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Monday, January 1, 2007

Hopes of 2007
I'm going to be everything I can be. No regrets. I'm going to find my tomorrow.
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Diseased :p
I am soooo sick, what is this...day 5 of crappy TV shows, saltines, and very, very strange fever-inflicted dreams? Meh...I'm so sick of this (please excuse the pun XP) that'd I'd much rather go back to school and for me, that's saying something!
The good news is that I think I'm getting better...I think...*shifty glance* I don't wanna' jinx myself *knocks on wood*
Max my fat,but only slightly obese cat, is sitting on my stomach and I think I'm being slowly crushed to death. Talk about "love can be a heavy burden"! I'm not gonna' move him though, he's soooo cute and squishy- my epitome of squeeeee. Heehee.
Well, back to reality show Hell.
Hope you're faring better than meeee.
*Knox Out*

(Max, a.k.a. Fuzzy Wubbles XD)


If you could create a world, how would your world look like? (girls only!) (AWESOME PICS AND STORIES AT THE END!!!)

"I am ________, the darkness Goddess." Scyth, the shadow fallen God smirked at you, as the two of you made yours way to the temple. There you saw lots of presents, offerings and your creations waiting for you to arrive. When you landed, they all bowed. You walked almong them, your dark dress dancing behind you. Ahead of you, you could see a path made of black stone leading to a all black and grey throne. You sat up there, landind your eyes on your followers. You were not evil, you just liked the darkness more than anyone. Gods and Goddnesses walked away from you, becase they thought wrong, you were not evil.Scyth also bowed infront of you, and with your hand, you reached his chin and made him look at you."Everyone, look at this God."Everyone rested their eyes on Scyth. You could tell he was slightly nervous. "This is the God that saved your lives today. He is the one who saved me and you from myself. If he was not to be here, we would all be dead right now. I wish you to thank him, for all he did, and treat him as he deserves, a fallen God of a new world."Your creations looked at him, confused. Scyth starred at you, dumbfooled. You smiled and continued..."From this day, I will rule this world with the help of Scyth, the God of Shadows. However, you must not forget about who created you in the first place. It is the knowledge that leads you to higher heights. But all the knowlegde has to begin somewhere, and to forget that beginning is to forget who you are." The vampires, demons, black angels, werewolfs and gargoyles,...among others starred at you and with a smile on their face, bowed to the two of you, _______ and Scyth, who was sitting by your side, where appeared another throne. Later that day, Scyth and you were walking throught the dark gardens of the castle when he spoke suddently..."The things you created, they are filled with mystery and darkness, along with shadows. It reminds me of my old world, but much better."You tilted your head to your side, as you listened to him."And if we are to reign this world together, I would like to be bound(?) to you... by love."Your eyes, widened as Scyth said those words. Yes, Gods and Goddnesses do have feelings, which includes love. You starred at his beautiful eyes and knew that deep inside your shadowed dark heart, there was a piece of love for the fallen God that you could not throw away. You ran your hands throught his cheeks and said a thing that your heart longed to release..."Yes Scyth...I love you."He smiled and you could swear that his eyes were holding a thousand suns when he said..."I love you too."Since that day, the two of you reigned the world you created together, loving each other for eternity.Name/title:________, the Goddess of Darkness.Powers: controlling your whole world, along with the darkness within and outside it. Beings you created: Vampires, Demons, Gargoyles, Werewolfs, Dark AngelsSymbol:A crow above a black rose, spreading its wings. Grey background.World:The skies are a pinch black colour. They have little stars all over them, and a huge white and silver moon. however, when you're sad or mad the sky is just black. The earth is filled with mountains and some places, snow. The earth is a dark brown colour. Sometimes it rains, and you can clearly see the river running down the mountains, until they reach an only sea. It is filled with shadows and darkness and the beings that live there feed on the irracional animals fear and blood. You are overjoyed with the things you created and the temple in which you live is made of black stone and it is build on top of a mountain.Family: you are the 3rd eldest sister, and the most feared and unpopular, although there are some of your brothers, like the God of Death, that understands you.
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Man this quiz is cheesey >.<'

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Back After A Thousand Years (Scary isn't it?)
Happy Thankgiving to all of you who celebrate it!

So I ate way too much (no surprise there) at Thankgiving Dinner. And drank way too much
That is!
It was all really good, my mom's British friend cooked for us and we had a fire going in the fireplace...I guess you could say it was a hallmark moment.
It was nice.

In other news...
I watched this anime the other day that was actually really good. It was called Karas: The Prophecy. Have you guys heard of it? It's really well animated and I love how they meshed tradition Japanese folklore with modern technology. It really cool. I highly recommend it.

Until next time...
Knox out.

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What Color Is Your Aura??? (7 breath-taking results!!!)

