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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Poems and Pirates
I'm sure you're all sick of poems but I got sudden inspiration yesterday while vacuuming (don't ask) and I'm posting it for the heck of it.


Amongst lantern light,
Moon and star,
And Dappled dreams of oaken sleepers,
Balls of lightening,
Drift in fairy breath mists.

Walk, does I in dreaming forests,
Through shades of moonlight and cricket whispers,
Telling twilight tales,
Of Olden times,
When stones were young,
And Elves still wandered woods.

Of The broken blades,
Of forgotten Heroes,
Deeds of greatness lost,
In dusting memoirs of dead kings,
Sealed in the tombs of eternal night.

I alone remember,
These forgotten tales,
And if you listen for my voice,
The Murmur in the night winds,
I will speak to you of them,
And you too will remember,
And your dreams
Will Be.


Oaken sleepers are oak trees and balls of lightening are fireflies.

A couple weeks ago the ship that was in The Pirates of the Carabian, The Mutiny on The Bounty, and was in the beginning of the Spongebob Squarepants movie moored in our harbor!^_^!
Have some pictures but our camera is rather old so the pictures are really crappy

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