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Friday, December 1, 2006

   Hey, I'm back!!

Hello, ya'll. I know I haven't been back for a while, cause my computer crashed. Grrr. But I got a new one!!!! Yay!!! It's so cool...it's a flat screen and everything. I'm so excited-December's finally here! Furuba #15 comes out!! Yay!! Oh, and speaking of that...do any of you get Naruto Collector Magazine? I do, it's really cool. They were talking about this really cool new vidoegame that's out, and you get to do missions and stuff with Naruto, and upgrade his chakra and stuff like that. And there's interviews with Naruto manga author...what's his name again? It starts with a k, but I don't remember...well, adios!!!
P.S. Please private message me if you know who the Naruto manga author is!!! =]

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

   Cool, I just met a new peep!!!

Hello again, ya'll!! If, by chance, you know a certain mangagirl5205, she is the most awesome person ever!!!! Please just click on "my friends" on the bottom of my site and click her. Check it out!!!! =]

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Monday, November 13, 2006

   Ugh, some of these quizzes are really weird.

I just took some of the Naruto quizzes, and they really surprised me. Of course, I was happy that I'm most like Kakashi (my personal favorite), but my perfect Naruto guy is Rock Lee? Whoa. Now that's messed up. But it DID say I would be from Hidden Leaf Village...that's pretty awesome!!! I hoped that's where I would be from!!!! See ya! =]

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

   Jeez, I'm bored.

Wow, I'm really bored. It's amazing what the Internet can do to boredom. =] And I'm really tired. But my fingers still move surprisingly fast when I type, though. How strange. Anyway. Have you seen that new picture by Efron? Of Naruto and Hinata?? It's adorable. You have really got to see it. The shading is amazing, too. It's just so cute...NaruHina forever!!!

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

   14th Volume of Fruits Basket!

Well, as you can tell, this post is about the 14th Fruits Basket. It's so funny at the end...if you're not to 14 yet, I would advise you not to read this next part. =] Anyway...at the end, they have to pick parts for the Cinderella play, and Yuki ends up playing the Fairy Godmother. How funny is that?? We'll get to see Yuki in a dress..again...=] And Kyo's Prince Charming. Along with Saki, who is Cinderella. Ha ha!! That's hilarious!!! Oh, and one more thing-Tohru's the evil stepsister. But her evil laugh is..well...not-so-evil...=] Later, ya'll!!

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Friday, November 10, 2006

   Cool, my first post

Hello again, if you've read my page!! Welcome to my first post!!! How cool!!! =] Well, see ya...

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