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Saturday, May 21, 2005

   Swan Lake and Mutant Bird Kids
So many rehersals haven't been able to get on for 5 days.
Swan Lake is tonight. Not really that nervous. At least not yet anyway.
I just read this book by James Patterson. It's a thriller for young adults and it's reeeaally good. It's about these 6 kids who are 98% human and 2% avian (bird), so they have wings, who are escaped genetic experiments from this horrible lab place called the "School".
Interesting choice of words huh?
Anyway this is the cover and you can go to www.maximumride.com if your interested.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

   A Slight Delirium
I'm diseased. Fever and headache.
I was delirous too and let me tell you I'm veerrry entertaining when I'm delirous, according to my oh so loving step sister. Yeah, for some reason I can't think inside my head so I so the most random, idiotic things, while giggling the whole time.
You missed the show though, I'm almost completely sane now.
I got my retainer yester. It's clear and it's not one of those wire ones, it's a clear mold thingy. Very interesting to you all I'm sure. They're killing my tongue though - Cutting, ripping, slicing.

By the way,
Happy Friday the 13th!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   I Am Extremely Bored...
Interesting title isn't it. Heh.
I'm sooo tired and I'm not quite sure why.

Against my will I have to take ballet classes. Extremely uncharacteristic. I'm pretty good too,I mean I'm not a stumbling bufoon (excuse the spelling), but I'd much rather be taking fencing, or martial arts but well- I don't have a choice.
Well there's this performance coming up-Swan Lake-and I'm literally swamped with rehersals. I probably won't be able to get on theotaku very often now.
I'm soo tired...

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Friday, May 6, 2005

   The Girl with the Lisp and The Chrono Chronicles
I got my braces off! Thank you God! It feels wierd actually having smooth teeth again instead of metal wire. I'm gonna have to wear a retainer soon. Ughh. I'll be Alex by day and the girl with the lisp by night.
I'm glad theotaku added a Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles hubb. It's really good manga.
Has anyone heard of the Chrono Chronicles anime? I saw a add for it on a DVD and it looks good.

It's raining right now. I can here it on the roof and the wind blows the raindrops against the window. I love rain, especially taking walks in the forest when its raining.
It feeds my soul.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

The Visit and a Reminder That It Isn't Over Yet
Current Obsession:DNAngel ^_~

I must of added like 20 new friends in the last couple of days and its reallly hard to get to everyone's site so I'm really sorry if I haven't visited you guys for awhile.
My use-to-be step-dad just visited. He told me he loved me but I don't believe him, can't believe him. The wound is still raw. "I'm better" He says "As God as my witness I've stopped" And I say "For now...for now"
"No for good" He says
And I say prove it...prove it..."
And he says "I will"
I don't believe him.

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

   New World Order and Mogey Pillows
When Emperess Niadra took over the world...
Lady Knox became the leader of the Rebel Nation (formally known as Europe). Join her and help her to retake Japan from Emperess Niadra!
Europe ~.^
I'm really bored. I should be doing my homework but...I don't really want to.
Anyway went over Niadra's house yesterday. Stayed up to 3 in the morning talking about nothing and drowning under her 50 mogey pillows. Also watched "Edward Scissorhands". It was wierd, sad and funny. Strange combination. Sorta left you with an erie feeling of loss though...

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   The Injustice and Stuff
*Side Note:
I'm trying to put more posts up more often so people won't stop comming to my site because it never changes. The thing is I want to put up posts that aren't boring. I'm gonna try to find something at least vaguagly interesting to talk about.
Loathesome developers...
I live in a rural neighbor and don't get all country hick on me, because it's not like that.
Anyway they're destroying it. They're building these ugly crap boxes (*my word for their rancid houses in their housing developments*) everywhere! I hate it!! They put these ugly, characterless houses in once beautiful farm fields and forests! It makes me sick! I just hope my home as I know it is still there by the time I have to go to college. I just feel so helpless seeing these "for sale" and "comming soon" signs popping up everywhere.
They have such stupid slogans too, like
"Shop-on the edge!" The edge of what?? The retirement community they're building! Ughh..
the injustice!
I'm thinking of starting a new site, except I'm not sure of what my username would be...
I'm open to suggestions!

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Friday, April 22, 2005

   -------Guest Speaker------
Greetings. Today i have a guest speaker, and she is doing an interview. Please don't mind the random questions.

INTERVIEWER: soooooooo knox, how're you m'dear?
KNOX: I.... am.... high. OFF CHAI!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHA! (tea, that is.)
INTERVIEWER: sooooooooooo the weather's nice.
KNOX: I suppose it is. Cept it's dark out and i can't see.....
INTERVIEWER: hmmm.... is that a hobgoblin i see?
INTERVIEWER: clam dow.... i mean calm down.
okay, maybe i should tell you that my name is niadra.... and i am doing this interview as a favor to crab-doughnut industries, helping to build a better spaghetti-dandelion-fluff dish. for yugoslavians everywhere. and i WAS manipulating knox's every word but she made me change it so WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
sooooooo knox.... what do you think of the mighty crab-doughnut empire? you know they're ALL around us.
KNOX: what kind of question is that?????
INTERVIEWER: whatdaya mean? you made them up! *clears throat* i mean, you are a faithful donater to cab-doughnut industries. you DID NOT make them up. there are copyrights to consider here.
KNOX:who claims to have made them up, hmmmm?
INTERVIEWER: well, i believe it is a certain mr. gearg schneidwillsier.
KNOX: you ma'am, should leave my computer counsel before you scare away all my friends.
INTERVIEWER: HMMMMPH! i thought I was one of your friends but fine if you want it that way! and i thought it was very original!
good day to you!!!!!!!!!!!!
*leaves in a huff*
KNOX: *sighs* yup. i actually know this person.
INTERVIEWER: *pokes head around doorframe* i heard that! i will not tell them the things you say and toodles and gooday!
----------END OF INTERVIEW---------
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this post brought to you by crab-doughnut enterprises, working to build a better spaghetti-fluff dish for yugaslavians everywhere... and therefore, knox is not responsible for this post, therefore, blame me.
~*kenibs forever*, Niadra
knox agrees. kenibs rock.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

   My Big Adventure.
Yesterday I had to run the mile in gym class. Yep, four laps around the football field, real fun. I did the best I've ever done, a whole minute a five seconds better than last time. But afterwards...well I'm not much of an endurance runner, I'm more of a sprinter...and I kinda' got a 'little' sick. I was soooo tired and I felt really ill. I went to the tell the gym teacher I was feeling badly and I saw my reflection in the mirror. All the blood had gone out of my face and I looked like someone from the House of Wax. I got really cold too. I probably would of fallen down if I didn't sit down. Well, I sat outside for a couple minutes with my head between my knees with the teacher. I'm not one to get light headed either. They checked my pulse and I was Ok but still feeling pretty bad. They had to escort me to the lunch room. That fun. Thankfully no one saw. I was rather pathetic.
Not one of my better moments.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

   Beams of Sunlight
I'm OK now. I've stepped away from the edge, the wrong path, that would lead me to be someone I don't won't to be.
The clouds are clearing and I hope this is the end, rather than the eye of the storm.
But I believe it to be the end.
Damage that it has wrought onto us, me
Will disappear with time,
for time heals all.
I wish things didn't happen like this...
but you can't live in dreams.
I will walk a new path-
of enlightenment and self discovery-
a journey.

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