Deep, understanding, and mature, you’re an extremely loyal person. You’re kind and helpful to the people close to you. People see you as a person who’s ready to branch out and understand and truly help a person, but also a closed-up bud. When it comes to your own feelings, you’re a little shy about expressing them. If you try your very best to open up…I guarentee you that the results will be shocking, beautiful, gorgeous and utterly astonishing. You seek for fairness and love, and even if your aura is green, you’re not as jealous as you look!Famous Green-Aura:Oprah WinfreyMost Compatible With: Grey-Aura, Pink-AuraLeast Compatible With: Orange-AuraQuote:“Every idea starts out with a seed, and every death ends with flowers on the grave.” –gomicha11At Your Best: Understanding, kind and lovingAt Your Worse: Distant, confusing and quiet
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Friday, October 6, 2006

I am now offically 15 years old now, my birthday was last Friday.
It was
We went out to dinner at this authentic Japanese restaurant. We ate at low tables and everything. It was incredible! The food was deliscious(sp?) but I ordered to much sushi, should of gotten negamaki...
all well, it was still awesome.
I wanna go back.
We also went to a play which was really good in this old, victorian theater.
I got great gifts too, a humongo pack of pocky and the a Go Speed Racer dvd, who by the way is awesome XD

Catch you on the flip side!

Whatever that means,


What Is Your Supernatural Gift? (Descriptions & Pics)

E.S.P., or Extra Sensory Perception.The American researcher Joseph Banks Rhine is considered the father of serious scientific research into the paranormal and was one of the first people to devise scientific psychic tests. In the 1930's at Duke University Durham, North Carolina, USA he undertook the first systematic study of psychic powers and used statistics to quantify his exhaustive psychic tests. Together with his colleague Carl Zener he designed a set of colourful cards of geometric symbols that were used in various psychic test card guessing games. His conclusion was that many people were achieving correct guesses that were far above what you'd expect from chance alone. They were receiving information from something other than the known five senses.Rhine defined this sixth sense as 'Extra Sensory Perception' and subdivided it into four basic Psychic Powers:TELEPATHY: the ability to 'tune in' to the thoughts of others, or to inject your own thoughts into another's mind. CLAIRVOYANCE: the psychic power to see things that aren't available to you by the known senses and which aren't known by anyone else. PRECOGNITION: the skill of looking into the future and seeing events before they take place, often through the subconscious when dreaming. PSYCHOKINESIS: the ability to use the power of the mind to influence matter- to move objects by thought, for example.ESP is most commonly called the "sixth sense." It is sensory information that an individual receives which comes beyond the ordinary five senses sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It can provide the individual with information of the present, past, and future; as it seems to originate in a second, or alternate reality.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006



As you should be able to see...I have fixed my background...MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! With my amazing skill and technical-know-how, I have done the imposible!!!
Well, actually, err I have no idea why its working now. I seriously think somebody's messing with my head...! Heheh.
Anyway, I went with Niadra and saw the movie "Click" the other day...and lets just say it was a very wierd flick- funny yet disturbing.
Also on that venture we feasted at P.F. Changs. God, we ordered wayyyy to much food- I'm surprised we didn't bust a seam.
Oh and Niadra got a book of art from Serial Experiment Lain. It's really cool...I'm gonna have to borrow it...heheh.
Have any of you seen that anime? Is it any good?

I'll try to visit you guys later.

In Depth Personality Quiz (A look into your soul...ew..it's gooey XD)

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Greetings one and all.

First of all I have a question: are you guys able to see my bg? Cause' I can't and it's driving me crazy!! Also, if you happen to know the code to stop the bg from moving could you tell me...^_^'

Just got back from a sleepover birthday party thingy at my friends house. We had a whipped cream and water balloon fight- it was fun. I got absolutely no sleep so I apologize if this post is a tad weird.
Lets see...
Oh yeah my cousins came down for a visit and we played alot of Animal Xing and I had to lead an expedition into the marshes cause' they really wanted to go crabbing.
I also got Tsubasa 9 and 10. They were good. The "villain" was really stupid though...

I'll try to get to all your sites later.
Wishing you a good one!
~Knox, the Insomniac


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Pirates Arrrrrr Cool-->So Whats Your Pirate Name? (For guys and girls)

Girl Name:Cap'n Corliss LeadbladeGuy Name:Cap'n Guideon LeadbladeYour Traits:Sea:South PacificColor:RedHair:BlondeEyes:BlueContinent: AsiaCountry: IndonesiaPet:MonkeyType of Pirrate:Mean, you apprehended ships wherever you go and stole money. But you dont go out of your way to hurt people.

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...Well a nice pirate would be kind of ridiculous, right?

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Dude, like, Jack Sparrow is incredoubly hot!!
Hey again.
I figured I should post before another month goes by...wait, I think I might be to late...

Right...so events...erm...

Let's see. Niadra and I just wrote and recorded the prelude to our book.
I'm trying to convince my mom to let us adopt her kitten Suki...a battle I fear I'm losing...
My cousins are coming down in about a week. We'll probably camp out on the beach one night and maybe go across the bay to see a movie and go to a Japanese habachi(sp?) restuarunt. Unfortunately I have to work two of the days they're here at the coffee house, but they said they'd stop by.
Also...if I'm lucky my mum will bring back some of the luscious lemon poppyseed muffins when she gets back

Well I believe I should end this rambling post.
I'll try to get to everyone's site who updated.


