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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

   omfg emmah you are my hero!!!

Time: 7:10 PM
Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams--Green Day

When anger rises, think of the consequences.


First off; Emmah, thanks so much for the advice on my intro! It worked! ^-^ Arigato. Taco Bell is a Mexican fast food restaurant...The most beastly thing ever XD YOU DON'T LIKE TACOS?! O.O Eh. Some people are just strange...Just kidding. XP Anyways.

Erm, what was I gonna say about being pissed? Oh yeah.


Well, the first thing I have to say about this is WHAT THE HELL?! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?! T.T I must be a magnet for bad luck in love or something. This sucks.

Anyways...It's Sierra. She claims he's "cute" and "funny". *strangles her* STAY AWAY DAMMIT!!

She has a way with members of the opposite sex...*coughMAJORFLIRTcough* Poodles musn't be brainwashed by her!!! NOOOO!!

Her crushes change every other day. I don't want her to do something stupid one day and then make him like her or something and then she won't like him anymore and he still likes her and THEN WHERE WILL I BE?!

Nowhere, folks. It's of no use to me if he likes somebody else!! I just hope she doesn't do anything. *freaks* And I'm too nice to dissuade her to not like him anymore...Even if it costs me personally. I wouldn't do anything to hurt somebody on purpose, even if I wanted to. Just another personality drawback...XD lol.

Spanish was funny today. ^-^ We have to do these dialogues every once in a while (okay, that's a lie. We do them all the time. T.T)

So yeah. Bobby Z (don't ask XD), Zach's, and Poodles' dialogue was hilarious. I generally don't understand Spanish when people are actually speaking it, so the only thing I got out of it was tuna sandwiches and someone with no pants. XD I was laughing really hard. It was so random.

And Andrew's and Dominique's was pretty random too. At the end of theirs, Andrew goes "Make me a sandwich mujer!!" [Mujer=Spanish for woman]. *laughs* Absolutely no relevance at all to what they were talking about.

Anne's and Elle's...*snorts* Anne was trying to impersonate a man. And it didn't really work. XD Her voice was really low and gravelly...Kind of like how people try to disguise their voices over the phone. XD Guess you had to be there...

I'm so proud of myself! We have to do this illustration thing for World Studies for this timeline (the Russian Revolutions) and I got one of the causes: World War I. So I had to draw this thing about why WWI was a cause of the Rev. (haha)

I drew a manga-ish Czar Alexander III and all these little angry stick people going "Down with the war!" and "We're not winning any of our battles!" and my personal favorite "Germany stinks!" cuz they were mainly fighting Germany in WWI.

And I drew this scoreboard that said "WWI Victories Between Russia and Germany"...Germany: A Lot and Russia: 0. XD Poor Russia! XP

OMG. I don't have ANY PMs! *stares in shock* I haven't had any for three days now!! Lol, I'm such a noob. Counting how many days I don't have any messages...=] Yay for me!

I'm gonna go. Sayonara! *glomps*


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Monday, February 18, 2008

   omg...this slowness/screwyness is really starting to piss me off!

Time: 6:21 PM
Mood: Okay
Song: Pain--Three Days' Grace

Your wallet should be the fat one.
-Fast food commercial

letting go


Woohoo! So today was good. ^-^ Besides the fact that there's no school, Mom took me to Taco Bell for lunch! *hugs Taco Bell* That place is amazing. XD

Then I went over to Laura's with Linny to work on our oral presentation for World Studies. It's on Evolution of Art! Our SmartBoard presentation is pretty beast so far, but we still have a lot of work to do.

It was a lot of fun, though. We were totally screwing around for a long time! Me and Linny were jamming to Laura's iPod...We were singing at the top of our lungs.

Butterscotch sparkles!

XD Hahaaha! Roy singing XD lol. Anyways!

So yeah...My mom and my brother went to Circuit City while I was over at Laura's and Mom took my gift card with her. I told her what to get for me, and she actually picked out the right ones!

CDs! ^^ Three Days Grace, The Killers (Sam's Town) and Matchbox 20. Woot! I really wanted The Strokes' CD, Room of Fire, but they didn't have it. T.T" Figures. You know! I have this song stuck in my head! *points down*

*sings along* HEY! Hier kommt Alex!! XD I love how they randomly put German songs on Guitar Hero 3 XD That's where I got it from, of course. I think there's a Spanish song on there, too. "Avalancha", I think it's called? o.O I don't remember. I believe there might be a Japanese one on there too! XP lol.

