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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

   Time to join the SOS Brigade?!

Time: 5:25 PM
Song: Caramelldansen (Caramell)
Mood: Bored as hell

If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known.
-George C. Marshall


Hehe, before I forget, Wolf-chan, L'arc DOES have new music; it was released in like mid-2008, but they've got some new EP's. Errr...Drink it Down and Nexus 4, I believe? The Drink it Down EP is AMAZING~ Lol. Check iTunes! ^.^

Anyway, today wasn't really all that interesting. We went to the mall...I had some Japanese stuff for lunch (I always forget what it's called, but it's awesome) and then I got some manga! :D The last Fruits Basket and Haruhi Suzumiya.

Okay, comment number one on the Furuba: Ending=LAME. The 22nd book was REALLY good, and then the last one was just like...POOF everything's better. I mean, you know, it was cute adorable shoujo-ai and everything, STILL...A little mushy on Takaya-sensei's part. And I wanted a little more Uo-chan/Kureno and Hatori/Mayu, but you get like 2 pages and it goes back to Tohru and Kyo. They are NOT the only couple in the manga, guys! Come on! I love them to death, but gaahhh, a little sidestory every now and then? Sheesh.

Now, I've seen Haruhi Suzumiya before (I watched like 6 episodes and got interested XD) so I bought the first book. It was...different. I love how Haruhi's a friggin psycho. She cracks me up. But I'm a little annoyed with Kyon because he's such a skeptic. T.T Seriously. An alien, a time-traveler, AND an esper all in less than two months and he still doesn't believe it...Oh wait. I'm not sure if he was just dreaming about Koizumi being an esper or not...XD Just kidding. Anyway, I like where the Suzumiya manga's going, so I'm gonna keep going with it. And I'm just kind of relieved (in a sick sort of way) that Fruits Basket is over. It's been going on for so long and now it's gone...It was definitely over-done with 23 volumes, but it was excellent. If you've never bothered to read the Fruits Basket manga, DO IT. I am COMMANDING you. The anime SUCKS. READ THE MANGA FOOLZ!! XDD Lol.

Anyways, after all that manga-buying business, I went to the craft store to buy some stuff for my friend's birthday present (I'm making her a keepsake box kinda thing. Spiffy, eh?). Theeen I went to a couple of local bookstores and interrogated them about possible job openings, but of course none of them were hiring. Just my luck. So my mom's recommending this flower shop down the street that I should try, so I'm probably going to call them tomorrow. I just want a job that no one else has, you know? I don't wanna be working at the pizza place or the GROCERY STORE like everyone else. (Working at Kroger is my worst fear. Can you imagine how BORING that would be?)

Bah. I've got nothing to do. This is why I hate summer sometimes...Don't give me that look. I know what I said. "I hate summer sometimes". Yeah, I went there. But yeah, it just gets so uneventful after a while. And my family never does anything and my parents always work, so I'm stuck at home doing nothing 97% of the time.

Anyway, I'm going to end this post and move on to one of my top five obsessions: Quizilla. XD (My other 4 obsessions being manga, Kakashi, fanfiction, and writing...^^) Okay.

See you all later! Ja ne~! My love is without words.

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