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Saturday, August 6, 2005

British Accents, Derby hats, and Wings
Yeah, that's my current obsession other than anime.
What three things would you say you're currently obsessed with?
Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I really haven't had anything interesting to say.
I just read some new mangas: the 10th and 11th Furuba, the 8th DNAngel, the 6th Tsubasa, the 6th Crescent Moon, and the new Bleach.
Which I know is terribly interesting to you all.
I'm going to an art camp for 5 days starting Monday, I'll still be able to get on in the evenings though.
But then I'll be with my cousins in New Jersey for 3 weeks battling the Hobos (inside joke) so I probably will not be able to post or visist any of you guys.
I'm sorry this is such a boring post but my life isn't always a soap opera.

Farewell for now.


If you were an anime character the first thing
people would recognize about you would be your
wings. Having wings as your primary
distinguishing feature shows that you are
someone who holds to your beliefs (whatever
they may be) and yet, you are not afraid of
change either. You are a thoughtful person
with a tendency to see beyond what most people
perceive, and are quite open-minded towards new
and unusual ideas. Most likely you are quiet
and unobtrusive, especially in unfamiliar
situations, because you prefer to observe.

What Would be your Most Distinguishing Physical Feature as an Anime Character? (anime pics!)
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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Poems and Pirates
I'm sure you're all sick of poems but I got sudden inspiration yesterday while vacuuming (don't ask) and I'm posting it for the heck of it.


Amongst lantern light,
Moon and star,
And Dappled dreams of oaken sleepers,
Balls of lightening,
Drift in fairy breath mists.

Walk, does I in dreaming forests,
Through shades of moonlight and cricket whispers,
Telling twilight tales,
Of Olden times,
When stones were young,
And Elves still wandered woods.

Of The broken blades,
Of forgotten Heroes,
Deeds of greatness lost,
In dusting memoirs of dead kings,
Sealed in the tombs of eternal night.

I alone remember,
These forgotten tales,
And if you listen for my voice,
The Murmur in the night winds,
I will speak to you of them,
And you too will remember,
And your dreams
Will Be.


Oaken sleepers are oak trees and balls of lightening are fireflies.

A couple weeks ago the ship that was in The Pirates of the Carabian, The Mutiny on The Bounty, and was in the beginning of the Spongebob Squarepants movie moored in our harbor!^_^!
Have some pictures but our camera is rather old so the pictures are really crappy

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Slighltly Sick Contentment
Well, it didn't rain.
The water park was fun. Niadra was there too. The funnest thing was the Largo Loop and the Coconout Drops. Most of the other rides were over-rated though.
After we so the movie The Island. It was alright...the director sort of got away with himself though and there were some 'icky' parts, like this one guy got his hand nailed to a door.
X-0 X-0 X-0
Then we went to Barnes and Nobles and I got this sorta of stupid manga called Juvenile Orion which I didn't know it was when I bought it.
Slept over Niadra's house and during which she made me drink tea at like 2 in the morning and then conked out right after...I WAS STILL AWAKE!!!
Anyway, now I'm feeling slightly sick and watching Spongebob...
I have a reeaaaallly funny authentic story written by two college students. It's called The English Class. I'd like to just post it but the stupid things says is 'prohibited' so if you'd like to hear it pm and I'll send it too you.

You are Perseverance! Someone gets you down, you
jump right back up. Linked with Faith, you are
optimistic about what you do.

What Virtue Are You? Nice Pics.
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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sunbeams After Rainstorms
I'm sorry I haven't been to all your sites lately. I don't think I'll be able to do it today, but I will tomorrow.
Anyway, I'm afraid I don't have that much to say so I'll try not ramble.
I'm going to the therapist now because of...problems. I went today.*Woo* Wich was of course a blast (not). I have to because I have the tendacy to bottle everything up tight inside until I get all messed up inside.
And for my mom (she goes too). She's not doing too well...suffering from anxiety. She was doing better this morning though. So am I.
Also I have another attempt at the water park scheduled this Friday. I hope that doesn't fall through.
*Crosses fingers*
I have new music up too, the Opening song of Ghost in the Shell, even if you don't like the anime you should listen to it, if you can. It's really good.

Your Evanescence song is: Imaginary
The real world has taken a toll on you and you
don't want to endure it anymore. It is harsh
and hard to live in, so your solution is
dreaming. You dream and have fantazies and turn
it to your new reality. Zooming-out is not an
unusuall thing for you to do. You can also have
an artistique side in you, whether it is
writing, drawing, singing etc.

I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
The nightmare I built my own world to

What Evanescence song are you?[many outcomes + wonderful pictures]
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Can anybody even here the music that I put up?

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Bonfire
Had the party last night, the celebration of my mom getting The Job. IT RAINED. Why?! It hasn't rained in days! Why last night!!
Well, that's life for you.
Actually it rained, no POURED, the Wednesday we were suppose to go to the waterpark. We had been having a drought for weeks but of course...!
Anyway, back on the subject of the party. We had a bonfire and everything on the beach but they old geezers refused to go out! All they wanted to do was sit in the living room and guzzle cocktail drinks because it was 'hot'. It was hotter where they were! Some eventually came out...
The bums.
It was fun though. Niadra wandered the beach and christen a catamiran that washed up unclaimed on our beach the "Night Wake".
We ended up watching anime deep into the night, after we tired of our wandering. We watched an anime called Millionanion Actress. It was very well made and had a lot of depth. It was a work of art that didn't need super model looking characters, sex, guns, and all that crap to be good.
I wish there were more movies like that.