I'm probably boring you all to death, eh? I really wish Verion Vibrant would come already!! I'm getting really tired of this website being so slow. T.T I have short patience when it comes to computers.

Errr...I'm gonna go now. XD Although I won't have anything to do. I don't have any PMs! >.> I'll be really bored. Oh well. *glomps* See ya'll later!

Hey! Hier kommt Alex! XD

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   i wish they'd hurry up with version vibrant already! T.T

Time: 2:25 PM
Mood: Bored
Song: Are We the Waiting--Green Day

Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish.
-Albert Einstein

Azumanga Daioh \'Vacation\'


DUDE. I really wish they'd hurry up and put Version Vibrant on! Otaku is being SO SLOW for me lately. And it can't be my internet, because MyO is the only site doing it! T.T

I spent an eternity answering PMs last night...*sigh* Just waiting for them to load. And that's why I haven't been going to sites, either. So sorry about that. ^^"

So, Valentine's Day! Mine was exciting, but not in a good way. I hope yours was better than mine. T__T"

Becky told Poodles.

She TOLD him that I liked him!!! >.<" Without even asking me first...Besides, I thought I'd made it clear that I didn't want him to know (obviously).

Now there's not even a chance I can be good friends with him! It'd be way too awkward. >.> Ugh. So there goes my hope of ANYTHING possibly love-related.

Spanish is torture...He's in my class. I can hardly look at him without turning red...It's horrible. And what am I supposed to say if he ever asks me about it? It's not like I can lie and say "What the heck?! Who told you that I like you?!" I'm a horrible liar. So I never do it. xD

Well, anyway. I got 2 cupcakes and 2 books for Valentine's Day from my parents! (They always get me and my brother stuff. ^^) I got New Moon, which I've already read (I took it back XD) and the Furuba Fanbook: The Cat book! It's really awesome. It has really cute Zodiac stickers <3 lol.

Then I went to Borders to exchange New Moon...For Naruto volume 11 and the first Azumanga Daioh! I've already read it, but I just wanted to have it so I can get the rest of the manga later. I hate having incomplete series of manga T.T" haha.

Sanctus Real's new CD came in the mail a couple of days ago too!! I was so happy!! IT'S AUTOGRAPHED XDDD *fangirl squeal* Yay! And it's really good, too. It's a lot different from their other albums!

Erm, so yeah, that's all I have to say for now. *glomps* Bye!


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   i've never used the lightbulb before XD

Time: 4:19 PM
Mood: Jumbalaya! XD I dunno what my mood is.
Song: I Don't Care--Green Day [wow they're vintage xD]

S.A.D.=Singles Awareness Day (Valentine's Day)


valentines day

*snorts* That's what I say to Valentine's Day. The only good thing about that holiday is that I get candy. T.T Lol. SINGLES UNITE!! Bwahaha.

So, yet another uninteresting day. BUT WAIT!! I have some interesting stories to tell you all about symphonic band's trip to Cincinnati for a music convention. ^^

1. Everyone's on the elevator going up to their hotel rooms. For whatever reason, Andrew makes Zach chug this thing of really hot tea (??). Zach says "Andrew, I'm gonna punch you!" And Andrew, naive person that he is, replies, "Yeah, okay. Right." and laughs it off. Once the elevator stops and everyone's getting off, Zach turns around and sends his fist flying into Andrew's face. XD Andrew falls onto the ground, face-first, where everyone leaves him there to suffer...The elevator keeps on going up to the very top floor, and then Andrew finds it in him to get up off the ground and ride all the way back down to the band's floor. XDD

2. Band is eating dinner in the hotel dining room. Greg spills lasagna on his khaki pants. XD He freaks; they have to play after dinner. Kaylyn says "Come on out in the hallway, Greg! I can get that stain out for ya." So Greg and Kaylyn go out in the deserted hallway so she can get it out. Mental image: Greg is standing up, while Kaylyn is kneeling down in front of him scrubbing his pants. XD They had been accompanied by a couple of people-Kaylyn says "The worst thing that could possibly happen is for Andrew to come around the corner right now." (She likes Andrew. X3) And he did. XDD Can you say "awkward turtle"? Lol.

Yeah...Today was really boring. Honestly. I'm just waiting for my Sanctus Real CD to come in the mail!! Their new one (We Need Each Other). It comes autographed!! *squee* I'm so excited. I can't wait to listen to it!!