Who From The Pirates Of The Caribbean Would Marry You? And Your Love Story?

Captain Jack Sparrow!

How You Met: He was stealing a boat and you just happened to be in it, getting ready for the next sail. Since you were in the bottom of the ship, he noticed you when he looked for treasure and you joined him in his search for the Dead Man's Chest.

Your Wedding: You eloped on a stranded island. There was a lot of rum and a giant fire. The witnesses were the turtles you swam back home on.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Failure To Think:
Greetings all.
So far I've spent my spring break helping at our comunity arts center. It's been kinda' fun- organizing files and checking mailing lists isn't exactly the stuff of euphoria, but whatever. It's something to do and my mom's always at her office all day working so I have to go somewhere.
But today I went shopping at Barnes and Nobles and got: "Burned", "Heaven Eyes", and "I Was A Teenage Fairy". Have you heard of them?

Well once again this post is relatively boring so I'll make up for it with a quiz and a video as soon as I can find some good ones.


What do u look like in Japanese? !Girls only!

high-school uniform punk style.
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What kind of Dark Faerie are You? (Girls only with beautiful pics)

Dreamer FaerieYou are the Dreamer Faerie. You are extremely thoughtful, and sometimes outgoing. Most of the time, however, you prefer working alone rather than with others. You are also creative and have an overall friendly personality.Wings: Gray and redPower: Dreams/wishesSexual appeal: Some people think you act a little childish, but incidentally many guys find this very attractive (as long as you don't overdo it, of course).What you look for in a guy: To you, the ideal man would be very tall, dark-haired and blue- or green-eyed. You need someone fun to hang out with but at the same time a partner that you can engage in intelligent conversations.
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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Return Of Knox
Heheh. I'm sure you all missed me very much (*cough cough*)
And I am VERY aware that I have not updated for over 2 months but ALL WELL.
I'm here now.

So spring break has finally started, thank God- I'm soooo sick of school.
And....uh....what else?...alot has happened since my last post but of course I can't see to recall anything remotely interesting to write about and I can see now this whole post is a disaster annd I'm very sorry and I'm going to stop rambling now.
But I'll make up for it with this:

whats yo japanese name?(girls)

Hisae..."enduring". endure, fight, live. thats your motto. bassicly, your strong, brave, caring, and a good leader.
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Sunday, January 1, 2006

A Month Out Of Time
Oh boy.
I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. My only excuse is that my life has hectic. I'm sorry.

Okay. So.
I hope you all had an awesome Christmas. Mine was nice. I got the PS2 games: Kingdom of Hearts and Suikoden IV and I got the mangas: xxxholic 6, DNAngel 10, and Tsubasa 7. I also got a wicked track jacket from Niadra, along with some pocky. Heheh. It was quite a haul. Jk...well not really.
New Years was great too. Niadra and I watched Wolf's Rain which was reallly good but awfully depressing. Uck. I hate the ending. We must of been delirous too because we were laughing about bananas for awhile. Don't ask. Also we 'attempted' to make Japanese New Year's cakes. Attempted being the key word. We found a recipe off internet. We thought it was a typo when it said it made 12 dozen. Which is 144 if any of you read this at midnight and don't feel like doing the math. We realized it wasn't a mistake when we later read that it needed a pound of sugar and 8 and a half cups of flour. We had to convert the measurements which is part of the reason it was kinda' got messed up. We ended up writing "2006 Kix Butt". Nobody wanted to eat the part that had 'butt' written on it. LoL.

We went on a trip to Washington, D.C. Omg it was soo fun. Niadra accompanied us. We saw the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of American History, an art museum (wich was basically a hall of naked, decapitaded people XP), and the Library of Congress. The restuarants there are soo awesome. We had Chinese food the first night, during which we had "The Chopstick Playoff". The second night we had Japanese. The food was good but I ordered all the wrong stuff. The last night we went to a place called Ten Penh. Every bite was ectasy. It was sooo goood. *Sobs*
Now, I've taken to eating with chopsticks when ever I can.
Those were some of the funnest days of my life.

Okay. Well that was all the positive stuff that happened. None of the negative stuff is worth telling and everything in between has faded from my memory.

So I apologize for the length of this post and I hope you guys had a good as I did, these past couple weeks.

And I've decided because my friends list is really long to visit the people who comment and if I have time the people who update.

The Land of Moonlit Magic You are a siren of the Land of Moonlit Magic. The
moon is your goddess and you follow her with a
mystic eye. You stare up the night sky and
question the world. You are inquisitive and
that is wonderful. You feel most comfortable in
the night air under a cloudless sky. You thrive
under the moonlight.

What is the mystical land of your birth? {13 results with gorgeous anime pics}

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