

Lol, we talked for like three or four hours. :P I'm kinda pissed though...He says he has a girlfriend...T.T *mumbles under my breath*

That doesn't mean I like him or anything...No, definitely not. o///O Nope, nope...

Anyway, I gots to go. I have to adjust some final things on my personal narrative for English, and then catch up on some anime. I've decided to start watching Bleach, but I'm still looking for FMA episodes...So if you have any sites that have a lot of FMA, please tell me! (I watch anime on Veoh.com, btw. ^^)

So yeah! I'll see if I post tomorrow. XD *hugs*

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

   Better than yesterday

Current Time: 5:35 PM
Current Mood: Tired (naturally)/Good
Current Song: So Yesterday by Hilary Duff (YES I know it's retro but I like that song ^^)

Laugh it off
And let it go and
When you wake up
It will seem so yesterday
So yesterday
Haven't you heard that I'm gonna be okay?


Howdy do! I'm sincerely happy to say that I'm in a much better mood than yesterday. Yay! ^-^

Although it was partially because I didn't have as much homework today...*laughs* Ah well. That's why I got to post so early!

Nothing much happened today. Just had to take a Math test, a World Studies test, and 2 English quizzes. Oh yeah!

In Spanish, Devon (a sophomore) fell asleep...(He said he was "resting his eyes" but nobody believes him) and Pilar (Pee-lar. That's her Spanish name, but I can't remember her real name XD) took a marker and drew this HUGE squiggly line thing on his forehead.

OMG it was so hysterical! XD He woke up, and everybody was laughing, and he's like "What? What's so funny?!" And my Spanish teacher says "Just...Just go look in the mirror. You'll see."

And so, a few seconds later, he's like "PILAR! What the hell did you to my face?!" And the teacher's like "Now, Pilar...NO writing on Jesus' (HAY-sous in this case) face."

Then she started laughing, and she said, "Oh my...I can't believe I had to tell one of my students that."

Lol, it was great. XD The price you pay for falling asleep in class...XP

Other than that, nothing extremely exciting. ^-^ *hugs* Thanks again for being here and I promise I'll get to sites today!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   Yo no se.

Current Time: 6:33 PM
Current Mood: Tired
Current Song: Heroes Come Back by Nobody Knows+

Quote of the Day
When you're at your lowest, remember, no matter what, that even if you feel God has given you nothing else, He has given you the gift of tomorrow.


Just as a little comment, I strongly recommend that you remember that little quotey-do above. *points* Especially to anyone who's kinda down in the dumps or whatever...Those words helped me through a lot. ^-^

Anyway, my day was...Asi asi. (English translation: so-so). Wasn't good, but wasn't great either. So yeah.

Heh, and by the way, Angel Zakuro, I still managed to get an A on my Spanish quiz. ^-^

I want to thank you all so much for just being here...Even if you haven't commented or anything. Just the fact that theOtaku exists makes me feel so much better. I've grown very much attached to this place. *hugs* I love you all!

Ugh...My head feels crowded. Like if I try to cram anything more into it, it'll explode or something and then my mind would be a blank. Which I would prefer right now...I mean, it's not like a headache, just this clogged feeling, I guess. It's hard to explain. o.O

I wish I had a couple of days to just relax and not have to worry about anything. Right now, even the weekend doesn't look that promising in that aspect. Ah well...Blissful sleep is always nice...*sigh*

Nothing much else to say. I hope you guys are all doing great, and I'll try my best to get to you sometime, if at all. ^^"

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