And we're going out to dinner tonight. Me, my mom and my brother. ^^" Yay. I guess. XD

Oh, and I'm giving computer lessons to my dad. Like, last night I taught him how to send emails ^^ He's really happy he has it all figured out now. Me: "Just click Reply and a new message bow will pop up..." XD

Well! Sayonara. *glomps*

valentines day

*shrugs* For all of you Valentine's Day lovers out there. XD

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

   Countdown: 2 more days until my imminent doom

Time: 5:52 PM
Mood: Good ^^
Song: Me Love--Sean Kingston

No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other.
-Jascha Heifetz



Grrr...I'm seriously thinking about changing my theme. T.T My intro glitch is REALLY starting to piss me off. *sigh* But I dunno if it'll do anything.

So, besides that, nothing really happened today. Which I guess is better than something bad happening.

I got to leave school early (7th period ^^) for a dermatologist appointment. I have a rather troublesome acne problem. It's actually not as bad as it used to be, but it's still bad. They're just gonna give me some antibiotics or something to make it better, and to make sure there isn't any scarring. So yeah.

Valentine's Day is Thursday! How great!


Besides getting chocolate (yay xD) Valentine's Day is gonna SUCK this year. I'm going to have to avoid Poodles as much as possible that day.

Why, you ask? Oh, I can only imagine what plans for me my friends are cooking up right now...with HIM. T.T And of course, I won't be aware of their plans until I actually talk to him. So I'm not going to. ^^ Lol.

It's not like my friends are seriously making fun of me, if that's what you're thinking. It's all in good fun; just friendly teasing. But sometimes their good fun just goes too far, you know? To the point where it's really uber-awkward. *shudder* I won't go into any details about what happened last time...

Well, that's about it. See ya *glomps* I hope this Version Vibrant thing gets sorted out soon!

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Monday, February 11, 2008


Current Time: 4:38 PM
Mood: I dunno XD
Song: Jesus of Suburbia-Green Day

Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.
-Thomas Jones



I better make this fast, cuz I have homework I have yet to do! An analyzation of the film All Quiet on the Western Front and some Treaty of Versailles assignment. I love the WWI-II era, though. I think it's really cool. ^^ I'm a nerd, I know.

So...Monday! Not as boring as usual. I go to the bus stop every morning around 6:45 AM, the bus is usually there by around 6:55-ish. The other people at my stop are Joanna, Athena, Shanna, Max, Dan...and Dan. (There are 2 of them. XD lol.)

Today it was just me, Shanna, Joanna and Dan F. (The other Dan was at school already. o.O)

Dude, we were waiting FOREVER for the bus to come. It was 7:15 and it still wasn't there yet! School starts AT SEVEN TWENTY-FIVE!! T.T

We were starting to get really freaked out. We're like "What the heck?! Where's the bus?!" We ended up getting a ride from Shanna's mom. T.T I found out later we had a sub bus driver and he was over A HALF HOUR LATE to the bus stop before us. They got to school around 7:45 (a wee bit late, ne? XD)

And then I totally forgot to do the second draft of my tolerance paper for English! >.> So I went to type it out during lunch in the library (all second drafts have to be typed, unfortunately) and the librarian wouldn't friggin let me on one of the computers!

She says "I'm sorry, but there aren't any computers available" and there's a whole dang row of them open! So I lost 20 points out of my paper FOR NOTHING. Oh well. My final will be ABSOLUTELY BEAST. XD

Our symphonic band went to Cincinnati for a music convention this past weekend; I'll tell you all some interesting stories about that tomorrow.

Since it's so outrageously COLD outside, there's a really good chance we'll have a snow day tomorrow. ^^ Yay!

Until next time, folks. *glomps* Thanks so much for all the comments and see ya later!

spork of justice

Mwahahaa! XD

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   does it seem like myO is seriously screwing up...?

Current Time: 3:04 PM
Current Mood: I don't wanna go back to school XD
Current Song: Stab My Back--All-American Rejects

We have too many high sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them.
-Abigail Adams


It's either just my computer, or Version Vibrant is finally coming! ^^ Have you noticed they took the registration thingy out of the login page? And there's no more link-age to theO, either. XD

I dunno...I think the rest of the problems are just my computer. Nobody's avatars are showing up and my intro's all screwy! *points to it* It's really bothering me, and I can't fix it! It's not like I've put any images up that make it distorted...they're just the normal-size dimensions that I get from theOtaku. *shrugs* I dunno.

