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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Bonfire
Had the party last night, the celebration of my mom getting The Job. IT RAINED. Why?! It hasn't rained in days! Why last night!!
Well, that's life for you.
Actually it rained, no POURED, the Wednesday we were suppose to go to the waterpark. We had been having a drought for weeks but of course...!
Anyway, back on the subject of the party. We had a bonfire and everything on the beach but they old geezers refused to go out! All they wanted to do was sit in the living room and guzzle cocktail drinks because it was 'hot'. It was hotter where they were! Some eventually came out...
The bums.
It was fun though. Niadra wandered the beach and christen a catamiran that washed up unclaimed on our beach the "Night Wake".
We ended up watching anime deep into the night, after we tired of our wandering. We watched an anime called Millionanion Actress. It was very well made and had a lot of depth. It was a work of art that didn't need super model looking characters, sex, guns, and all that crap to be good.
I wish there were more movies like that.

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