Green Tea
Green Tea...
You are Green Tea!
Strong and very smart you prefer peace to violence
and very rarely take action if it involves
confrontation. But you make up for this with
your keen insight and understanding of the
world and people around you, you have a very
mysterious nature. Many people see you as laid
back and that may be true but you are very
intelligent and make good decisions.

What type of Tea are you? {-With Anime Pictures!-}
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Monday, July 11, 2005

Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. My mum wouldn't let me use the computer as punishment for staying up all night on it, even though she said to get the heck off it. It wasn't really all night, just till midnight.
But with my excellent negotiating skills I was able to lessen it by taking out the trash, cleaning her sink, sweeping the porch...
actually, I guess I'm not that good of a negotiater.
I was at Niadra's house the other day. We watched the third Chrono Crusade and imitated the Beatles on LSD, and other forms of insanity.
My mom got the job she wanted, which is REALLY good news.
We're celebrating this weekend.
I don't think I'll be able to get to all your sites but I'll try.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

   Immeasurable Graditude
Thank you all so much.
I'm sort of at lose for words.
I feel alot better...I'm actually happy...
Thank you all for praying for me and....

I'm afraid I can only stay online for a couple of minutes...

But I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life.


"I smile says so much more than words."

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Please Read This
Please Read This
I didn't mean my father was actually dead. The man I knew is.
I'm sorry for worring you.
A black mood took me but...
what happened last night was real.
My father's problem got the better of him last night and I took the blow. It's happened before but this time...I thought that what I prayed for happened and that I had a father again. Everything overwhelmed me and I just shutdown.
I'm feeling a little better now.
All that happens to me, I know that it's making me a little stronger all the time.
I'm just afraid I'll lose the fragile part of me in all this.
I fear eternal scars that will never go away.
God...it's just so complicated...there are so many paths to take...I'm afraid I'll stray and lose that special part of me...and that if I let go...I'll drift away and become just like...all the other people I see around me...crying in the dark of their minds...blind...acting like they don't care but God they care soo much...and inflicting pain on others to cover there own vunerbilities.
I don't want to be like that.
That's why...I can't let this break me.
That's why I have to smile again.
I've got to believe it's going to be alright.
And now...I can see the silver lining in the clouds...
and I know...
It's going to be alright.

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Monday, July 4, 2005

Half Alive
I feel drained.
I slept long, but still I have no energy.
Last night,
My whole being just shut down.
I couldn't talk.
I couldn't move.
I just stared.
I felt dead.
I still feel half alive.
And I thought I had a father.
But the man I knew is dead.
The alcohol ate his heart.

As he drove...I thought I was going to die. When my father dropped me off and drove madly away my mother came out and asked me what happened. My anger came before my saddness and I told her she blew it. Which wasn't true. She thought I was being fresh and started yelling at me. I went inside and locked myself in the bathroom. I cried and I felt myself slipping away. Something hardened inside of me.
After I came out she somehow got the story out of me, even though I was acting braindead. She apoligized profusely.
I had locked my emotions inside and the numbness swamped me.
This always happens.
I always end up hurt.
This time my hopes where too high,
I actually thought...
it nearly destroyed me.
Trust...hope...the ability to forgive...
nearly obliterated.
I ache...and I bleed...
This won't be the end of my dreams.
I will hope-
and I will limp on.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

   Writing Books
I started writing a book today.
Well sort of. I was further developing the characters and the setting. The idea been in my head for a long time now and I'm finally writing it down.
It's based on a game Niadra and I used to play when we were younger.
It wasn't a little kid game either. We were rather 'Dark' little children, thinking back now we were a little scary...We called it the "Sewer Game"...it's sort of a wierd name I know and it does NOT have to do with bathrooms or anything like that, but that were it took place, in the black Sewers of a cruel City........
Haha, alright I'll cut the dramatics.
Oh and I had a dream the other night too. It was wierd because at first it was like a movie, with plot, characters and all that. It was really good and I liked it alot and wanted to see the end. But than the pictures turned into type and the pages closed making a book. I can still see the cover right now...I woke up and remembering this I wrote it down in my notebook as a idea for a novel. It was like I saw the book it would before I wrote it.

I hope this post isn't too long and boring, I'm feeling sort of drained. I've been at it for 4 hours.
Well if it did bore you, you should go to this site (put in the web search):


It's funny but a little annoying...


You are a descriptive writer. An avid reader of
Robert Frost, perhaps, you LOVE to use flowery
words and use the paper and pen as your canvas
and paintbrush. You prefer to paint a mental
image rather than simply toy around with
people's minds. A very inspired person, you
love to be in nature and usually are a very
outdoorsy type of person. A writer with a
natural green thumb, perhaps?

What's YOUR Writing Style?
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I also put new music up. It's a miracle that it works. Kiseki no Umi is my favorite anime song ever, it's so beautiful...
Do listen.

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