This weekend has been SO BORING. NOBODY has been on! I've only been talking to Nika (JapaneseKitten) and Squid Lover2 all weekend. *sigh* And I haven't been getting any emails either.

And not many people have been updating, either, so that didn't give me much to do. >.< Hopefully people will be on more this week!

Okay, so yesterday, me, my parents and my brother went to this RV convention thing to look for a new camper (ours got totally flooded at the campgrounds...it's junk. T.T) and there are some pretty intense ones at that con! Some of them cost more than what you'd pay for a new car! o.O Yeah. Other than that, it was really boring.

When we got home from that, which was around 3, I came on here for a little bit and did nothing, since no one was on...Then I watched the Bourne Supremacy! I've already seen the first and the third one (third one's the Bourne Ultimatum...it was out in theaters not too long ago). But I'm planning to watch the third one again today anyway. I don't have anything else to do.

And maybe I'll watch some more Haruhi Suzumiya, too! I love the anime so far, it's hilarious. Kyon's my favorite character, then Haruhi. ^^ They're awesome.

Erm, so I think I'll go. I'm boring myself with this post. T.T" *glomps* Sayonara.

Kyon ^^;

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

OMFG. FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Time: 4:18 PM
Current Mood: Eh
Current Song: International Harvester--Craig Morgan

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.
-Sir Winston Churchill


Lol, that International Harvester song is hilarious. I'm not much into country most times, but I can listen to Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, and Craig Morgan...they're pretty good.

Anyways, let me explain about the subject! *points to "OMFG. FOOD FIGHT!!!"*

Yeah, you got it! There was a food fight during lunch the day of FL skits (which were mentioned in the last post ^^).

Only FL students (FL=Foreign Language) could see the skits, and the skits were 6th and 7th period. So they had to fit SIX HUNDRED PEOPLE into ONE LUNCH PERIOD. O.O

Needless to say, it was very crowded. And I really think that's the only reason why it started-There was just too much going on.

The emos started it, though. XD They were throwing food at this other table, and that table was throwing it back...and then it hit people it wasn't supposed to...and people got angry...and you know how it goes.

The principal and all those big-cheese kinda people stopped it just in time. If they had waited just a couple of more seconds, it would've been totally out of their control. And THAT would've been AWESOME.

As Poodles says: "The most exciting thing that's happened in this school yet." *nods* Yup.

Yay! It's Saturday! ^-^ And I got most of my homework done, too. I'm not planning on doing much this weekend; just chillin', yo! XD

I should be able to get to everyone's sites sometime this weekend, so yeah. I dunno. I don't really have anything else to say! Nothing else happened except for the Food Fight! (Hah. It deserves capital letters. XD)

See you all later! *glomps* I hope more than 2 people read this...XD Nah. Just kidding.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

FL skits tomorrow!

Current Time: 7:40 PM
Current Mood: Excited ^^
Current Song: We're Trying--Sanctus Real

You've got to take the bitter with the sour.
-Samuel Goldwyn


First, let me explain what the subject means! XD "FL" stands for Foreign Language-FOREIGN LANGUAGE WEEK!! (Which is this week, obviously.)

My name is Jimmy and ya better not wear it out! Suicide commando that your mama talked about! XD Sorry. I'm listening to Green Day (St. Jimmy) at the moment. XDD lol.

Anyways, about FL week! There's always these skits that the junior FL students do. (Only foreign language students can do the skits. And I think they have to be in drama/theater/whatever too.)

I'm so excited to see them! I love Spanish! (I may not like my teacher, but I love the language.) I get to have 5th period lunch with all of my friends and I get to miss 6th and 7th period! YES! It can't get any better than that! Besides not having any school at all, anyway.

So, nothing's really been going on this week. I was sick yesterday, so I couldn't go to school, but I wouldn't really call that interesting. T.T lol.

Um, Spanish was interesting today! For whatever reason, our class could not SHUT UP. We would not stop talking. Mrs. Holt got really pissed XD

And then there was the ordeal with the puntos...XDD *laughs* Oh wow. Okay, part of our grade in Spanish is participation, see? We keep track of who answers questions and such on the PUNTO BOARD. (puntos=points...the "Punto Board" is a clipboard with all the classes and people's names on them. There's a separate page for each class.)

So, Poodles usually does the puntos, cuz, I dunno, he just does. It's weird whenever someone else does the puntos. o.O Anyway.

...No one had the Punto Board today. For whatever reason.

Naturally, everyone turns to Poodles. (Our class is kinda small. So everyone knows what's going on...Our class is sweet like that XD)

Andrew says, "Uh, Enrique [Poodles' Spanish name], where's the Punto Board? Don't you have it?"

"No...I put it back up on the desk...But now it's not there..."

Chad says: "That's cuz it's up leaning against the chalkboard."

We all look up at the chalkboard. And there, indeed, is the wondrous Punto Board!

Andrew stares at it for a couple of seconds, then goes, "Okay...Now why don't you go get it?"

"I already checked it," Poodles says. "That's not the real Punto Board. Wish I knew where it was."

The whole class is now staring in horrified shock at Poodles. The Punto Board?! The REAL Punto Board?! GONE MISSING?! *some people's grades go out the window*

Senorita Sosa (our student teacher ^^) goes, "Well, why wouldn't that be the real Punto Board? Of course it is."

Poodles looks at her quizzically. "Nah, that's not the real one. I looked at the 8th period page and none of our names are right. They're totally different."

The class starts laughing, including Senorita Sosa.

After a couple minutes of laughing and Poodles sitting there wondering what's so funny, Andrew goes:

"Dude, we're not 8th period. We're 9th."

"What?" Poodles stares at Andrew in confusion.


"We are...? Oh. Oh. OH!"

We all continue laughing until Senorita Sosa forces us to go back to learning reflexive verbs.

*cough* Uh...DUH moment...XD lol. It was so funny.

Anyways, that's the only interesting thing I have for today. Sayonara! *glomps*

fma icons

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   I DID IT!!!

Current Time: 6:09 PM
Current Mood: I'M SO HAPPY!!! *sigh of relief*
Current Song: Better Than Drugs--Skillet

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
-John Lennon


SVHS Drumline's MySpace!

*cracks up laughing* DRUMLINE HAS A MYSPACE!! XD If you clicky the link above that says "SVHS Drumline", you can see our TOTALLY BEAST DRUMLINE. And if you check out the pics, the girl with the long hair and the snare drum (the smallish one you wear in front of you) is Kaylyn! (NOT Kaitlin, as the MySpace thing says.)

Kaylyn is a good friend of mine! And you can see a lot of other people too! Rothschild's the short kid with the glasses (the next leader of drumline!) and Paul's the guy with the Ohio State sweatshirt, if you go and look at the comments on the bottom with peep's icons.

You can't see Poodles in any of the pictures, but he did leave a comment on there! He's the one with the "Freerice.com" icon. XD And if you look under General Info, he's under Bass! ^-^ Haha. He plays the huge sideways drum! *laughs*


And it turns out, I didn't make a total fool out of myself! YESS!!

Besides that, I haven't really been doing anything today. I woke up really late, did some Arts and Communications homework, then took a nap. Then I listened to my iPod for a bit, called Poodles about our Spanish thing (XDD) and then I just got done eating.

Uncle Brian, Aunt Angie, and Jeremy are all here-Apparently there's this huge football game on tonight. In a couple of minutes, actually. Anybody know what it's called? o.O Something with the...Patriots...and the...Giants?? *is confused* Whatever. Football is boring. T.T

But what isn't boring is Naruto! ^-^ I'm getting close to the end of the regular series now. (Right before the fillers start coming...T.T) It's where Sasuke and Naruto are beating the crap out of each other. And Kakashi's coming to stop them!! *squee* Go Kakashi!! I can't wait to see how their fight turns out...^^ Yup.

And, for surviving my phone call, I'm gonna reward myself with the first episode of...HARUHI SUZUMIYA!! I've been wanting to get into that anime. It looks so funny!!

fuller version of ending of haruhi suzumiya

Ahahahha!! Random dancing! XD lol.

Oh yeah, the hockey game!! It went pretty well, although it was really cold. It was only me, Laura C, McKenzie and Kaylyn. ^-^ We had fun.

That is, until Travis and Brynn came. Together. T__T" I was so pissed. They sat next to us and everything. Me, Laura and McKenzie completely ignored them. But Kaylyn...lol, Kaylyn! She was talking with them like there was no tomorrow! She's just really, really nice. She likes everyone. ^-^ I wish I could be like that sometimes! Sometimes it's not fun hating people, ya know?

Well, I'm gonna go watch some Haruhi! ^^ Sayonara! *glomps*

Haruhi Suzumiya

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